Citationsy app reviews

Awesome app - and great support!

I was looking for an app with which I can do and also change my references from one referencing system to another. Endnote is probably world leader, but I wanted something cheaper, plus, being a postdoc currently there is still a bit of movement in my career and not every university has Endnote, meaning that I would constantly export and re-export references, which is precisely what I not wanted. Enter Citationsy. This app allows me to look for literature using DOI, ISBN, article name etcetera, I can also simply scan the book (in case I reference a book). It does an awesome job in changing the referencing system, which is so important as long as publishers are not using one system. I have it on my iPad but also on the web, so I have access to my references everywhere where I have internet, and it is free! I had a little bug with reference order, but wrote the support and had an answer within the hour - problem solved. I highly, highly recommend this app!

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