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Jul 26, 2018

Now I absolutely love this game. But the reason I didn’t give it five stars is just because of one thing! When you go to upgrade your warehouse mine went from 50 to 60 and it fills so fast!! Now I didn’t know why, but when I looked as to why I couldn’t hold anymore after JUST upgrading it I saw that you guys put the upgrade materials in with the Goods you create. Now I honestly haven’t had a game that does that. Like, ever. And I play tons of farm games and stuff with barns you need to constantly upgrade etc. But at least in those games they keep upgrade materials in one part of the barn and they don’t stock it up with the goods you make to hurt you when trying to grab stuff you made to finish orders. Like, I had to sell a TON of my upgrade stuff so I could finish orders to make more money to use those materials in order to upgrade places but that hurt me because now I don’t have those upgrade materials anymore because I HAD to sell them to have space. But that’s the ONLY thing I suggest you guys fix. I get to upgrade the warehouse I honestly do but you shouldn’t stock your goods you make with your upgrade materials. Like the fruits you get aren’t in the same part of the warehouse as the materials you should put the goods we make in that part so it won’t hurt you when you need to upgrade or finish orders. But other than that great work!

Jul 16, 2018

Lets start with the good; the graphics are great, the story lines are fun, and it's an easy go as you please game that doesn't pressure you. I really enjoy interacting with the guests and having"conversations" with them. I love that there isn't an abundance of ads, there are a few but it's very manageable. Now the "bad"; there is no order to the events, They are kind of all over the place. You don't always have the money, materials or space to complete the tasks you are asked to do. Currently I am stuck on a few missions; upgrade the houses, build a house for a new resident, build some businesses but I can't build the businesses because I lack the materials and money and I can't upgrade the houses/build a house because I don't have enough population (which I could increase if I could build the businesses) it's like I'm stuck in this catch 22. You get gifts by leveling up your relationships to the guests and they give you presents (which is nice) but I've come across one gift (that I get rather frequently) where I'm expected to pay 6 diamonds to "unwrap" the gift. I don't know about you but having to pay for a gift just isn't right. Improvements I'd make; There needs to be a centralized list of all tasks, an easier way to gain tools/make money because 4/5 coins per house just isn't very helpful.

Jul 28, 2018

Trade Island is a cute city management type game. It is typical insomuch that it is another game designed to make continuous income for the developer. Rather than paying for the app itself, you could theoretically pay hundreds of dollars to play this game over its lifetime by purchasing coins and gems. No game is worth that. One interesting thing is that it has no social media tie-in, so no friends are needed to help your quests or give you rewards. You’re on your own. There are a few quibbles I have with it, such as calling a gift box a “gift” although you have to pay for it to unlock it every time. Another quibble is that the game doesn’t tell you how many coins it’s going to cost when unlocking new sections of the game like upgrading city hall. It just tells you that you have to have a certain population in order to upgrade. If we knew ahead of time how much it’s going to cost to upgrade, then we can plan and earn the coins we need ahead of time when we do become eligible for the upgrade. Update: After the last update that included more tribez people and cooking challenges, it seems to me that the focus of the game has taken a turn for the worse. To me the focus was finding the Professor and expanding the island. Now, all your time is now spent making and cooking stuff and giving it to the characters while making virtually no coins needed to expand the island. I can’t say that I can support this game any longer.... deleted...

Jun 02, 2019

I absolutely love this game. It is my favorite game out of the games that I have on my phone and I have several. However, I am completely disgusted with the Panda Adventure/Treasure Island. I will not be playing that part of the game again unless changes are made. I have almost decided to stop playing this game all together because of this. I really do like this added part of the game but I feel as if the devs have made it to difficult to complete. Changes that would be nice to see would be allowing us to finish where we left off when they bring it back each time or to get more bombs and energy when you spend your own money to get them vs the rip off that currently goes with this. The last two times it was brought back I did spend money to complete it but got to the last level and still did not complete it. Spending the money of course was my choice but as stated before it would be nice if the devs would make a few changes like allowing us to finish where we left off when it comes back. I am an individual that works so I do not have time to play all day which seems like that’s what it would take to finish. I do not mind spending my money if it turn the game play was more practical.

Aug 29, 2018

Cool graphics, time management is typical, but... storage space is horrible. There’s 3 storages and the goods is mixed with tools. And there’s a storage box that contains coin items to upgrade stores and that box should contain the building tools. Not with the food, I’ve wasted too much diamonds to upgrade storage and still no space. Also there’s so much going on in this game. Everyone in the game pretty much has a bubble floating above their head. There’s only 2 building guys so it takes. Long time to actually build. For gift boxes should be video ads to open after the free ones. Pretty much there’s a lot that needs to be considered in the development of this game. Eventually people will begin to give up and forget all about it. I’m not saying the idea is bad or anything, it’s a good idea but to me it feels overly cluttered and not enough space. Edit: It’s obvious no reviewers has gotten any good feed back on their complaints just the generic response, why even respond? If you’re not even going to listen to your players. Hopefully no one is actually spending any real money on this game. I clearly see it failing, maybe no now maybe not tomorrow but I do see it failing especially if you’re not considering your players requests. I’ve seen reviews from months ago pretty much the same as me, and the game was updated a week ago and nothing has changed.

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Become a tycoon on a sunny island, by building a beautiful and lively city, producing goods, and making profitable deals! Trade Island features stunning tropical landscapes, exciting quests, and charming

characters that the whole family will love. Start your adventure in the shade of elegant palm trees, and build the city of your dreams!

• A living game world! The residents of the city have their own independent lives; they like to socialize, work, and have fun. Your island never sleeps!
• A realistic market economy! Pave your way to success by producing goods and striking the best deals. Trading with your citizens never gets old!
• Charming characters! Make friends with the cute local residents. Grant them wishes, and take part in their amazing life-stories!
• Unbelievable adventures! The island is full of mysteries that only you can solve. Search for pirate treasure, investigate strange anomalies, or examine the artifacts of long-lost civilizations!
• Cars! Make the streets of the city livelier with transportation. Organize the traffic in the city, and assemble a unique collection of vintage automobiles!
• Cozy Caribbean landscapes! Find yourself on an island with immaculate beaches, elegant palm trees, and gentle surf.

Create the island of your dreams!
Start building and get rich!