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May 30, 2019

Honestly, this game is pretty great for it being just an idle type game. I know about the complaints on the protection tab but honestly once you start getting up there you only need to pay a small price for it but I mean it’s your job to protect the planet. I think it’s a great mechanic in the game to make it slightly more challenging. The limit on the max offline production and the time limit before it stops collecting is annoying... like a keep on trying to beat a boss and he keeps killing you annoying but you have to keep playing because it makes the game interesting and even more of a challenge to create your world, and if you put a bit of your energy into max offline production and the time you have before it stops collecting it definitely helps immensely. Overall. This is one of the most if not unique idle games out there. Some minor glitches here and there but I don’t mind them at all. I haven’t maxed out my world yet but I’m already at AI and I’ve played for about less then a week now. I just updated it to Mars and I haven’t checked it out but I hope it’s even better then just earth. Thank you for creating this very unique game. It gives me joy :)

Jun 15, 2019

This isn't an idle game. An idle game is where you can either spend hours to days away from the game and get proportional value or keep the app open and get value without doing anything. Sure, if you keep the app open, you will keep getting energy, but you have to keep upgrading to make it worth the data and phone battery (as expected). The real problem I have concerning this is how long you can stay off before you don't get value: 30 minutes. Just 30. That's ridiculous. After 30 minutes, you will no longer receive extra energy for staying away from the game. And the upgrade to improve this is extremely expensive. It's absurd and there are many other better idle games than this one to invest into. There is literally nothing special about this game. It's about the same as any idle game that calls for upgrades to gain more resources. Other games are also more visually appealing. Also what's with the disaster protection? As if this game wasn't annoying enough with how little energy you get, you have to worry about some disaster that never seems to arrive? Why are we being forced to upgrade atmosphere? What is the point in upgrading things beyond the requirement for the next set of upgrades? This game is just another low quality advertisement-filled garbage game. But I've seen worse and that's why this game is 2 stars.

Jun 22, 2019

So I love how the game runs currently. I don’t get too many ads aside from when I’m leveling up my tapping, all around it’s a pretty good time sink for me. My only issue is that I only get one prestige point when I prestige, no matter how far I progress on earth or on mars. Was this intended or is it a bug? As for actual review notes for anyone else reading this. The graphics are amazing, I’ve always thought the little boxes reminded me of stacks of sticky notes and that’s what drew me to the game in the first place. Water gets a little too expensive eventually so you’re missing a few boxes of it unless you grind out the energy. When you’re putting Earth together, it’ll have all of one kind of land or whatever you put on it if you play like I do, but when you reboot the game, it randomizes what’s on the continents so it’s not a boring look (unlike when it had the mountain bug that they fixed). Progression is slow if you don’t level the sun, but I kindof like the speed run mode of using it so I hope they leave that as is or let us improve it more.

Boyan luvs Cash Onc
Sep 12, 2019

I love this game so much what they should add is mars though or maybe I’m not at that part yet, anyways I love this game I got it from a friend and from start to where I am right now it’s really fun I suggest you get it and I hope you have fun also in the game they tell you interesting facts about countries and presidents like this one for example “ Did you know that South Africa is called the rainbow nation because it has 11 official languages” see what I mean the game has actual facts and I searched this question up and it was true so this game when they tell facts they don’t lie because otherwise what’s the point. So anyways oh wait did I mention the content this game makes it’s astounding and the graphics and display also, also when you get the game you start on a really crappy world but then after 5-10 minutes your on a world called World 2.0 so yeah that sums it up and well I hope you get this game and when you start you get a ton of free gems and you level up your world pretty fast.

what does th fox say
Aug 03, 2019

Was a wonderful game until world 2.0 came out. Dont get me wrong game is great and you should play it and World 2.0 is a wonderful addition to the game. But keep reading that’s not all. The thing is, THE LIST OF CONTRIES IN WORLD 2.0. Many countries missing: Belize Panama Haiti the rest of Caribbean Guyana Suriname Kosovo Taiwan all of Oceania, Brunei Maldives EVERY SINGLE CITY-STATE and I could go on and on, those are not even HALF okay and some of the countries pictures are wrong you know like in the circle the shape of the country but filled with a color yeah Malaysia guinea-Bissau, South Africa Nicaragua, and Sudan are some of those countries. Also some country’s have the wrong flag like Mozambique and a lot others (I’m not the best with flags) BUT BEFORE YOU MAKE A THING LIKE WORLD 2.0, YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR BASIC COUNTRY FACTS also, the ‘facts’ about the countries I have seen they are sometimes repeated or missing the beginning,or with wrong grammar and they are filled with typos! That just proves that you were lazy and just quickly typed up the facts so you could get more ad revenue from people wanting to view to “facts”! World 2.0 is just a lazy quick way to make more money.

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The most addictive Idle Clicker game ever!

In this brand new idle game you can

decide about the creation of the earth.

The more you upgrade the planet, the more energy you will get.

Spend energy to colonize the planet.

Plant plants to allow animals to grow!

Can you unlock the atmosphere?

Easy and simple gameplay:
- Great upgrade system that will keep you playing for hours!
- Prevent a natural catastrophe by unlocking the atmosphere.
- Start off with upgrading the ground and unlock animals and humans!

- Beautiful animations!
- Create the world as you want it!
- Many categories to upgrade!
- Endless hours of gameplay!