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Oct 14, 2019

Well in general, it’s a 5 star game. But I have some complaints such as - - In games such as role play games, in general ‘Warrior: The Lake project’,One, there are People who CHOOSE not to read the rules and just think the rules are meant to be broken, well sorry to break it to you, but they are there for a reason. I think that the creator of the game should most likely put on a filter, such as only letting there be 6 rogues and 6 kitty pets. This is a problem, the many rogues in a single server causes lags for the first rogues. This is unfair. I think the creator should set a up a program to take away ‘The Barn’ from the places you can go, when 6 rogues have joined the server. I also have a complaint about how random cats waltz in and pretend they are leader of a clan. This is a big issue. And some will refuse to step down as leader. They are annoying and I think there should be a section when you can go in and check who leader, deputy, and medicine cat is in each clan. This would keep people from looking like idiots and annoying everyone in the clan. I also think that when you report someone, ROBLOX should stop LYING. ROBLOX says they’re gonna do something about it. Haven’t seen that happen. I also think it’s stupid how the prices are overrated. Not to mention, ROBLOX you probably don’t even read the ratings, all you care about is the NUMBER of players. How about you start caring about the ACTUAL PLAYERS, and their decisions.

Aug 19, 2019

In my opinion ROBLOX is a AMAZING game but no matter how many times you report someone for bullying, swearing, or scamming and ROBLOX says it will do something about it, it seems like it NEVER GETS DONE I have come across so many bullies online daters and people who are swearing and I have reported them on different accounts but they never seem to get BANNED it’s so annoying! Oh not to mention on Adopt Me there has been A LOT of scammers so would you mind to AUTOMATICALLY ban them once they leave the game and actually check the chat!? this has been a HUGE problem! And it needs to be solved this NEEDS to be a update! Number two you can barely update your avatar everything else costs MONEY now I don’t have a problem with that but the price of every single clothing item costs like 500 robux! Is it just me or is that ungodly annoying!! Could you lower down the prices PLEASE and I don’t think it’s smart to have a game cost ROBUX! In every other game in ROBLOX you can not build a single thing like you can in bloxburg I would actually like to play a game on here where you can build your own house without having to PAY to play the game! This is why I have deleted ROBLOX so much! because it’s just so STUPID but I have to admit once in a while that ROBLOX is a fun game so thank you for making ROBLOX but these are some things that need to change no joke thank you for your time!

Oct 09, 2019

Hey, I love ROBLOX, I think it’s a fantastic game, but I have some complaints about it. I’ve been playing ROBLOX for about seven years now, and I think that ROBLOX was a little more reliable in the past. One of the things that really tick me off is that when on mobile you accidentally click the voice type button when you are going too fast you don’t notice, the whole soundboard just shuts off. No more sound unless you rejoin the game. KAPUT. I hate this feature because I love playing rp games and I really prefer having the sound when I do. Another thing that ROBLOX needs to have fixed it the chat button. As I said, I have always played on mobile, and ROBLOX removed the second chat button you used to press to chat in-game. It is another one of my pet peeves, and I’m not cool with it. Please fix it. Also, one more thing, another issue. I HATE the chat filter. Always have. It either auto corrects into things you didn’t mean to say, and when you say perfectly normal things like ‘me too’, it filters through as hashtags. The number filter also needs fixing. I understand the need for this, but it’s extremely annoying whenever somebody needs to give you an actual number for something like adopt me or just a number in general, but again, I do understand the need for this, so it is fine for now, but I would like it fixed so that you are able to say numbers without ROBLOX filtering it out. Thanks! Sincerely, adelynrh

Aubs 3-3
Sep 09, 2019

Roblox it’s such a fun game for everybody to play but overall out of thousands and thousands of games royal high is my favorite game so far. I hope it’s coming out with more more updates! One thing I don’t like about it is the live on Kindles and roblox is a very fun game if you’re bored I’m sorry if you so bad I’m trying to like talk but like no me no do you know what I mean so one thing I don’t really like about roebucks is that whenever you want to game sometimes it just freezes or disconnect you even if you’re still connected or Alexis very bad very fun game if you’re bored or anything I recommend playing this game but I think that it would be fair to lower prices of robux. What I’m sorry about 10,000 robux for $100 does not seem fair to me I love roblox and I think you should have some changes because some new people need help in roblox they would go to some games ago how are Blocksburg and it’s not your favorite number they can’t have that much stuff so overall I love roblox I so want to play in about a couple years ago and I haven’t had bad things happen since I have I have I can’t do it myself like some people do but do you want to say that you should have a fingerprint thing the only bad person because I’ve got to have a Lotta times so I have to say I hope you have fun playing Roblox with you said to download itIt’s a great game and I hope you have a good day or night

Oct 05, 2019

Roblox is my #1 favorite game on my device and it has been an awesome 2 years with this app. Roblox is an amazing world of creativity where you can play games by other people, like “Royale High” where you play in a school but royalty! Or “Work at a Pizza Place” where your avatar can work at a literal Pizza Place! But as you can see, there has to be a few changes before you should get this great game. First, I don’t like robux. I hate it I don’t like it. Does anyone reading this know an online game called “Fortnite”? I bet you do. But there’s V-Bucks and you have to buy it. Well in Roblox you have to buy the robux. Just the same. I don’t like robux, someone just has to delete that all. If you cannot, then please do something about that like where you can take out the amount of robux of an item in ‘clothing section’ where you dress your avatar. And when you get the game I think you should delete some information on the sign up page if you can; there’s a lot of hacking out there. I definitely agree with banning OD’s. Like oh my gosh they are annoying. “Do you want to be my boyfriend?” “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” PLEASE CONTROL THE DARN DATERS!!!! Don’t you see that there is a lot of kids who are like 8 or 7 playing Roblox, and sure it’s rated 13 years old and over but do you really think kids these days listen to THAT type of suggestion? No! Please control those stuff. They are ‘bug’ging me. Hah, see what I did there....?

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