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Aug 30, 2019

This was probably one the greatest apps I’ve ever seen up until a couple days ago with the 1.3 update. I like the idea of simply creating the items there and then transferring them to your inventory. Now, here is where the issue is. I create my preset, and select ‘export’. It tells me that I need to select multiplayer, choose the character I want to add the items to (their inventory), and host a multiplayer game. Sounds simple, right? So I go ahead and select my character and choose to host a game. I’m then greeted with the response, “Your device doesn’t hav enough RAM to host a multiplayer game”. So apparently I don’t have enough memory storage to host a game. Ok, big deal. So I went ahead and cleared up a RIDICULOUSLY large amount of space. I try and host it again. Same outcome. I have 12g of free storage and it still doesn’t work. At this point I’m quite annoyed, and a little sad because now the app that I used to enjoy so much has become useless to me. If the developers know how to fix this or what the issue may be, please respond. I hope that in the future I can get this to work so that I may enjoy one of my favorite apps again.

||YT||GamerBoy HHQ
Apr 08, 2018

It’s simply amazing. You have every item. My friends saw it and told me, “Woah. That’s an app? How much is it cost?”. I told them. All of my friends with iOS devices downloaded it. But I have 1 suggestion, and 1 question; You should make the area out of Lizhard Bricks. I go into a lot of worlds where everything is destroyed. Also, when 1.3 comes out, will you guys revamp the whole app? Will it have the Terrarian, Last Prism, Star Wrath, Celebration, S.D.M.G, Lunar Portal Staff, and Rainbow Crystal Staff? If so, would you also add Solar Armor, Stardust Armor, Nebula Armor, and Vortex Armor? And all of their exclusive weapons? Will you add everything from the 1.3 update? Are you currently checking the ID’s of the items to get ready for the update? I also have 1 more question; Will you ever make Private Servers? Where you pay $1.99 more to get them? Thank you for taking the time out of your day for reading this. -Ty

Jun 05, 2019

I bought the app and connected it to vpn and did everything it asked and I supposedly “connected” it told me that I had 20 min to get on terraria and get on a server but when I was trying to get on a server they didn’t show up I watched videos on the matter just to see if I was doing anything wrong but everyone else seemed to be just fine I don’t understand what is going on. And then I downloaded another plug for Terraria to see if that one worked and it did sadly I couldn’t buy the server because I had spent my money on this plug only to have plot not work and the other one was cheaper 2.49 but it’s was for a week I am not sure if actually had free items as a server but it’s not like you need more than a week to get all the items you need so I might just do that instead because this plug was really a let down I was excited to get some items only to not have it work and my money stolen if any developer reads this (in which I highly doubt because it’s been a whole year since it’s been updated) please help me or fix the bug oooor just give me my money back (in which I also doubt is gonna happen) thank you

Jul 26, 2018

First I want to thank you for this.I love this app so much!!! I have literally NO idea how I could have gotten the stuff I needed if this app did not exist. But I do have a question for you. When the 1.3 update comes out for mobile, when (and/or)will you hack to get those items too? I would love to know. But it is ok if your working on it hard, Because terraria has not updated in about 3 YEARS! And I know if you are trying to come up with a release date to when you can get the 1.3 items. Terraria said it was coming in April, but (as most people who have the game know) it was delayed and it still has not came out. But I just hope you can do this, and I do understand if it also takes 3 YEARS to do that. I’ll see you soon, and I hope you can make this update possible.

Thanks if you read this dude
Jun 17, 2018

This is a amazing app just like the Minecraft one (even though I don’t see the point of it since minecraft has creative mode) I know it happened very recently but could you look into adding the new items? I know it happened recently but do you think it’s possible to add the celestial stuff and all of moon lord drops AND replace the mobile exclusive things with other things that have similar ids? I know this is pushing it since it happened almost yesterday. Since the new update removed all mobile exclusive items maybe you could start to add all computer items due to the recent update. Oh also do you think you could try and find a loop hole around developer armour/wings it would be incredibly useful

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Plug for Terraria is a revolutionary new app that lets you add (and keep) any item in your player's inventory. The first app to let you add items to your own inventory in Terarria for iOS.

This is not a guide app, or one that only works on the PC version, Plug for Terraria will really let you get any item you like for Terraria on iOS, and keep it forever.

Plug For Terraria also provides ALL developer items like Red's Wings, and lets you add modifiers to any item to increase its statistics. For example using the Modifier 'Massive' will increases the item's size by 18%, while Legendary adds 5-15% to every trait!

Now you can get any item in Terraria and use it in your own worlds or any multiplayer worlds. Need more items? No problem, open the app and get some more!

There's no extra charges or in app purchases, you can really get as many items as you like forever!

Another world first in the Plug series of apps - we've been bringing you commands, inventory add ons and mods in the Minecraft world for years, now it's time for something amazing for Terraria :). Be sure to check out our developer page to see our other apps in case you missed them.

Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game Terraria or Minecraft and is not affiliated with the game, or its creators in any way.