AppFollow 3.6: April Update

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AppFollow 3.6: April Update
TL;DR: Within April we worked a lot with reviews and ratings features — now reviews support statuses, we launched popular templates for answers, and user-friendly search. We also bring new things to our ASO tools. And native app for Zendesk is coming pretty soon.

1. Keyword distribution chart (beta)

Let’s start with a brand new feature that is in beta testing now.

Everybody knows that keyword optimization is a crucial part of every app marketing strategy. We have some tools that perfectly help you out:

  • Monitoring apps positions in the search;
  • Search results charts;
  • Real-time suggests and search results manager;
  • Integration with Search Ads Quality Score
  • And many others.

Please welcome our new addition to this set — Keyword distribution and ASO metrics chart:

Keywords distributuion chart

This chart helps you to track how app’s visibility changes daily:

  • Top-1–1st position;
  • Top-5 — 2-5 position;
  • Top-10 — 6-10 position;
  • Top-20 — 11-20 position;
  • Top-50 — 21-50 position;
  • Top-100 — 51-100 position;
  • Unknown — app is not in search results or it is below Top-100.

If you already have ASO Report integration, you can easily make this tool even more powerful: add key metrics, like Impressions, Page views, App Units and Conversion rates for the App Store Search (iOS) & Google Play Organic (Android).

Chart with the App Units and conversion rate (App Units / Impressions)

This data vizualisation allows you to track how the app position in search results will affect Impressions and App Units. Or how conversion rate has changed, if you got more Impressions with less App Units because of irrelevant traffic after doing text ASO.

Want to try this out? Just give us a shout at

2. App Preview: new devices & search page

Recently we have announced the App Preview — an app page preview on the virtual device. Everyone, who tried it, simply can’t live without it. That’s why we decided to make it even better:

  • We now support 4 different iPhone models: Standard, Plus, Х & SE;
  • We support search results page;
  • You can now change icons, screenshots & poster frames.
App Preview in the ASO Tools

If you are testing new ASO optimization, you can check how new texts & graphic will look in the App Store before submitting new release through iTunes Connect.

Want us to do the same for iPad & Android? Let us know at

3. Reviews statuses

If you don’t reply to reviews yet, we highly recommend you to start! ? However, if you already do this and use AppFollow for that, we have great news for you. All reviews now have statuses, very much the same as tickets in Help Desk services:

  • Open — assigns automatically to all new reviews;
  • Closed — changes by a click or after replying to a review;
  • Reopened — assigns automatically when users update their reviews. Or you can reopen a closed review manually.
Statuses change when you click a button or when you reply to a review

There’s a filter that allows you to choose only open, only closed or open & reopened reviews.

You can work with statuses using both web interface and API. We will soon launch a status report where you’ll find statistics about your work with reviews.

This tool is available on Premium Reply-to-reviews option. If you don’t have a Premium account or your plan doesn’t include this tool, drop us a line. We will make sure that you give it a try.

4. Popular reply templates

Some time ago we added an option to save popular and common answers to reviews as templates. This makes your answering to reviews routine quite easy.

You can manage templates for all your apps in the collection settings

And here’s our next step — choosing popular templates right in the reply box! Answer to you users with few simple clicks.

Click on the review and choose one of templates you saved before on the top of Reply box

5. Search in reviews

One of the small improvements we added — improved search in reviews: you can now look for two and more keywords simultaneously. For example, «snapchat|telegram»:

Search works for several keywords at the same time

Handy thing ?

6. Help Desk integration improvements

More & more of our users connect their accounts with Zendesk, HelpShift or Intercom. We updated our reviews formatting for these systems:

  • We now mark if review is in popular list;
  • We mention which store review came from: App Store or Google Play;
  • We added device full name (for Google Play only);
  • We now automatically define review’s country and/or language and device language (for those cases when a language of a review doesn’t match a language of a device);
  • Imrpoved word counting for hieroglyphs reviews.
Example of a review on HelpShift

In case you want to know about popular reviews only (those once that are displayed on an app’s page), let us know so that we will setup that filter for you.

7. Native Zendesk app (coming soon)

Zendesk — one of the most popular Help Desk systems in the world. When we just started supporting replies to reviews there, we soon got a request to make a native app.

We were in doubts in the beginning. But, the more we learned about Zendesk, the more we got convinced that we needed a native app. And it’s almost there.

Soon you‘ll be able to easily setup all your work with reviews right in Zendesk, without any need of going to AppFollow account. The app will collect reviews from all stores we support: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Store & Mac App Store. Reply-to-review option will be available only for App Store & Google Play.

Integration settings in Zendesk

After adding the app in Zendesk, you’ll need to go to the integration channel to setup all proper connections. If you already have an account in AppFollow, just switch it on using your password. If not, you’ll be prompted how to quickly set it up. Reviews will start coming to Zendesk, and you will have now new filtering options. And, of course, you’ll be able to reply to reviews right here.

Native Zendesk app

The app is in review by a Zendesk team. If interested, please, let us know, and we’ll notify you when you can start using the app.

One more thing…

Last month a colleague and a good friend of AppFollow Ilia K. made a keynote on Target Summit Moscow 2018 about rating & reviews and what impact they have on Aviasales apps ASO optimization. We are glad to share it with you:

Ilia Kukharev (Aviasales, AppFollow)

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