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That boi jagger
Sep 30, 2019

I’ve been playing this game non stop and can’t stop. This game is super fun, there are something’s that I would like to see added. Like for the next type of summoner class being a necromancer, and you can summon monsters or skeletons. Some of the ability’s could be like summon skeleton but for the upgrade you could summon multiple all at once and have a skeleton army (but this is just an idea for a class but would make since to add). I would also like to see a carry over item that you could get at the start of the game but only have a one time use for the character. This item would allow you to be able to change classes with your characters so if you wanted to switch but didn’t want to go back and do the tutorial and join back into your clan and now run two accounts when you only have time for one. It would of course need some tuning so it could have a easy switch where you would still be in the same position you were just in but with different abilities and stuff. So you could make it to when someone uses the switch all the ability points resets and they get armors and weapons close to the same as possible as of prior to the switch. I know this would be hard to do but it would also make it easier on the player who just wants a new character and doesn’t want to do as much grinding as they did to get to the lvl they were at.

Oct 03, 2019

I love the game but everywhere you turn you’re pushed into spending money. Drop rates are extremely low, and it’s hard to feel rewarded without paying actual money. I play every day and often go a month or longer without any rare drops. But of course you can spend money and buy them. And probably about 85% of the special events are ONLY pay to participate. And the cost of the paid currency is extremely high, so you’re having to drop a lot of money and often times not getting rewarded for it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic game and it’s extremely well put together with great art and music and design, but people have been dropping like flies because they aren’t feeling rewarded for their countless hours of play time. Please for the love of the game, at LEAST increase drop rates for gold items and allow people a daily free spin or whatever on the paid only events so they aren’t completely locked out without paying constantly. If this were the case, it would be a 5 out of 5 game.

Sep 11, 2019

This game is very enjoyable and could have great potential but I personally faced a few issues here and there that I think you should address. This game is not bad: I have just faced a few personal issues that I believe would benefit the game in many ways. First of all, this may not be an issue for many people but it was very prominent for me. This game took quite a long time to download. I was having a lot of fun with this game but I decided I should change it up. I didn’t want to make a bunch of different profiles like I always do and the game was taking a bit too long to load my save data anyway, so I did the best solution I could think of at the time: deleting the game and downloading it again. So I did just that and then I realized how long it actually took to download this game. Later on, the more I progressed the longer the game took to load and although that is very reasonable, I’m impatient and I don’t want to waste time waiting for a game to load. My next issue is that the game is super laggy. I play on mobile and the game just freezes or slows at a randomized time or place, and it usually happens when I’m doing something important. Please address these issues for the benefit of many players. It would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 23, 2019

Great game with diverse ways to play. You can farm and do weapon/card events, kill bosses etc. Basically a game of what RO mobile should’ve become. They do different monthly/weekly events to keep players interested, but the downside of all this is that you really need to spend more than $50 to get to a good rank with decent RNG. I’ve even met players in guilds who’ve talked about spending $2000+ just to get to Duke/Marquis+ rank and that’s just ridiculous but (not very surprising) to spend just for a mobile game. Also if you’re a low rank not many people want you to be in their party cause almost everyone is already in a high rank in the server and the only way to catch up is if you pay up. Graphics and all the work put into it is amazing but at the end of the day the devs just want an excessive amount of your money and pressure you to buying spirals just to win.

Sep 20, 2019

This game is very addictive and enjoyable, and I think there is even more potential for this game. This game keeps impressing me with all the content it has. I love the pvp, and guild war was amazing. If you are not into pvp, this game can be for you too. Are you an artist? If you are then post your art, songs, or just anything on your account for other players to see, it is incredible. And as a bonus, the translator built in with the chat is just so helpful, it actually works very well, and there is absolutely no language barrier with that included! My only con is that the game could come off as a little greedy and p2w. Overall this is a very fun game.

2910   chars

Welcome chosen one,
La Place, the city blessed by divines is under shadow of evils nowadays.
We need your power to find the truth behind and bring the light again.

An action MMO RPG with cute characters and soothing experience
-Customize yourself with tons of outfits
-Capture and travel with cute pets and mounts

Cards of Power
-Defeat powerful monsters and seal them in

soul Cards which grant you superior power

Explore a vast world for great loots and precious with your friends
-Real-time PVE gameplay requires good Co-op

Tons of gameplay mode
-Racing, shooting, quiz and more than 20 different gameplay

Meet your romance in your adventure
-Encounters your soul mate in the journey
-Complete the 2-Players tasks via your wisdom and courage
-Promise your love in the church with all your friends
-Manage the farm only for you two

Value yourself and empower the kingdom
-Complete the kingdom mission with players all over the world to promote the course of history

Pledge yourself to the guild
-Defeat other guild with your strategy and power in several GVG mode
-Party, feast and quiz events, enjoy your guild life

Challenge players around the world, use strategy to defeat your rivals
-Compete for Higher Ranks in real-time PVP
-Make your own elite team and fighting for ACE

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You can use the Subscription Choco Assistant in the game. After the automatic renewal function is enabled, the subscription price is 2.99 USD, the subscription period is 30 days, and the subscription will be automatically renewal upon expiration.
2. About Subscription Content
Users of the subscription assistant can enjoy the following privileges during the subscription period: I. Farm’s daily Heart outputs is increased by 200%; II. Farm’s daily Heart output is increased by 3000; III. Treasure Hunt is upgrade to automatically dig for treasure.
3. About Auto Renew
The App Store official subscription feature is an automatic renewal subscription, and your iTunes Account will confirm payment. Users need to manually manage the auto-renew feature in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management. If the auto-renew features is not turned off within 24 H before the end of the subscription period, the subscription period will continue automatically.
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