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Jan 05, 2019

This game is absolutely great in every way possible. If you know you can handle it. It’s not for everyone. You need good hand eye coordination, and just being mature enough as you will enjoy the game even more. Getting premium credit is not difficult once you master how the system works a and how to properly use a good number of the 12 different fighters. I currently use Peacock, Squigly, Ms. Fortune and Beowulf really well now. Just playing a good amount that you get comfortable using combos and adapting makes it even more enjoyable. It will get slow after day not gonna lie but once I persevered and continued to keep players by I was rewarded with having lots of fun and getting excited to start getting silver tier and hopefully soon enough a gold tier. If you get stuck, you must remember as I don’t see too much help online, Don’t sell anything (yet) Upgrade Bronze even if you know there are silver and gold characters. (They are still good to have) Take risks that fit how well you play. I also love the comments some of these characters make after winning a match. I’m still laughing after the fact. Getting fully immersed in the story will be amazing for you. There are so many good things to say that you should just stop reading and play already. Thanks for this awesome btw, developers. Music is great, graphics is 200% on point, no glitching EVER and I’m happy to be playing! 🤩🤯🤗🤟🏻👏🏻👌🏻

Pony Man Of Doom
May 13, 2018

Dear everyone, THIS GAME IS GREAT! This game has that sweet style of music that really strikes a cord with jazz fans, and the characters are pretty fabulous. (Hehe, just play. You’ll see what I mean.) Each character has a unique play style, though I have found a universal combo for most of the characters. [Start Strategy Zone] I love the unique abilities of each character, like Peacock’s Under-Uppercut (That’s what I think it should be named anyways, lol.), or Parasoul’s Tear Mines, they all have a unique ability that helps build on their combo. For example, if you use Peacock, swipe down twice, then swipe up if the opponent isn’t blocking, tap twice, then uppercut or use a Blockbuster, and their HP should vanish. As for Parasoul, since she has Tear Mines instead, use her charge attack to detonate against enemies. Tear Mines are more of an experience to achieve kind of thing, but once you get it down, melting opponents is easy. Whenever you aren’t fighting, block and wait until they’ve used up a combo or you can dash in. [End Strategy Zone] By the way, I have extremely potent RNG strength and can get Golds out of the singular Premiums, so don’t be like me. Save up, and get the 10. To the devs, I LOVE YOUR GAME! This is one of the more unique games I’ve found since... This is one of the first unique games I will ever find. I love this game like I love my teddy bear collection!

Mar 12, 2018

The game play look great and the story and the way they set it up, only issue I’m having is understanding how it works and how to put the characters in play, I bought a few items and have no ideal how to implement them I’ve tried going to help menus and even tech support but it sends me to another site I have to login and I don’t like how it uses your email as your name, i don’t really want company name on a game wish you could change that in settings , I looked in setting how to and couldn’t find anything, looks great and I’m an avid gamer I just wish the interface was more user friendly. Updated review: so after playing more and just going with what I did know so far, i eventually started to understand the set up better and maybe that’s part of Learning the game mechanics I didn’t think about that I just assumed I’d get how works right off the start but that could also be my impatience at work! Changed my 4 star to a 5 star, this is first time I ever wanted to update a review, my main reason for doing so is that fact the developer actually takes the time to read reviews and will direct you where to get help if needed. Thanks for your time I’d try the game out and keep playing for awhile even if you don’t get it at first, you will!

Aug 11, 2019

This game is amazing fighting game for mobile, with great controls, interesting and fun to play characters, and way more content than other games, even on console. However, there is something I would prefer to be in the game. I think it would be cool if there was a traditional fighting game mode, where you can choose any character you want and all special moves can be equipped. This traditional mode can mainly be either a random battle against a cpu, or a fight against every character. I am aware that the limitations of the touch screen can cause having all the specials to be too hard to control, but there are alternatives. There can be a button that can be clicked on to use special moves. The button can be tapped for a neutral attack, swiped left for something, right for something, down for something, or it can be held for something. Moves that can be held include moves like big band’s counter. Blockbuster attacks should be chosen however, and once it’s filled up, you can just click the neutral special to activate it, similar to final smashes in smashbros. I would love to see this control scheme in this game, but I could be over imagining. This is just personal ideas that I think would be good. Either way, this game is really good.

Feb 22, 2019

I’ve had this game for around a week now and let me just say. I. AM. IN. LOVE. The animation is fluid, the music is outstanding, the controls are unique and well thought out, the voice acting is phenomenal and suits the characters well and the characters are beautifully unique along with some very cool and interesting concepts. You can see in the ways they fight their personalities really shine through. I don’t think I’ve seen a single bug in this game however I have a few concerns. The leveling up process takes AGES to the point where I (and probably other players) sometimes struggle to want to continue the grinding just so they can continue in the story stages because of the low levels of the characters. It also makes it disappointing once you get a new fighter because all you can think about is how long it’s going to take to level them up. Sure you can sacrifice one of the fighters you don’t use but sometimes that does more harm than good when you are reminded you need that specific fighter or decided you wanted them in the end. However this grinding process does not keep me from playing this game because it is SO ADDICTING! I just hope in the future there is more methods other than grinding tediously/sacrificing fighters to level up your characters.

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Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPG packed with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you search for the mysterious SKULLGIRL!

Thousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2D animation delivers one of the most

visually polished games you’ll play on mobile!

- Custom controls designed specifically for mobile allow you to effortlessly execute a wide variety of amazing moves and combos with a single tap or swipe.
- New Fighting Game player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLY on strategic decisions.
- Experienced Fighting Game player? Discover deep tactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more!
- Finally, a Fighting Game for everyone!

- RPG players will feel right at home!
- Collect dozens of Characters that can each be customized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle!
- Level Up and Evolve your Fighters to maximize their potential
- Unlock Special Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded and equipped before each battle - pick the perfect loadout!
- Build teams of up to 3 Fighters - find the best combination to maximize synergies!
- Explore an ever-growing collection of characters

- Story Mode - Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys New Meridian!
- Prize Fights - Compete with other players to unlock new Fighters!
- Daily Events - Character-specific events are added daily - can you conquer them all?
- Rift Battles - Build up your defenses and challenge other players to earn rare rewards!
- Training - Practice combos, try different team combinations and perfect your technique!
- More modes coming soon!