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Apr 10, 2016

I am a longtime fan of Roguelike games for desktops, and I have been looking for a mobile app that captures that kind of experience for quite some time. Pixel Dungeon is one of the best I have found so far. While it necessarily lacks the depth and complexity of a desktop version, it does a great job of capturing the spirit of the genre in a more compact package, with an easy to use interface and a very challenging degree of difficulty. Those reviewers who complain that the game is too difficult and that it doesn't give you all of the gameplay information up front have obviously missed the point of this genre. Discovering the hidden secrets and tricks of the game via multiple humiliating defeats is the very heart of Roguelike gameplay. When you finally beat the game, it feels like a real accomplishment. Or at least I assume that it will. I'm on my 49th play, and I just made it to level 11 and died. And that is a very good thing.

Fan Of Usable Apps
Oct 17, 2018

As a fan of Rogue Likes, I love this game. As a short fused person, I hate the crashes. They are very frequent, and very unpredictable. Sometimes I can get to the 6th floor perfectly fine before a crash, and other times, I can’t get past the first floor for 30 minutes because of crashes. Crashes wouldn’t be so much of a problem for me, but the problem is the game doesn’t save my progress, so I have to restart after every crash. I WANT to play this game more, but I am so frustrated with the crashing, I feel like there’s no point in playing it if I can’t make any real progress. I will hold out hope that you guys care about this game enough to update it for iPhone X. Thank you for the lovely game, but please update it! 😍😬

Jun 02, 2017

Many complain that this game is too difficult, but I feel that's exactly what gives it it's charm. The game forces you to think up strategies in order to defeat enemies and traverse. It Is not purely luck based. I beat the first boss with a dagger, using mostly potions and seeds which are EXTREMELY common. There are other complains about the levels being too short. They're anything but short if you actually take the time to explore them. The game is so creative and just overall epic. Only complaint is to nerf the degrade system and add possibly unique enemies that are rarely encountered, with their own badge and everything. Add more items, too. Items are awesome. If you like a challenge, this game is for you

Jul 10, 2017

This a a wonderful game! I have beaten it a couple times and it never gets old! The warrior is the best character in the game in my opinion, he is the easiest! Food gives him health when eaten and plus strength potions are already identified! Each potion on each floor usually has a use as well as keys! Make your level is the same exact number is the floor you are on or higher, if it is low, it will be extremely difficult to match up against the monsters. The game gets difficult when you get past the caves, i nearly skipped all the floors, well at least floors 20 + then get to the final boss and win the game! Scrolls of magic mapping help a lot in the very end!

Aug 30, 2019

I’ve played this game for a long time, from back when it was Android-only. The current state of it is that the balance is so bad that it’s practically not worth playing. It used to be that I could manage to win once every ~30 games, but I’ve probably played 100 games in the last few months and only once have I been able to beat the second boss. Hardly anything has changed gameplay-wise, except for the durability changes. Sadly they are not well balanced. You will find a lot of weapons now, but you are not provided the tools necessary to make use of them. It is too dangerous to wield them, you are not given enough upgrade or remove curse scrolls to handle curses. But you are forced to do so in order to survive. Broken weapons will not cut it. There are other problems too but that’s the biggest one by far.

About Pixel Dungeon

Developed by the Oleg Dolya


Pixel Dungeon has 342 user reviews.

Pixel Dungeon has an average rating of 4.2.

The latest version of Pixel Dungeon (1.9.3) ​was ​released on Oct 19, 2018.

You can download Pixel Dungeon ​here: 1002210090 .

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Pixel Dungeon is an exciting and extremely popular roguelike. Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items and fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artefact of this game world!

Are you prepared for this very easy to play yet difficult

to master dungeon crawler?

* Charming pixel-art graphics and a simple interface that gets out of your way.
* 25 randomly generated levels with different settings like sewers, abandoned prison, caves, etc... so you will feel that every new game is unique!
* A deceitful dungeon full of dangers! Try to avoid the hidden traps or falling on deadly chasms. Or find as many chests as you can, full of treasures to use or sell!
* A different array of monsters that will try to get a piece of you on every corner, plus some bigger bosses that will try to get an even bigger piece ;)
* Lots of different items to find, buy, sell... including armor, weapons, potions, wands, scrolls...
* Various character classes to suit your style of play, from the strong Warrior or the knowledgeable Mage to the sneaky Rogue and the powerful Huntress. You can specialize your character even further, if you survive long enough ;)
* Enchantments that you'll have to use on your weapons and armor if you want to survive the dungeon's harsh conditions
* You'll use your alchemy knowledge to brew rare potions, improve the dungeon's economy by spending all your coins on the shops and deal with obnoxious NPCs and their demanding quests
* Lots of other surprises, you'll need to check the game to find out!

Everything about Pixel Dungeon:
Temple of the Roguelike forum: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?topic=2826
Official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pixeldungeon
Developer Blog: http://pixeldungeon.tumblr.com/
Pixel Dungeon Wiki (including things like items and monsters descriptions, tactics and mechanics etc), run by a community: http://pixeldungeon.wikia.com/
You can also follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/watawatabou & https://twitter.com/Arcnor