Vikings: an Archer's Journey

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Mar 11, 2018

I truly think this game is fantastic, it is the beautiful development of a free game that should be a role model for others. Yet, once you reach the last guy you have nothing to do. So, I have some ideas for the developers and I would highly appreciate if you are on the development team, read this, and please take it into consideration. First - Once you get to level 100 or so i think you should make it to where you can earn like 5,000 coins or something and buy another boat. This boat will take you to another map with no characters to play and unlock! This would be a exciting development and might even make it to where this game should cost money! Second - The second archer you get (the one with the crossbow) I think should be last. All the others have arrows that drop but the crossbow does not making it the most efficient one to kill the monsters. Making this archer even better than the hulk sized guy you get last that throws boulders. Thank you if you read this! I truly think this is one of the best mobile games i've ever played and it is the role model of a free game. I love it and it is so addicting! Please keep updating this game and bring on new challenges! (Add more enemies, archers, and things to buy with the in-game currency you earn. (The enemies should have new powers etc etc and maybe even new skins for the already placed archers. Thank you. ))

Sep 14, 2017

I don't know why, but for some reason people often have hang-ups about paying more than 99¢ for a phone game. To me, games like this are proof that it can be 100% worth it. First off, I've payed $60+ for console games that I've spent less time on than I have on this game (I've only had this two days), and I've enjoyed every minute of play time with this game. Second, the quality of the game is insane. It looks amazing, it feels amazing, and I am a huge advocate of supporting independent or small companies, and doing my part to make sure that it's the people who put in the hard work that get paid. All in all, this is a fantastic game, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Oct 04, 2017

I don’t think it wouldn’t be fair to give it less than 2 stars, it is what it is, but I expected much more. It should have been free, I think, with ads or coins to purchase as the way for the devs to make money (& the option to buy out of the ads). But since most people cry about free games w/in app purchases & refuse to make any small purchases to support the good free games this is what happens . . . a wasted $3 giving games a try. There’s zero depth to this game, not even a simple option to switch the shoot & jump controls. Again, it is what it is, and apparently some like it, but I wouldn’t buy it for even 99 cents it’s so shallow. I gave it a try, though, b/c the games have gotten so lame on phablets over the last couple years it seemed worth a try. I really enjoyed “Tiny Archers,” which is free, and which has the depth and thought put into it that I hoped this game would have.

Dec 02, 2017

Update: it works now but jeez it took a bit. I think a total of around 10 plays for it to finally realize I already had paid for the app before. Anyhoo, great game, worth the price, I’ve already played for hours. I paid $3.99 for this game a few months back and the latest update has ads to which the developers noted that those who paid for the game originally shouldn’t have ads. Why then am I getting ads every time I play? And I have to pay extra money to get rid of them for only 2 rounds? This seems a bit unfair and is a bummer because I really enjoy playing this game but knowing I have to watch a 30 second ad every round I play makes it much less playable for me.

Love is on the move
Nov 27, 2017

The game is an all around good game. Aesthetically it is nice. It has a calm tune. The movement of the characters is ok. It’s entertaining. When first released there were bugs, like when using the female, her arm could get stuck in the position of pulling back the bow, without being able to fire. Besides that and the fact that it doesn’t seem there is a set way to tell when you should be allowed to level up after battle, there wasn’t much else. I’ve leveled up a great amount after short battles and then not at all after reaching like 20 thousand points. Also after this recent update the females bow no longer has the tension it once had. Don’t know what that’s about. It was perfect before.

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Nott, a Valkyrie with a tenacious character, has incurred the wrath of the Viking gods who, as punishment, have sent her loyal wolf Oder into the Underworld.

At a loss without her loyal companion, Nott goes in search of him within the cold and

misty dwelling of the deceased known as "Helheim".

Fortunately, Nott is a formidable archer, so she'll be able to collect special arrows along the way to help her overcome the evil monsters drawn straight from Nordic legends.
Along her journey, Nott will also have to gain the support of several Viking heroes fallen in battle. They will help her complete her Odyssey, and in return, once reunited with Oder, Nott and her faithful companion will get them out of hell.

With its minimalist graphic style, this mix between a "shoot 'em up" and "infinite runner" game will delight a whole range of players: the game is easy to learn but difficult to master!


• Gameplay based on precision (arrow firing) and quick reflexes (infinite runner feature).
• Random level generation: a new game experience each time.
• Simple controls: easy to learn, but difficult to master
• Collect the different firing power-ups (Bullet Time, Multi-Arrows, Explosive Arrows and Target Help)
• Hit all your targets to get a series of combos and switch to Fury Mode!
• Meet the other five Vikings, each one with their own unique characteristics.
• When the dark rises, make a Group Kill and earn a top bonus
• Challenge your friends in the Game Center. Try to get the best score and unlock Trophies
• Universal app with iCloud support. Play on your iPhone and iPad and your progress will be automatically synchronized
• Original soundtrack for an immersive and unique sound experience

Vikings: An Archer's Journey is a Premium ad-free game

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