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Aug 11, 2019

This game is pretty simple, it’s pretty easy, but it’s creative. The game itself is very fun I don’t really enjoy repeating levels and kinda wish the game had something like a hard mode where it’s very fast paced and intense. My favorite part of the game would be the level design for the last few levels especially the jungle with the huge gorilla in the back and the futuristic zones. I think it’d be more enjoyable (for me at least) if in the jungle the gorilla was more of the level and you could jump around over through areas of the Gorilla and he moved and was something you had to watch out for. I also would really like to see more intricate levels (not that some aren’t) ones with more life, movement, and so forth. I think it’d be cool if instead of jumping in one line/axis each level in a zone moved around and you got to see more of the really cool levels. In the futuristic level I think it’d be awesome if the flying cars were more, apart of the level to add life an more intensity. Obviously these are big hopes for what the game becomes and it’s all up to what you (the devs) want. Just figured I’d throw out what I hope the game becomes. I wish you the best of luck adding to this game and trust that you’ll do what’s best for it. Thank you for creating this and adding to it

Jun 22, 2019

this is probably my favorite game i’ve had in a long time. it’s super addicting and i honestly don’t mind doing the levels over and over; in fact, i’ve played it all the way through at least 10 times and am currently on level 682. However, an idea you may explore is having different characters. For example either an in game currency or have skins unlocked as you rank up. Another part of my review is how you determine what rank goes with the flips. Often i can get 2 extra flips in, and at times even 5-6 more flips in. Id love to see maybe a “Platinum” award where they reward the highest possible amount of flips you can perform on the level. In conclusion, this game is awesome and super easy to play but not too easy.

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Jul 19, 2019

As soon as I started playing this game i thought it was so much fun. Just flipping and then finally dunking the ball at the end was just so satisfying. And I kept playing and playing until finally i was level 36 or so, and then I was back the first level or zone that I had started with when I first got the game. I was still lvl 36, but I was back on the first level and I was pretty disappointed that once you finish a certain amount of levels you just restart from number 1. I hope the creators make more levels so you’re not just repeating everything over and over again because honestly I love this game I just hate having to go back to the basic level one. There could be levels as you advance that become much much longer and more complicated, or different angles instead of the back and forwards angle for where you flip, there could be different flips as well, maybe that could be a new challenge for each level. Just throwing some ideas out there because this game is great, all 40 levels of it...

Jul 21, 2019

This is truly a fun game, and has potential to be the best flipping game. Though, it seems unfinished. There’s no real purpose to completing levels with silver or gold. Perhaps if there was an incentive like in-game currency to purchase skins or customize your character. The levels loop without notice. I understand that the devs can only make so many levels, but perhaps different game modes would suffice. It doesn’t have to just be dunking- flipping in all forms, different tricks, backflips, parkour tricks. I enjoy the lava level where you land on the platform before you dunk, you can do some real acrobatics! Perhaps a mode to enable low gravity, or different starting positions. Also, the x6 “WONDERFULL” is spelled wrong, obviously. Please keep adding and improving on this game, it will become the best. I am willing to make in-app purchases to support this developer if they keep at it!

By Edgarrrrrrr
Jul 21, 2019

I have to force the app to close before the ad finishes or else it will skip the mission, I hit replay not skip mission. I hate missing out on a level and with no back or redo mission option my time with this game feels incomplete. Fun game but weird glitch/ level design, ruins it all for me. When I first realized it skipped a level for me I developed a drinking problem, I didn’t know how to handle myself. I felt lied to and didn’t trust my fiancé anymore. I pushed those feelings of lies and betrayal onto her which strained our relationship. In the end I gained 88 pounds and turned Mexican and now I love animé and video games. If you are a completion-ist your journey will be long and dangerous, but on the other side you shall be rewarded with premium gas station food and a new ethnicity not of your choosing (usually a step down). Good luck my fellow brothers and sisters, may the father of understanding guide you. May he never give you up. May he never let you down, run away or desert you. Forever and always, Your favorite Templar.

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jump and then hold your finger while in the air to flip.