AppFollow 1.6 — ASO Keywords, API, Personal Account New Design And Windows Phone Support

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AppFollow 1.6 — ASO Keywords, API, Personal Account New Design And Windows Phone Support

Every month we launch new version of AppFollow. And this month wasn’t an exception.

Version 1.6 includes ASO Keywords, AppFollow API v1.0, renewed personal account and support for Windows Phone apps.

  1. ASO Keywords

We launched our first ASO-optimization tool — search position matrix for App Store and Google Play.

ASO Keywords module example for airline tickets

This view has huge advantage as it allows to evaluate all your apps collection at once instead of showing results only for one app at a time.

With the help of Keywords module you can quickly find out if which words out of the search phrase are in the name of the app, how often these words are used, how competitors apps are distributed within your keywords search semantic core and so on.

Keywords module killer feature is prediction of keywords used in competitors apps. The more precise your keywords search semantic core is, the better AppFollow can suggest which words are used as keywords by your competitors.

Revealing your cometitors keywords

Currently Keywords module is available in beta only for premium AppFollow users.

2. AppFollow API v1.0

If you need to create your own dashboards or real-time monitors or any kind of custom reports, you can use AppFollow API. It’s very simple, GET and POST requests, answers format is JSON.

We currently provide access to collections, apps, reviews and ratings.

If you want to get access to AppFollow API, please, contact our Customer Support —

3. Personal Account Re-Design

We improved look and feel of your personal accounts: app collections, settings, and as well quite vivid app cards.

List of apps collections in AppFollow
List of apps in a given collection

New personal account works great now on mobile devices.

Mobile first

4. Windows Phone is coming

We decided to add support of Windows Phone, so AppFollow users won’t have to use a separate tool to collect data from Windows Phone Store. That’s why you now can add Windows Phone apps into your collections.

Windows Phone app in Cian apps collection

There will be all the same features for Windows Phone Store as there are for App Store and Google Play: search and adding apps to your collections, meta-data analysis, reviews, reports and notifications in Slack, Trello and e-mail. Windows Phone Store will be available for all of our users. Stay tuned!

5. Telegram and HipChat integrations

If you need an integration with Hipchat or Telegram, you can now claim this on our web-site.

AppFollow + Telegram

If you need any other integration, just drop us an e-mail.

6. One more thing

You can review all our features in our Slideshare keynote:

Examples of how one can use AppFollow

Follow us on Twitter, Slideshare or Linkedin, and AppFollow will help you to track competitors apps in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

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