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AppFollow 6.0

Table of Content:

  1. What's under the hood?
  2. Review Management Software
    • Our Review Management Automation tools can:
    • Ratings & Reviews Dashboard
    • Voice of the Customer
  3. Organic User Acquisition and ASO tools
    • ASO Dashboard
    • AppFollow’s Store Performance Index
    • demo_organic_strategy
    • Keyword Intelligence
    • Keyword research tools
  4. App Analytics Tools
    • Downloads & Revenue
    • Downloads & Revenue Estimates
  5. Integrations
  6. New design
  7. One last thing

It’s that time of the year again! Time for us to show the world (our world is you, our users) what we’ve been working on for the last 12 months.

We completely revamped AppFollow turning it into a single hub for everyone who is involved in running mobile apps. Now, product, marketing, support, and analytics teams can finally use the same tool to reach their goals. And this tool is AppFollow. More than 30 new features, a completely new website, and a freshened-up private area — that’s what expects you in AppFollow 6.0.

Buckle your seatbelts, we are going to take you for a ride around our features.

We launched today on Product Hunt and your support would mean the world to us! All you need to do is to go to Product Hunt and upvote us.

What's under the hood?

AppFollow 6.0 has now 3 dashboards that will save your time and effort when monitoring and managing app performance, ratings, reviews, and organic growth. We take disorganized app data, process it, and turn it into insights and trends you can use for building a better app. It also helps you optimize your costs and resources, and isn’t it what’s important for businesses!

Review Management Software

Your customers deserve the best experience, and they are constantly communicating their needs to you. But are you listening? We make it easy for you not only to know when users leave reviews but also to analyze them in bulk, spot the most mentioned topics, and automate review management. Besides, AppFollow is the only tool among all mobile data management and analytics services that does that.

Our Review Management Automation tools can:

  • respond to any reviews for you, helping you manually manage only the most important reviews;
  • tag reviews by the rules you set, so you can easily find every single one that mentions a specific word or has a specific number of words;
  • report inappropriate reviews so your app rating is not affected by spam and scam;
  • translate reviews from any language to simplify the understanding of your users worldwide.


Ratings & Reviews Dashboard

A single Dashboard to monitor your KPIs connected to app reviews and ratings, evaluate the success of each release, and track the efficiency of support agents. A high-level overview of Reviews & Ratings dynamics for a quick understanding of your reply-to-reviews strategy. It also enables a deeper analysis of each section so nothing escapes from you.

Voice of the Customer

It was time to reveal the true power of our semantic analysis tool. Now it supports 20 languages which means you will be able to cover up to 95% of your user reviews and queries. Its ML algorithm designed to identify the most common topics in reviews and group them accordingly with semantics tags. Besides, it classified the tone of voice of reviews to learn how customers are generally feeling about the product in whole or a new version of it.

With Semantic Analysis you know what exactly is in your users' mind and can prioritize feature releases or bug resolving accordingly.

No matter how big your app grows and how busy your support and product teams get, you can still provide the best experience to your users from any country 24/7.

Try it all here.

Organic User Acquisition and ASO tools

With the new changes introduced by both Apple and Google, it gets harder and harder to understand your ROAS. Here it is where organic traffic and ASO come to the stage. While ASO is not easy to master, once done it helps you grow the user base at high speed. And with tools sharpened for you to identify growth opportunities in seconds, your ASO will always be excellent.

ASO Dashboard

This dashboard is like a Swiss army knife that has multiple tools with just one goal: help you understand the impact of your campaigns on app visibility. AppFollow’s ASO Dashboard shows major metrics you should focus on when working with optimization. It also helps you set KPIs and track how you are progressing towards them.

AppFollow’s Store Performance Index

It’s like a Michelin star for app performance in stores. Our Index is based on multiple parameters (metadata, reviews, etc) and shows how well your app is optimized for users. You can benchmark yourself against your competitors, find weak spots you need to work on, and monitor how your campaigns affect its growth.


Keyword Intelligence

Well, that’s something we’ve been waiting for ourselves: a tool to show what keywords bring you installs. You will get answers to how users find your app and will be able to power up your keyword list with the real results. No more double guesses, only data that guarantees your success. Keyword Intelligence also will help you evaluate the power of your brand by showing a share of branded keywords. We taught our algorithms to track even misspelled search terms so you will have a full picture. The same can be tracked for your competitors, too. An additional ace up your marketing strategy’s sleeve.

Keyword research tools

Here we added all the possible recommendations and positions changes overview carefully chosen after analyzing millions of keywords and apps in app stores. Popularity trends, Top and missing keywords, keywords recommended by Apple and used by your competitors — all this to give you an understanding of what’s happening on the market and minimize the time you spend on research. You are welcome.

Try it all here.

App Analytics Tools

This is a brand new section of AppFollow and it is constantly evolving (not that others are not). Here you can monitor your downloads and revenue changes, subscription numbers updates, benchmark yourself against market leaders to set a target in how many downloads you should have to become the number 1 app in your category.

Downloads & Revenue

The section that allows you to understand how successful your app monetization is. These charts show data on downloads and revenue data for your app divided by country, version, and app. An easy way to keep an eye on important business metrics for all your apps in one place.

Also, this data can be received as email reports so you don't even need to open any other service but your inbox. Data and its changes on downloads, revenue, uninstalls, subscriptions, and updates with a breakdown by country and version delivered to you fresh whenever you want.


Downloads & Revenue Estimates

The chart you need to look at when setting your goals in downloads. It shows an estimation of the downloads number needed to reach top positions in app stores. It also has minimum and maximum numbers for a chosen period of time per country per store.

Request the trial here.


  1. Integration with Tableau and other BI tools to aggregate data from consoles to analyze all your app data in the way you want in the tools you already use.
  2. Zendesk app became more advanced: new filters for reviews by updates (became better, became worse) and by the number of words, rules for auto-tags, responses to Microsoft apps reviews and Amazon questions, and report of inappropriate reviews right in Zendesk.
  3. Integration with Zapier. Send reviews and respond to them in any possible services.
  4. Support of Amazon products. Respond to product reviews and questions as Manufacturer, respond to app reviews, monitor Top Charts of Amazon apps and analyze reviews sentiment and replies strategy success. We also added support of Featured reviews, so you know what to answer first.
  5. Microsoft Teams bot update: now you can work with multiple apps in MS Teams account, not with just one!

New design

And a cherry on top of all that: a fully redesigned website together with a refreshed private area that will ease your navigation in the menu.

We adopted a calmer beige theme with bright purple and yellow accents to underline what needs more attention. 

And our new menu in the private area (we call it "Watch") will ease your navigation. All menu items are grouped by features: 

  • App Analytics
  • Store Analytics
  • Organic traffic & ASO
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Reply to reviews
  • Semantic insights
  • Reports
  • Integrations 

You won't have troubles finding a needed one anymore.

One last thing

On September 23rd we are hosting an event where we will share how to get the most out of our news tools and speed up your work. Join us here.

Request a demo of the new features here

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