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AppFollow started on a small hackathon in 2014. With constant need to track dozens of apps at once, we build a simple tool to grab reviews from App Store. Few colleagues of ours we showed it to loved the idea.

By mid of 2016 we managed to create a product that supports all main appstores, has powerful integrations with known team-collaboration tools and has several thousands customers all over the world.

We asked ourselves “How can we ease everyday routines of an app dev team?”
Our answer is the set of tools we wish to bring to developers all around the globe so they can become more productive.

There were a few options how to call the service but only one stood out as soon as we understood there is a special song for it 🎧 True hymn for all app lovers out there.


So, what exactly AppFollow does?

AppFollow tracks changes that happen with the applications in appstores and reports about them via email or Slack. You can as well access all the data in your personal account. Besides this, AppFollow can help with ASO and mobile apps competitive analytics.

What’s the story with the integrations?

That’s one of the best things about our service: you can set up an integration with Slack or HipChat or Trello or Zendesk. We will than push updates into this channel, so you don’t need to visit your personal account. Slack is our first and biggest integration. It was hugely inspired by LaunchKit.

Is your service free or not?

Honestly, we’re both. We do have a Free plan (2 apps, 2 countries & 20 keywords) for everyone to learn how we can help you with the data. But if you want more apps or countries to cover, or you need more keywords for you ASO analysis, we will kindly ask you to upgrade to Premium account.

Which apps can I track?

Actually, you can track any app in App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Mac App Store. You can add app either searching by name or with direct links.

Is there something else except updates I can get?

So, except monitoring app reviews, you can improve your ASO with keywords search data or you can get some ideas while comparing your apps with your rivals.

Where should I write if I have some questions?

If you still have questions, want to learn more about AppFollow and us, drop a line on As well, don’t forget to check our Help Center.