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Lady Cieranda
Nov 08, 2019

I have never played online games! I have no patience for them! However this game has truly surprised me. I have played almost 200 games now! I was looking for something to help pass the time and also increase my memory. I was getting really tired of word games. This game is fantastic for kids and adults. It teaches kids math - that they don’t even know they are learning. It is very soothing. I mute the volume, and it’s ALMOST tactile. It isn’t really, but it is soothing “running your fingers through the sand”. Kids/ and adults learn how you must get something Just at the right angle to make something work. It is very rewarding! My autistic husband Loves it! But... it could do better! It does not have a way to earn free “tells”. So if you wish to have help with a puzzle you must pay! What a shame!!!! Especially for the kiddo’s! Also, when my hands are swollen, my “fat hands” don’t allow for much error. The angles have to be pretty much correct. I am curious what percentage for error the maker of this game applied. Just a curiosity! So for all the engineers, high IQs, people who are bored, kids just learning fundamentals of math, this is for you! Have fun!

Nov 13, 2019

I have stopped playing all the other games I have on my phone. I love this game and it’s challenging puzzles, it really makes you think how to solve the puzzle. On occasions adding in elements in that are not needed to accomplish the task, this is truly a game that can become addictive if you love to problem solve or like cause and effect thinking. I do agree with other comments about the required purchases for hints in that you could offer free hints along with maybe the completion of a level or something, just moving on to the next level is great but having a added rewards would be even better. Especially if you plan on keep adding levels, the whole idea of a game is to beat it or have something you can win. If the levels never end then what are you playing for unless you have a goal or prize in site. Thank you for creating such a great mind challenging/ eye blurring / brain stimulating game. Natalie

Jaxx Berserker
Nov 26, 2019

I never leave reviews but this frustrates me. It’s a fun game, when it works like it’s supposed to. Anyone with a cursory understanding of physics can get through the levels pretty simply. But for WHATEVER reason, on some levels I can perform the same moves over and over, that SHOULD be what is required to complete the level. Usually the issue is that I can’t achieve the momentum required to bump things into other things. When I finally give up, and use a hint, I’m guided step-by-step through the EXACT things I was just doing; except this time there are no issues with momentum, and everything moves just perfectly. As far as I can tell this is assisted by the occasional pauses during the “walkthrough” which may somehow allow the assets to reset position in relation to their previous momentum and direction of travel. What this amounts to is, unless you use a hint to have the game complete the level for you (which isn’t actually a “hint” by the way), you can only complete a level through accidental luck, and maybe the grace of Cthulhu. I dunno but I don’t want to have to buy hints only to find out I’m already doing EXACTLY what the games wants me to.

Nov 26, 2019

I kinda like this game. It’s different, not timed & gets challenging. My grand-nephews enjoyed playing this a lot! They’re not allowed to buyout of ads. If their parents or I paid for free versions of every game they play to hold their interest longer, plus, games I like to play from time to time, we’d all be broke! I understand ad revenue & don’t mind watching ‘sted paying. That said, There Are TOO MANY Ads! Start a level & goof up in 15secs. ‘Sted of retrying, An Ad in two parts! Min 15-20secs...goof up in 10 secs...rinse & repeat! Wow you won! Next level No...ANOTHER 2PART AD! It’s like for every 30 secs of play time you have to go thru :40-:45+ seconds of AD Time! I stop & find something else to play or do & you get Zero Ad Views! Cut Back & I’ll play Longer & more often. Then, atthat point it might be worth it to buy out of the Ads. Still, that’s too much $...for both kids & fixed income folks. Stay greedy many will come & go. Be Reasonable & Everybody Wins! Plus your Rating will go from 3 to 5 Stars! Don’t do anything & it drops to 2 then 1 star. You’re choice. Remember, those like me add up.

Sep 30, 2019

I’ll admit, I’ve become a bit jaded in this age of deceptive ads leading to freemium addiction machines. When I saw the ad for this game, I honestly can’t remember what made me click on it. I do love a good puzzle game, though, and wasn’t able to resist the interesting-looking gameplay. When I started it up I was very put off by the abundance of ads. The initial levels weren’t that tough there were 30 video ads between EVERY level. I think maybe even restarting a level required an ad, I’m not sure. But SOMETHING about it was different than other sweatshop-produced games. So I spent the $2.99 to get rid of the ads, and I’m GLAD I DID. This is one of the most inventive puzzle games I’ve played in a long time. The graphics are simple. Deceptively so. It reminds me a little of “cut the rope” from back in the day. Great physics engine that really makes things interesting. I kept playing, hours and hours, expecting to get to the point where the levels became repetitive, or unchallenging, or TOO challenging. But it never happened. There are a couple levels where chance comes too much into play for my taste, or where the mechanics of something like the find from the fans isn’t really clear, but really, the point is this was totally worth three bucks. Ive already gotten through every available level after 2 days, and new sets are apparently coming out next month. Can’t wait!

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Just dig with your fingers — and guide the ball to the cup.

It's easy, yet challenging. There is often a trick to solve the levels, sometimes you need take advantage of the objects' speed, sometimes you need to make objects collide, but often it is enough to use your intuitive thinking.

• Inventive and unique gameplay.
• Easy to understand.
• Realistic Physics.
• 500 levels, designed with love.
• Encourages logical thinking and creativity.
• Discover new features like bombs and multi-colored balls.
• 3D-graphics.
• Solutions are available, if you get stuck.