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Jul 02, 2019

I like this game but there are so many ads. Like if I fail once, if I press revive for an ad, I get an ad of course. But even if I DONT press revive I get an ad too! Please make this game have less ads. Then I can give you 5 stars. I think you can also add a new skin. It should be a invisible thing so pros at this game can challenge themselves. And can you add a new map. It should be an actual water park. Oh also there are some random objects and like they are right in the middle of the slide. You should also make it easier to get coins. You should get 1000 coins for winning a race. You should also be able to choose the color of the slide for coins. And why are you not able to go to multiplayer races with other people? You should be able to customize your character. You should add a face, hair, pants, clothes, and skin color. It’s actually kind of hard to win because even if you do a mega jump from the start to the finish, the bots just teleport to you and beat you. One time, I jumped right to the end and this bot just randomly got in front of me and I got 8th place. One time I also jump right in to the pool from the start and I was last place. I didn’t even see me on the chart. There should also be leaderboards for the people with most wins, most coins, most kills, most jumps, most consecutive days played and the first people to play. They should be ranked from daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Please fix these weird glitches.

Jun 21, 2019

I think this a great game but, it could be a lot better. A multiplayer option where you can play with real players would be nice. Also, the computer players teleport to the stop where you are and it’s annoying since sometimes they manage to beat you even though you were far ahead of them. Another concern is that there’s always 9 played at the end. For example, i once killed 11 players and at the start there were 16, that means there should be 5 at the end right? Nope, the game makes it so it’s always 9 players at the end which is annoying. Another thing that should be fixed is that if you land on the green part at the end of the slide after you jump you don’t get coins for that jump and it basically disqualifies you. It can also be extremely glitchy. I have some screenshots of when i was playing the game and one of them I got first place in but the chart showed up as the same player with 11 kills and 555 coins and my name didn’t show up on the chart and it claimed i had only 100 coins when i really had 40k something, i went back onto the app and it was fixed later but that shouldn’t happen. Another glitch that happened was that on the coin store it said watch a video for 200 coins and then there were 3 other options and they were all to buy 5 coins. The first option was .99 the second option 1.99 and the third option 2.99 but they were all for 5 coins which seems like a scam to me, although it was a glitch.

Jul 27, 2019

I love this game a lot. But the first few times I tried to play it showed the sky with marks as if I was in a plane going 100 miles per hour or so. (Don’t judge I haven’t flown in a plane before). It was DAYS to A WEEK before I could play. Second of all, today I’m guessing the game updated. I used to have animal skins. Now it’s either you are a girl or a boy! And I had some maps. Now I’m reset to temple! This makes no sense that now there are only 3 or 4 maps you can play on and no skins other than a boy and a girl when there were a good amount of skins and a ton of maps. 3rd of all, I know this is a constant complaint, but it makes sense on why. The ads. Now I’m fine with ads, especially the ones where you get to interact with them, but you are forcing the ad on us when people say no to the ads that give you stuff, or when we just hit continue after winning a game. I know this is for advertisement, but every single time I finish a game? When you go to a basketball or football show, they go ahead and they play ads until the game starts, when there is a mini break around 1st quarter and half time to go get food and drink and use the restroom, and basically ads at the end. Yes I know that’s different cause there is also souvenirs and such you could buy and it’s really popular but it doesn’t spam ads! And this is with all of voodoo’s games and similar games. Thanks for reading and responding if you do.

Jul 20, 2019

So first of all, the game is pretty fun and addictive, like other people have said. But I have a lot of complaints. First of all, I know other people who have the game have this glider thing but I have never heard of it and of course I don’t have it. Secondly, one time there was an update and the description said new maps, and I got excited because I had been waiting for new maps since I started playing the game. I quickly updated it, and when I went on the app, the maps were all the same and there were no new maps. This got me a bit irritated because I took the time to update the game for these “new maps" and nothing was different. Thirdly, I got really bored with the game really fast because it was really easy and nothing new about it. I haven’t even had the game for a month and I already have over 100k coins and all the skins. In the shop, there are two new tabs that have always said coming soon, and same with two new locations that say coming soon. Fourthly, the game glitches constantly and there are WAY too many ads. Another thing that confused me was that my cousin likes playing the game on my phone when I let him, and one day he decided to download it on his iPad, but when it installed and he clicked on it, all that was there was a blue screen with white lines passing by that looked like rain. He tried reinstalling it but the same thing happened. I hope all these things are fixed soon.

Jun 27, 2019

This game is not multiplayer. Players are bombarded with ads to an extreme extent. The developers added a stupid feature where every time something happens in the game, your phone vibrates. This feature is incredibly annoying and embarrassing in public. You are forced to turn it off every time you open the app. The character customization is limited at best, there is no color-changing. The main game mechanic ruins the entire game, because you can skip the entire level easily. Since there’s no mini-map or anything, you can’t see where the other players are, only the first place player. When you make a huge jump, the AI catches up so fast that it almost seems like they teleport behind you, which makes the whole experience feel artificial. Also, how is this app 200 MBs? The visuals are okay. That’s about it. The company that makes this game, Voodoo, has some of the worst advertising campaigns I have ever seen. Their ads consist of gameplay footage, and then a caption that says things that often don’t even relate to the game. Voodoo spams terrible ads on most big social media platforms. The games Voodoo makes are extremely low effort, and are often obvious cash-grab knockoffs of games that are/were already popular and successful. This company does not respect the art of game making, as they value quantity of advertisements and games over the quality of them. Do not support this company.

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