How AppFollow did in 2016

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How AppFollow did in 2016

Table of Content:

  1. Q1 ‘16
  2. Q2 ‘16
  3. Q3 ‘16
  4. Q4 ‘16
TL;DR: 2016 was a year we launched to public, raised first investments, got to Best bot of the Year on Product Hunt. We learned a lot & it’s all just the beginning.

There were so many things we did in 2016, it would be impossible to cover them all. So, we decided to pick up one main accomplishment in each quarter and show key metrics we had at that time.

Q1 ‘16

  • Main accomplishment: shift from closed beta to open-to-public service
  • Key metrics: 
    Total accounts: 813
    Total premium accounts: 134
    CR in Premium: 16.5%
    MRR: $3,530

Overview: After long preparation (including developing scalable architecture & partnering with Stripe) we decided to drop all barriers & opening to the public. We accompanied this with our first launch on Product Hunt focusing on our Slack integration and freshly developed Slack-bot.

Q2 ‘16

  • Main accomplishment: introducing Free plan / raising $200k in angel-backed round
  • Key metrics: 
    Total accounts: 2314 (x3)
    Total premium accounts: 181
    CR in Premium: 7.8%
    MRR: $4'535

Overview: Absolutely impossible to choose one of these two events, so we thought to mention both of them:
— Raising $200k led to new possibilities for us as a company: we hired new people & sped up our product development.
— Free plan triggered a significant change in our attitude towards the service and turned out to be one of the key decisions for the service so far.

Q3 ‘16

  • Main accomplishment: AppFollow 2.0 launch introducing completely redesigned service
  • Key metrics: 
    Total accounts: 4494 (x2)
    Total premium accounts: 233
    CR in Premium: 5%
    MRR: $6'585

Overview: With 2.0 version we introduced new set of tools (Customer Support, Keywords & Compare), updated bots for Slack & Telegram, new pricing and tons of other small tweaks, UI & UX improvements to help our customers in automating their everyday routines. All that resulted in 1300 up-votes we received on Product Hunt.

Q4 ‘16

Overview: Last quarter of the year turned out to be the hardest one. We started with introducing new type of integrations — performance based (which now include AppsFlyer, Search Ads, AppMetrica & Google Analytics). At the same time we were re-building our dev team and shaping our strategy for 2017. Yet the end of the year was marked with our Slack bot & integrations nominations by Product Hunt.

To sum up 2016 we want to point out three major shifts we accomplished through the year:

1) We revised our product strategy changing it from simple app monitor to a unified hub for all types of mobile apps data.

2) Our service was acclaimed both by very known companies and small startups & indie-developers.

3) We managed to achieve significant growth both in terms of customers & revenue. Total income for 2016 is $92k.

There are still a lot of challenges we’ll face and I’ll tell you how we overcome them next year.

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