The Ultimate Calendar of App Store Optimization Events 2019 and 2020

Looking for proven tactics to promote your mobile game or app? We have put together a list of the best mobile marketing events and app store optimization conferences that are taking place around the globe in the second half of 2019. We have added to the list all the announced ASO and app promotion conferences dates for 2020. The calendar is updated regularly, so stay tuned for more events and dates.

Questions to Ask About Mobile App Promotion in 2020

Given that neither the App Store or Google Play made any radical changes in 2018 or in the first half of 2019, most app promotion tactics will remain the same. However, because of the stores’ updates and new features, you will have something to think about.

Here are the questions to ask while considering a new ASO strategy in 2019 and 2020:

  • How to promote in-app purchases and bundles in the App Store?
  • How to benefit from Google Play Instant apps?
  • How to perform app store keyword optimization for an iOS app given the App Store featured cards, in-app purchases, and bundles?
  • Why support Siri shortcuts and dark mode in iOS 13?
  • How to get your app or game featured?
  • How to improve the app’s average rating?
  • Why and how to work with featured and negative reviews?
  • How to increase user retention?
  • How to promote your mobile game outside app stores?

We have added all the announced ASO and app promotion conferences dates for 2020 to the list.

Which ASO and UA Tactics You Can Implement Right Now

Here are best practices from AppFollow users, partners, and mobile industry experts to help you grow your app ranking, get more app downloads, and increase user retention rate.

1. Optimize your keywords and track their performance:

2. Improve your app’s ranking and get more installs:


3. Increase your retention rate:

Mobile Marketing and ASO Events to Attend

H2 2019 Events: 

Data Conference City Country
1 droidcon Berlin Germany
6 Games Gathering Conference Odessa Ukraine
8 — 11 RISE Hong Kong China
9 Mobile & App Marketing Summit NYC USA
9 — 11 Develop:Brighton Brighton UK
11 App Growth Summit Seattle USA
17 — 18 PG Connect Hong Kong Hong Kong China
17 — 18 droidcon Singapore Singapore
18 MGS New York NYC USA

Data Conference City Country
2 — 5 ChinaJoy Shanghai China
10 DevGAMM Talks Kaliningrad Russia
15 MGS Canada Toronto Canada
21 — 24 Gamescom Cologne Germany
26 — 27 droidcon NYC USA

Data Conference City Country
5 App Growth Summit San Paolo Brazil
5 Mobile Marketing Summit London UK
9 ATS London London UK
12 — 15 Tokyo Game Show Tokyo Japan
16 Mobile Next California USA
18 MGS Europe Berlin Germany
18 Mobile & App Marketing Summit Toronto Canada
26 Northern Game Summit Kajaani Finland
27 — 29 Milan Games Week Milan Italy

Data Conference City Country
1 — 2 PG Connect Helsinki Finland
2 App Growth Summit: Programmatic NYC USA
3 ASO Conference NYC USA
3 Mobile & App Marketing Summit Amsterdam Netherlands
3 — 6 Madrid Games Week Madrid Spain
3 — 6 Igromir Moscow Russia
5 — 13 Games Week Melbourne Melbourne Australia
10 Mobile Spree San Francisco USA
16 — 17 White Nights Conference Moscow Russia
16 — 18 Sweden Game Conference Skövde Sweden
17 — 20 EGX London UK
17 — 20 Game Industry Conference Poznan Poland
18 — 20 Rotterdam Games Week Rotterdam Netherlands
21 — 22 Apps Conf St. Petersburg Russia
22 — 23 Games Forum Seattle USA
22 — 24 Mobile World Congress Americas Los Angeles USA
24 App Growth Summit SF 2019 San Francisco USA
24 — 25 droidcon London UK
24 — 26 Middle East Games Con Abu Dhabi UAE
26 Mobilization 9 Lodz Poland
29 — 30 Game Connection Europe Paris France
30 — 3 Paris Games Week Paris France

Data Conference City Country
2—3 PG Connect Mena Mena UAE
2—3 droidcon Chennai India
5 ATS Berlin Berlin Germany
7 App Growth Masterminds Los Angeles USA
7—8 Open Mobile & Digital Experience Summit San Francisco USA
7—8 Mobile Era Oslo Norway
8 MGS Asia Jakarta Indonesia
13—14 Mobile One Paris France
13—15 Game Rome Rome Italy
20 App Growth Summit Singapore Singapore
21—22 DevGAMM Minsk Belarus
25—26 droidcon San Francisco USA

Data Conference City Country
5 App Promotion Summit Berlin Germany

2020 App Store Optimization Events:


Data Conference City Country
6 App Growth Summit Los Angeles USA
12 MGS20 San Francisco USA
24 — 27 MWC20 Barcelona Spain

Data Conference City Country
2 — 4 QCon London UK
4 — 5 DGC Dubai Dubai UAE
10 — 13 APPDEVCON Amsterdam Netherlands
16 — 20 GDC San Francisco USA
29 — 30 Pro Mobile Conference Shirley UK

Data Conference City Country
2 App Promotion Summit London UK
2 App Growth Summit NYC USA

Data Conference City Country
1 MGS UK 20 London UK
6 — 7 MAU Vegas Las Vegas USA
14 App Growth Summit Berlin Germany
14 — 15 DevGAMM Moscow Russia

Data Conference City Country
1 MGS Singapore 20 Singapore Singapore
10 — 12 Mobile Connect San Diego USA
30 — 2 MWC Shanghai Shanghai China


Did we miss anything? Let us know which event you'd like to add!

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