What Google Play's new authentication means

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What Google Play's new authentication means

Table of Content:

  1. What is OAuth, and what does it even mean?
  2. Why does the change matter?
  3. Getting started with OAuth

In 1960, with the invention of the computer came the need for digital security. This sparked the idea of a password. Such a system is now commonplace across our digital devices, but as technology and software develops, so must its security. The way of getting access to personal data now play a crucial role not only in ensuring security, but also facilitating smooth and seamless connections.

So it makes sense that Google is rolling out new authentication methods which will be replacing the OAuth, which means it’s a crucial update for you as the owner/manager of an app. Most importantly, moving to the new Service Account method has to be done before October 3rd.

But what does this new Service Account authentication method mean for you, and what will its impact be?

We’ve laid it out below how to best approach it.

What is OAuth, and what does it even mean?

OAuth stands for Open Authorization and is the next version following the Basic Auth. In short, it's an open standard for authorization, granting access to tools and thereby uniting and streamlining your workflows.

Interesting fact : OAuth is pronounced "oh-auth."

Whilst OAuth enables apps to obtain limited access to specific data in a secure and standardized environment without giving away a user's password, the Service Account method takes authorization and authentication to the next level.

Why does the change matter?

With the new required Service Account authentication method for Google Play Developer Console, Google has taken an essential step in ensuring better and safer access to accurate information.

When we talk about Console or Store integrations, we're referring to your developer account in one of the stores where your app is published. With the developer account, you have access to various data and features: downloads, metrics, reply to reviews and reviews reporting. All these data points are unique and unavailable to the public.

Setting up the new authentication method helps you safely connect your apps and AppFollow efficiently, so you can keep leveraging user insights, reply to reviews & accelerate your apps' growth.

Getting started with OAuth

There are two ways to getting started:

  1. Book some time with your Google Developer Admin, and go through the step-by-step guide we’ve laid out here.


  2. Ask your Google Developer Admin to get the Json file for you, following the steps in the guide.

If you find it challenging to get it to work, no problem. We are here to help. Just reach out to us.

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