Announcing upgraded AI tools for Replying to reviews

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Announcing upgraded AI tools for Replying to reviews

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  1. Why it matters?
  2. How does it work?
  3. What’s next?

At AppFollow, we're dedicated to helping you streamline your app's customer support processes and enhance user satisfaction. Today, we're excited to announce two game-changing updates for our Reply to Reviews AI capabilities: “Refine AI replies” and “Alternative AI reply prompts.” With these enhancements, you can effortlessly improve the wording of your responses, generate alternative prompts, and take your customer support to new heights.

refine ai replies

Why it matters?

Quality and diversity: “Refine AI replies” allows you to transform generic responses such as "we are fixing it" into complete, well-crafted replies demonstrating your commitment to resolving user issues with a single click. Craft personalized responses tailored to each review, ensuring your users feel valued and heard.

Enhanced user experience: “Alternative AI reply prompts” take your customer support a step further by generating responses encouraging users to contact your support team or consider revising their review rating.

Agent efficiency: This time-saving feature frees up your customer support team to focus on more pressing matters, enhancing overall efficiency.

How does it work?

Refine AI replies: Within the Reply to Reviews interface, after clicking on the reply field, you'll find three buttons: Improve, Shorter, and Add greeting. Use the "Improve" button to make your response look more professional, "Shorter" to make it more concise, and "Add greeting" to include a personalized greeting in your reply automatically.

refine ai replies

Alternative AI reply prompts: AppFollow's AI algorithms will generate alternative prompts to help you navigate different scenarios when composing a response. These prompts can encourage users to reach out to your support team for more help or to reconsider their review rating, allowing them to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

refine ai replies

What’s next?

AppFollow's latest feature updates, “Refine AI replies” and “Alternative AI reply prompts,” empower you to deliver exceptional customer support effortlessly. Refining your responses and generating alternative prompts can enhance user satisfaction, save time, and foster a positive app reputation.

We invite you to experience the power of AppFollow's Reply to Reviews feature updates firsthand. Sign in to your AppFollow account today and explore how it can transform your customer support processes, delight your users, and drive long-term app success.

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