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Arc Fairy THU
Dec 07, 2018

From past games of similar backgrounds and game style this one isn’t to far off from being like games such as game of war however the plus side here is that troops aren’t very powerful and overwhelming I would say the game could use some extra ways to build power faster for players who don’t spend as much as top spenders do but that’s always a conflict in these type of games you’re either spending a lot to get ahead or your spending enough to stay a float or you’re spending nothing and you’re trying to grow based on what the game gives you as far as completing missions winning prizes awards gathering monster hitting. This honestly could be a next generation type of game IF there was fair balance but with these type of games it’s one or the other no in between. I rate this game with 5 stars I really do enjoy these games honestly you meet great players you build bonds with like minded individuals and this particular game it’s not fair really but regarding this game to other games this one is as close to “fair” as honestly I believe it’ll ever get with MMO games. If you’re not spending you can manage and honestly you’ll be okay but you’ll have to focus a lot of time on your growth, players who spend are really just making the game faster and not at a slow timer watching pace with very little action going on. All in all it’s a fun game great theme great game style there’s bugs but they get fixed anyhow.

Nov 28, 2018

This is yet another clone of Game of War. While I quite like the theme they are using (it translates perfectly to this type of game), it doesn't really add anything new. The only thing I noticed is the ability to fire missiles, which I admit is neat, but not enough to switch things up significantly. Interface is exactly the same, down to the flashy everything that tries to get you to spend a ton of money at every turn. I thought maybe they went with cheaper packs for this game, but no, once you buy a $5 pack everything becomes $20, even the other $5 packs you were offered. There are, however, some subtle but key features missing here and there, and some screens are quite buggy, especially if you need to scroll or tap on something that's hidden behind their awful UI. The game also seems to crash frequently, and graphical glitches abound. I've seen missiles with their flame detached and trailing behind by miles, soldiers marching in place forever, zeppelins doing weird spins. Normally I can overlook such bugs for a new game, except this is literally a cut and paste of a 5-year-old game. If you want a good MMO war sim, go for the gold standard and play Lords Mobile. It's not WW1 themed, but it's a fully seasoned game that's worth the money you are essentially required to spend on these things to get anywhere.

Dec 21, 2018

Don’t download this game..when a company tries its best to hide that they are the developers..that alone tells you how bad their reputation is with the mobile game community..I played their other game called game of war for 3 years..for 3 years the game was perfect..we know what max research was we know what max strong hold was..players pushed themselves to max everything cause we knew what it would take to reach that goal..and then mz started to push out mid to low level spenders..95% of the community were low to mid level spenders..they started constantly releasing new content every other week to the point where even the heavy spenders couldn’t keep up..with this new world war rising game they went and continued what pushed most of their players away from their final fantasy..players don’t know what max level citadel is or what max research is because they don’t show it in the game like the early days of game of war..players could spend and spend and not even know if they are getting close to maxing..there is no end is insight..we had no problem with new content being released but make it the early days of game of war there were new content being released every few months or so..don’t download this game it’s it’s owned by a horrible company greedy company...they will never get those players they lost back..just look how poorly final fantasy is doing..stay away from this game

Jan 17, 2019

Overall this game is pretty fun. I’ve played similar games like it and I do enjoy it, but it’s biggest downfall is that it doubles the cost (or more) of a pack for the same exact (or less) items once you’ve purchased one. My first pack was a reasonable price, my second was quadruple that reasonable price, and now the cheapest pack available to me is ten times as much as the first one I bought. I’m not spending that much on a mobile game at once, especially when it comes with less items than either of my first two packs. If the game developers wanted to add cheaper packs and actually pay attention to the items available in them (& have them correspond accordingly) they’d probably see some more sales from myself and like minded individuals. I’m not just going to buy a pack because it has the one thing I need; I’m looking for the best deal. At the point I’ve progressed in the game, all the packs available to me have less resources, less speed ups, and less gold than the TWO packs I’ve bought before. Why would I pay 10 times as much for less? I’ll probably stop playing this game in the next week or two when the resources I bought run out.

May 19, 2019

Here’s the thing, this game should be good, hell it should be great. There are a lot of people spending a lot of money on this game every month, but there are a lot of glitches. I constantly see glitches of resource tiles showing up, showing you what’s in them but when you send troops they aren’t there any more. Shields not staying up for the determined amount of time, or assaults not working as they should. Just know if you get into this game you will need a lot of money. your first pack will be around $5 Then $20 Then $49 Then everything will be at $99, every pack, no matter what, forever. This is how they built this once you buy a pack the cost goes up and stays up. You will never catch up to those who are spending heavy on this game. Another thing to know is that there are fake accounts (probably the devs) that are there to get you to buy into this game. You can tell with bases that are at the max level withinthe first few minutes of it being added to the game. The latest additions the “sky wagon” takes 7 days to build....just think abut that. Not game days actual days...this is a money grab nd nothing else, if the devs at least too part of the piles of money they are getting and updated the actual mechanics a bit maybe it wouldn’t be such a glitch fest.

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What will history decide about you? Prove your worth and lead epic armies of the most lethal troops, vehicles, and aircraft from WWI to the modern era!

Command iconic

troops as you develop your army toward glory! Join an alliance to collectively crush your enemies or stay independent and farm resources to build an epic stronghold. Play your own style in this expansive world of historical war!

- A truly global game with millions playing around the world
- Make alliances with those you trust and rivalries with those you don't!
- Build a base that evolves through a century of combat technology
- Battle world map enemies and collect components to build colossal weapons
- Equip your commander with armor and weapons and unleash them on your enemies as they lead your troops
- Use vehicles from the last century of war, from WWI tanks to Apache helicopters!
- Command 4 military tiers consisting of 16 troop types

How will you play? Forge an unbeatable alliance with others who share your strategy or risk it all as a military lone wolf! It's your base, your rules in this fun MMORPG builder and strategy game!

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