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Feb 20, 2019

Okay so this game is pretty cool but could be a lot better. The buttons are pretty big but seem to only work when tapping in the center or something. Like sometimes they don’t work. Also there needs to be something to spend money on other than another career and levels for the characters. I have a lot of money and nothing to spend it on. Sure I could go for the other characters right now but I kind of wanna focus on the just one for right now. Also I feel like the quality of the game would be way better if the game was played in landscape mode. At least add a option to be able to play in that mode. There could be a lot more added to this game and any of it would be huge steps to making it one of the best. It has a ton of potential. The things I definitely want though is a landscape option.( which isn’t the biggest deal but would be nice ) and definitely something more to spend in game money on.

Dec 01, 2018

So it’s a cool game, my only problems are that the feedback is not sensitive enough. I quickly jab then block and the game doesn’t work. I jab, but then my guard doesn’t come back up? I hold the button down and nothing happens? I try to go a quick one two and I only pull a right straight without any jab? Also, I don’t know if the movement is supposed to be that sluggish, but I really have to focus on moving in a direction in the game with the analog. The buttons are also a bit small. We should have the option to change them. I am playing on the highest difficulty btw. And another problem of mine is the tutorial. It doesn’t say anything about the chin or stat bonus points or anything and can leave a player clueless. I don’t know about the other reviews because the are all so happy. But I respect this game because I was looking for a boxing game because I like to box. I don’t like the other ones and I was thinking maybe you can improve it a bit so I and others can enjoy it more. I like the style. The characters and everything about the set up. It’s just the small stuff I mentioned. Sorry if I sound negative, I’m just like this as a person. And btw can u include characters from hajime no ippo. I see u have a character that looks like takamaru and the second page and maybe ippo as the second to last character. But I want a definitive ippo like character. That’s just a personal want. Have a nice time and good luck with your career!

Dec 01, 2018

Hello, your game is pretty good. The career mode is satisfying to play and the gameplay is great. But the game seems to do a poor job of explaining its mechanics. A lot of your systems are either hidden. Or unexplained and many would probably not realize they exist. Mainly, the determining factor in a knockdown is very mysterious. And one can be knocked down while most of their health and stamina remains. The “chin” stat seems to hint that there is a hidden modifier of how close someone is to being knocked down but it goes unmentioned. And “chin” is a very mysterious stat itself. Does it increase the upper limit this hidden “Knockdown” bar can go to? Or does it affect how much damage any landed punch will do? As an example, with the lowest chin stat a punch does 10 damage but with one extra level, it will do 9 instead. Additionally, there is little explanation as to the differences of the 2 types of punches besides of course, the fact that jabs are good for keeping distance. And the implication that the cross does more damage. Though this may be irrelevant considering that many who play this game would probably understand that anyways. If you do read this devs, could you shed some light on how knocking out another boxer works? And how the stats can affect it?

May 26, 2019

It’s an alright game for what it is but there are a few things i would like. A little bit less random flash knock downs. More opponents, instead of 30 maybe 40-50 so that you might be able to retire and have fought a whole lot more people than the same 5 people when you get all three belts. I also would like random ranking moves so that maybe some random opponent from #30 can make their way to #1 contender it would allow for more “realistic” gameplay. I would also like it so that the beginning of the rankings were more random so i don’t have to fight the same champion every new game and maybe the #1 contender from the last game can be #26 the next game. It would allow for a different experience every time.

Professor duty pants
Dec 19, 2018

It’s a really good game, I see people’s problems with the controls it just takes a little time to get used to. I was having trouble clicking from my jab to my cross at first. I think the game is a lot of fun and I have played it for a few hours now. The only problem is that it’s repetitive and their isn’t really much incentive for unlocking all the boxers except to do the same career over again. Also their isn’t enough to do with the money. If the game just gets more filled out (which I’m sure it will with time) you have the potential to have one hell of a game! I really am enjoying the crap out of it and can see myself coming back to play more!

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His face is sweaty, legs weak, gloves are heavy
there’s blood

on his shorts already, feels unsteady
he’s hurting, but on the surface he looks strong and ready
to throw bombs, but his shots keep missing
the title is there for the taking
he could be king, as he moves up, a new contender
choke now and its gone forever
as the rounds go on, a fire rages deep inside of him
he won't quit, until he's Undisputed Champion!