4.9 July Update

TL;DR: integration with Salesforce; updated Keyword Distribution section; replying to game and app reviews from Microsoft Store; a new role for customer review management; Hebrew and Arabic support in ASO tools, and more!

1. Keyword Distribution with a Downloads chart

The Keyword Distribution section is available for everyone. It shows how many keywords are indexed in top-1, top-5, top-10, top-20, etc. and helps you quickly assess keyword changes after the app release. There's no more need to look at each search query individually to track changes.

We added ASO metrics, such as Impressions, Page Views, Downloads, and App Store Search channel conversion rates. Integrate your account with the consoles to see this data.

For example, you see in this chart that after the June 26 update, Impressions grew, and more keywords appeared in the top-1 and top-10. This tells us that the update was a success.

Keywords & ASO page. Source: watch.appfollow.io

2. Integration with Salesforce to reply to reviews

Interact with users without ever leaving Salesforce. You can now get app reviews and respond to them there. To do so, you'll need to add integration with App Store Connect, Google Play Console, or Microsoft Store.

Integrations page. Source: watch.appfollow.io
This time the integration works through email, and we'll soon be releasing a native app. Shoot us a message, if you'd like to give it a try.

Set up the integration

3. Replying to Microsoft Store games and apps reviews

Reply to reviews of any mobile or desktop apps and games, HoloLens apps, and Xbox games. We added the integration with Microsoft Store, meaning you can now receive these reviews into your inbox, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any Help Desk service.

Integrations page. Source: watch.appfollow.io
Add integration with Microsoft Store

4. A new role for customer review management

Add as many support agents as you need and limit their access to the data. The new Support Manager role gives the access to replies, tags, and templates. A user will not see any financial data or edit the Apps, Integrations, ASO, Rankings, and Featured Timeline sections.

Invite Community Managers and Customer Support agents to work with users!

Invite new team members

5. Hebrew and Arabic languages support

In June, Apple began to support Arabic and Hebrew localization in the App Store. All AppFollow ASO tools and the Apps section featured them in the same month.

Keyword Research page. Source: watch.appfollow.io

One more thing

We're growing fast! That's why we're looking for ambitious new team members: Sales managers and Customer Support agents.

Write to us at hi@appfollow.io if you want to join the AppFollow team!

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