Zero City: Zombies Apocalypse

Underground Survival Simulator

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Aug 28, 2019

The game runs very well compared to others of the type I’m currently two days in and was offered several of the bundles that pop up from time to time to make your fighters more powerful while the items do in fact work I like that I didn’t pay for them and just trusted my luck on the loot boxes you get from every mission you finish and I have actually been able to beat a few people in pvp that paid for those weapons with my gear because of the rolls I got on them(stuns, bonus damage etc) so I don’t think the game is pay to win at this point in time because I stand a reasonable chance of winning against other players obviously if you dump a few hundred dollars in you’d be ridiculously above anyone else but as far as standard gameplay goes it feels balanced it does take while to get new dwellers unless you breed every female in the base to get children and the money and food takes forever when you first start off but I can see how slowly upgrading the buildings will mitigate that in the future all in all it’s a nice way to kill time.

Aug 19, 2019

Okay, I’m not going to say this is a bad game, it isn’t, no ads every ten seconds, good mechanics, a storyline, but the pay to win is insanely high 4 no reason, I was matched with another who must’ve bought all the starter packs and he got crushed, again, we were matched, our armor and weapon stats were almost identical and he still lost after paying PHYSICAL money, to anyone reading this, don’t fall for the starter packs, sure, they’ll do you good at the start, but things like the fathers grenade and the lumberjacks stuff means nothing because your just going to lose a lot when you equip them. Also, can’t we just pay like, $10 for PERMENANY premium? That eats up money like a wildfire, same with the zombie assistant, if you want us to buy them, make them permenant, so we got a reason to. Lastly, the lumber, my god the lumber, I have the best defense I can muster right now, two rifles a chemist and a melee, I am trying to save up as much lumber as I can for the level 7 command center, but that’s impossible when I get raided three times a day by people 10x stronger than me! They steal all my lumber and I have to start over, and then it happens again! Please make it to where when you raid you only get resources and not steal them? Like when you raid, victory gives you resources without stealing from the other player, especially when they spent days getting that lumber but you just stole it from them.

Sep 25, 2019

There could be some improvements with things like their alliance functions. The whole alliance system needs a makeover. You can only view the top 100 alliances, or search specifically by name. If you want to see any other, tough. You get to see what the system decides to show you, so good luck finding an alliance at low levels that has more than 1 member. In addition their friend system gives no explanation on how to add friends. Presumably it has to be Facebook friends or Game Center friends and you can’t add other people from the game. These are really minor issues however, but the game really is still above average score. Gave 4th star because of the addition of the in-game social media that the zombies and survivors talk to each other on adds a unique level of humor and entertainment. You feel the paywall pretty quickly when building, as in game materials are not super easy to acquire but prices climb incredibly to upgrade and build rooms after the first couple upgrades. You can however get an absurd amount of stuff for free by watching ads, for like anything in-game just about. So that’s a bonus.

Sep 11, 2019

I purchased their $4.99 starter pack why first they entry this game and now is after 3 days. The pack still not in my account. They ask me to wait 24 hours since sometimes their system is bugging. And now is after 72 hours which the pack is expired. I showed them the receipt that this transaction has been finished and they told me since this transaction was sent through apple and they won’t help me. Wow. You will get paid from Apple and you said you won’t help to fix your own bug. And only 2 days they already release update once to fix other bugs. Be aware of this game if you want to spend money to play. They don’t care how bad their system is and they are blind to see your money send to their pocket but still lack of their service. I can show the communication to anyone want to check if my review is true or not. I already asked Apple to refund every penny I spent on this game and uninstalled it. You should do too until this happened to you.

Aug 06, 2019

I’m removing the game from my phone because the game lacks what I was looking for. Obviously ads for mobile games are sometimes gimmicky and show you amazing details of the game to get you to download it. However the ads for this one just straight up lied. From what I saw the game allowed for customization of characters in game allowing you to change the appearance of your survivors from weight, facial structure, and hair color. That’s what I got the app for. When I began playing there was no option what so ever to customize any of my survivors except changing their name. Another ad was simply to entice children cause it displayed a battle royale type style game and I’m sure that’s not even included either. Other reviews say this game is a cash grab and now that I’ve played its clear that their right, I wouldn’t bother downloading it.

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Take command of one of the last shelters in the new world! Bring the survivors together and lead them, train people, and assign duties ­­- there’s always a job for everyone! Build and strengthen your base, and make it impregnable!

The virus spreads around,

it’s time for us to act before it’s too late. Warriors must be alert, and their weapons at the ready. Items and supplies found in abandoned warehouses will be useful in battles against hordes of zombies and their master.

Take command, sir, and save humans!
Here are some features you get in the game:

• Refuge construction management.
Build and upgrade rooms to create an impregnable shelter. Workers are already there. Give the order to start building now! Prepare your shelter for defense by building a variety of defensive structures. Decide which defense combination will be most effective!

• Dwellers developing.
In these dark times, every survivor counts, and everyone will have something to do! Teach your people new skills, upgrade, and let them show you what they have learned in practice!

• Choice of equipment.
Create effective weapons and equipment, arm and dress your squad!

• Multiplayer, PVP.
We are not the only survivors, but only the strongest survive the apocalypse, right? Create a mighty, invincible squad to dominate your enemies in arena's tournament or attacks on other shelters. Show the others who's running the show in the open confrontation!

• Story-driven campaign.
Lead your squad through all the trials of the new world and survive using the whole arsenal available! There are hundreds of battles with hordes of zombies and mutant fanatics ahead of your brave fighters.

Set in a post-apocalyptic environment, spiced with an atmosphere of danger and featuring high-quality HD graphics, this rpg game will leave no one unimpressed.