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Airsoft Arena: Nerf Battle PvP

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Jun 27, 2019

Okay , I like that game and I see how you going about it , definitely has potential in my opinion , the main issue for me is that you only have the fire button on one side and you can’t change it , I think you should put the shoot button on the left and the right or let us choose if we want it on the left with the joystick and the sprint button , also the rewards take too long , we should be able to skip it or just click claim all , and another thing is every time you finish a match it’s popping up “get premium” and that gets kinda tedious , you have ads popping up left and right , I just went ahead and bought removed ads because you couldn’t hardly play it with them , for a first game first impressions matter the most , the ads is the main thing that gets in your way since there is so many , other than that I like the game and I want you to keep up the good work and think about some of these suggestions and other peoples suggestions or reviews as well !

Jun 29, 2019

I love the game but it needs so much more to be done to it and it has so much potential. There should be new maps instead of just two, and instead of the map itself being small it should be bigger. And people should be able to choose the size of the map they want, and have different terrains too. Also there should be a more guns to choose from and new characters. People should be able to design them and add things, like add a hat or choose there clothes and accessories and they can make it global so others can choose with the character they made, and characters made by others should cost a certain amount of money too. Like 400 to buy a global character. People should be able to design levels too and maps and have it global. Also I think we should be able to jump over objects as well. And have different things to customize your own character. We should also have an option to shoot like a real gun where you can zoom in through the hole and shoot from a distance. And we should have one mode where when we play and it’s actual people instead of bots.

Jun 27, 2019

Well the idea is a great one, but how they executed it was very low. The things that drive me crazy about this game is 1. So many adds like you need to watch a 25 second long video to get into a game and also in order to carry on a game after you use all of your ammo (paint balls) you have two options one is watch a add to get more and two is to buy in game currency in order to get more ammo. 2. The controls are very hard to handle and it is a specially hard to sprint in the game and to shoot 3. At the very first of a game there is this really creepy dancing in the middle of the arena, I see that you were going for like a creative destruction like before game skin show of but I like the idea. 4. THE SKINS!! The skins in the game are very weird, because the fact that you have adult body’s correct and the you have like a random kid (girl/boy kid skin) that has a tiny body and a very big head seems kinda hard to understand why you put that in the game. 5. what are those voices in the game? There very creepy.———————————————————— I thing the idea is very great and I say that if you maybe update and refurbish what great idea this game is I and others will play it. ————————————————————

wy dy
Jul 09, 2019

In my opinion the game is great. It just needs to have more maps. I also don’t know how to get the pistols equip when I have earned them on the game. The game should have online games so you can test your skills. It would be nice to have less adds because It’s hard to even play the game. Also only 2 maps get boring it would be fun to have more maps to play on. The game should have a lot more guns and you should be able to choose the map you play on too. You should make it so you don’t just half to be in first person to play. It’s a great game but I think it needs theses adjustments.

Jul 04, 2019

There are many issues with this game that can be fixed let’s start with some number one the graphics a general thing for me is that the graphics really don’t look bad. But it’s more on the bad side of graphics number to the ammunition before doing this I played one of the levels and I had to get four packs of ammunition before the match was over next number three advertisements I see every time it loads in a match in the match and does the dancing does it ever ties meant always Loading number five the map design I looked at two different ones and I saw everything every detail and they were the same in each map so yeah something I could help is rearranging some of the things in the map so yeah pretty much this is all my opinion and some of these things on the list can be worked on so yeah thank you for reading this sorry it’s long

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Get into the indoor arena for the ultimate airsoft paintball challenge where you will play against the enemies with loaded

paintball guns! Eliminate them or get eliminated by the sharp shooters, reload your nerf gun and show your shooting skills in the color arena!

There is the ultimate paintball color shooting competition having different levels in the colorful indoor paintball arena. Take your different paintball guns and get into the battle of colors. Be alert and experience your color shooting skills while roaming in the arena having enemies behind the cover barriers.

Enjoy the colorful shooting game having a lot of indoor fun!


- Indoor colourful arena
- Cover barrel
- Mini Map to search your enemies
- Many guns to buy
- First person shooting
- Interesting gameplay
- Realistic Physics
- Awesome animations and 3D models