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Dec 13, 2017

It is actually kind of funny how this one little app motivates me to keep at it. Although I can never complete the Routines in the Recommended Time as indicated by the different workout tiers, the app never scolds me either saying "Hey Buddy, you're a little slow." For that, I am grateful! I do need to give a little warning to those wondering if this app is for you. It is definitely not scared to throw in a few rounds of "Burpees" just for the heck of it or ask the user to do multiple "Low Stance Jacks" in a row. There have been quite a few workouts where I complete a round of "Burpees" just so that the app can ask for another set of "Burpees" right after the other. At that point, I just stare back at the app and think to myself that "I need a breather before I tackle that one buddy." My recommendation is to ease into this app and make it a part of your daily exercise routine. Just be prepared to feel a little beat up afterwards once you get through a set or two.

Jan 27, 2018

I like this app because it has relatively “short” workouts and motivates you to do it everyday. Having said that, I have quite a few problems with the app. First up, it lists the different workouts by the length of the time it’ll take. It would be much better to list the workouts by the amount of exercises you’ll do. The first time I used this app, I thought I could sneak in a 12 minute workout before going to work, and quickly realized that I wasn’t going to actually complete the workout within these 12 minutes. The workout actually takes me between 15 to 18 minutes to complete. Secondly, the app randomizes the sequence of exercises which, in some cases, is not good. For instance, I can’t do a 20 second plank followed by a 25 second plank. I also don’t like having to do situps followed by squats followed by situps...all this getting up and laying back down is frustrating. Lastly, for the exercises like planks and wall-sits, the app gives you about 2 seconds to get in position before it starts the countdown, and that’s just not enough time especially if the precious exercise had me in a completely different position. So, while the app is helpful in getting me moving everyday, it also frustrates me quite often.

Mar 02, 2018

After using this app a few months now, I can honestly say that it has made me a healthier, stronger person. Use it and the same will happen for you. I love that it documents every exercise I do so I can look back and pat myself on the back! I also love the faceless icons used. Makes it less like an annoying workout video. My wishlist for the developer: -MORE EXERCISES PLEASE!! As long as it’s customizable, why not add some more exercises? I wish I could work pull-ups into my daily workout. I’m sure others feel the same way about exercises that aren’t on there. I understand and appreciate the simplicity of not including any workout that requires equipment. But there are a lot of bodyweight exercises out there that use basic equipment. Why not add it? People who don’t have access to that equipment (or low hanging tree branches) can simply leave them out of their routine. -Please allow me to erase my progress. I was hoping to start 2018 with a clean slate so I could have specific goals for the year. I couldn’t do that, even after pressing the “erase all data” button. Unless I’m missing something. -Do a yoga app please! That faceless little guy beats any of the annoying yogis that you have to follow in the yoga apps! I’d buy it! Other than that, thanks for making a great app!

Apr 03, 2019

I'll try to sum it up. This app is great for setting habits, you're able to select automatic times or custom alerts. You can easily maneuver habits to the second layout and vice verse. Now when you snooze an app (snooze feature is a must!) you can choose in the settings whether you be snoozed for 1+minutes, 1+hours, etc. Completely useful! I've had just about every Habit, tracking app you can name. This one is a keeper. I got the bundle with the watch face (I don't use the watch face but it's fine; I do use the Streaks Habits and Streak Workout app on my watch though!) I have Streaks and the workout streaks, that being said. When you set up a workout habit, I.e I have 1HourWorkout set up, when I use the Streaks Workout app, it logs that workout time to my streaks habit app. Intuitive, and simplex, no complicated steps or art ups. And that's pretty much what we need. Not another app that takes a while to learn how to use. The steps are easy to follow, and you pick up on it quite fat. Ty rit out, I do have the paid version as I mentioned. And I can see it WELL-WORTH IT! PLEASE keep the app as nifty as it is now, I love it very much the way it is. I hope future updates don't take the simplicity and usefulness away from the app itself, but instead enhance it.

Nov 20, 2018

First, I love this app in many ways. Mainly I love that it has a random sequence of exercises and that you can go at your own pace. I use it almost every day and it hasn’t gotten old so far. I’ve also gotten stronger pretty quickly just using this app. It takes the guesswork out. That being said, I have a few critiques: - like another reviewer noted, the times listed for workouts are laughably unrealistic, especially if you are a beginner. Expect to double or even triple the time listed if you are just starting out. If you’re used to rapidly switching between sets and are quick then you might be able to get somewhat near the listed time, but I can’t do the 12 minute workout in less than 20 minutes or so, so far. - related to that, there are some timed exercises, but the app doesn’t give enough time to set up into the hold and make sure I have proper form. This could easily be fixed by adding the option to tap or give a voice command to start the countdown. - also noted by another reviewer, the random sequence is great, until it isn’t. It would be awesome if the developers could keep it from putting two of the same exercises back to back, it happens frequently. Overall I like the app, but these would make it five stars for me.

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The personal trainer that you actually want to use.
Exercise at home, in the park, at the gym, anywhere!
You don't need any equipment - you just

need a few minutes and a floor.

You can customize which exercises you want to do, making it great for all ages and abilities.


* 30 equipment-free exercises to choose from
* Create custom exercises
* 4 different workout lengths (approx. 6, 12, 18 or 30 minutes)
* Create custom workouts
* Plays workout music (requires Apple Music subscription)
* Saves workouts to the Health app
* View your workout history
* Syncs your data across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV

No more excuses: this is the workout you won't dread.

If you have any questions, comments, please contact, or tweet us at @StreaksWorkout.


On supported devices, Streaks access the Health app to read and write workout data with your permission. All data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on our use of data.