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Oct 12, 2019

So, I was scrolling through the Reviews and I see one called garbage. I click on it and it says that the game crashes, glitches, and half the time he doesn’t receive his incentive. First of all, why this doesn’t make sense it’s because I always receive my incentive, my game never crashes, or glitches. He said he had a new iPhone, guess what I have? A 6S! I’m not joking seriously I don’t even know if I believe this because in this game is never crashed on me it’s never glitched. Also the guy said that when you buy a new island to get new things it restarts the your progress. Apparently this person has ikioo 0 apparently this person has IQ 0. Hello, it’s a new flipping island it’s not going to save your progress! So developer when there’s issues, and someone reports something yeah please fix it but there’s nothing wrong with your game and I’m pretty sure half of these people that are commenting hello, it’s a new flipping island it’s not going to save your progress! So developer when there’s issues, and someone reports something yeah please fix it but there’s nothing wrong with your game and I’m pretty sure half of these people that are commenting Are lying. This is literally one of the best games I’ve ever played I’m not joking I’m saying the truth. Thank you for creating this game.

Jun 04, 2019

For Creator and wells as Players: is I always like to review apps so they can improve instead of just sitting around and complaining. So here is my reasoning for my stars and a few suggestions. When I first downloaded it I had fun playing it so I gave a star. I enjoyed the incentives to help the player always strive for greatness so I gave a star. I also enjoyed feeling excitement I had when I got on and had a buttload of money and sometimes that is difficult to achieve but you did it beautifully so I gave a star. But I also didn’t add anymore stars and here’s why: I understand that apps are expensive and all but there are far to many ads for not a large reward. After playing on this app for a day the ads started increasing and the glitches became much more intense and aggravating. I do believe there is room for improvement. Although I know all you want is the downloads and in-game purchases from your players you’ll get a lot less if you don’t read as many reviews as possible and learn from your mistakes. For players: Be ready to have fun but then slowly be lured into watching an insane amount of ads and getting crazy glitches. Although it is fun in the beginning and I do suggest downloading be prepared to delete it in the following day or two. In short I suggest downloading but not keeping it for to long or making any in-app purchases. For all: Thanks for reading my review. This is the longest review i’ve ever written. Have a good day!

Aug 02, 2019

I’ve been addicted to this game for a week now. I have a lot of positive things to say about it for sure. There are a lot of ads but they’re always optional. I’m never forced to watch one plus they come with incentives to do so. However I’ve noticed lately that more often than not the ads do not load. The whole game crashes and I loose the reward I wanted. Or it will crash after the ad and the game thinks I never watched one so I don’t get the incentive anyway. This is the only huge problem I’ve had with the game. I’d like to watch the ads and get the perks. Any free game with an ad system like this is a win in my book. If it worked as intended anyway. The progression is fun. The fact that the most important purchases are permanent one time purchases is great for a free mobile game. I don’t feel bogged down with a need to purchase anything everything is optional. It makes me want to support the game that much more. The graphics are cute even though things clip through each other. I just don’t find it incredibly distracting. Generally I only notice when I’m looking closely at the people or cars just because. It would be a five star game from me if they could fix the ad bugs!

Sasha Vargas
Jul 18, 2019

I enjoy this game VERY much. Literally am addicted to playing it almost every day. However, this game has a few bugs I’d like to bring some attention to. One: Videos sometimes won’t load after opening app. After pressing the video buttons, it will just cancel out. So when I try to watch a video for 2x as fast, it’ll show the button, I click on it, but it will cancel out as if I pressed “No thanks”. Two: When watching videos sometimes, it’ll have the game in a rectangle shape IN FRONT of the video. So not only does it block your ads, but after finishing the ad, the game will remain that size, making me have to close the app and reopen it. Three: Not going to lie, some of the people or cars will just drive or walk right through each other. Four: Black screened after video. What’ll happen is I’ll watch a video, finish and exit the ad, and the screen for the game will be all black. I wait a bit to see if it’ll restore, but instead I have to close the app to refix the app. I hope these can all be fixed soon enough!

Th3 BooMsticK
Jun 12, 2019

So let’s review. For something that is free I expect a few things. Ads, ads, pay to win or progress, and a point where it seems like you’ll never get maxed out(the theory of going from a to b and always taking half steps). What I don’t expect are the choice to display ads in a horizontal view that end up turning the screen black to where I have to wipe the game and restart it. That’s a 100% conscience decision made by the game company that is unacceptable. Are there a lot of ads? Yes. Way too many? Yes, but folks that’s what’s called a free game. It’s not a non-profit company so don’t expect that. Still they provide a whimsical game where you really do want to find out what a maxed ride looks like. It’s a grind and most will be on the “next thing” before they see the final ride. I have come to accept that free means pain. It’s just a matter of how much pain you are willing to accept. I thank the developers for the game. My suggestions??? Have a meaning for the Water Closet. Also right now there is no need to max out your ticket takers if your parking garage can’t be expand more. I think with the rate you are growing lands you don’t have to try to hard to keep people engaged, but I think you could expand your horizons.

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Are you prepared to run the funniest theme park ever?

Rule your theme park and become the richest manager!

Start with a small theme park, and work on it to make it grow. Open new attractions to create an amazing fun area where visitors will ride the roller

coaster, the ferris wheel, the log ride and visit the horror house.

Manage wisely the food area, and the ticket booth to earn money. Expand the theme park to get the most amazing rides and facilities.

Improve your park with new rides. Prepare marketing campaigns to bring more visitors to your theme park, and offer them the most enjoyable experience. Extend the parking facilities to increase the number of clients.

Hire security guards to maintain public order and security in your theme park. Make visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and happy. Take the visitor’s feedback into account in order to improve the theme park.

Become a theme park tycoon and hire new employees, improve the rides and control every aspect of the business. Will you invest your money in improving the facilities of the park? Or will you increase the salary to keep your employees motivated? Take important decisions to create the best theme park.

Build the most enjoyable rides, a big ferris wheel, an amazing fun house, a spooky horror house and a huge roller coaster. Run the most famous theme park in the world!

If you like management and idle games, you’ll enjoy Idle Theme Park Tycoon. An easy-to-play game, but challenging game. Start with an small theme park and take important business decisions in order to grow your tycoon. Transform your small business into the best theme park in the world!

- Easy-to-play game for every player
- Different challenges to complete
- Amazing animations and great 3D graphics
- Several rides available.
- Take important business decisions.
- Save your progress to the Cloud and recover it if you change your device