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Commander N3 (STOMP)
Mar 27, 2019

I have been playing this game for over two years. I had created and still command a team for more than half that time. I have never been expectant with drop rates. Yes many dupes, but this game is really for patience, skill development, and building a community with fellow players. Yes there are boneheads out there too, but once you hit level 4 HQ, find a good team. You can have a lot of fun playing with others or solo. I have spent money on resources and crystals early on and realized the waste of it. Fuel and coin bundles for events have been more valuable. But I spend sparingly. You dont have to drop money everytime you play, and patience is the best when you are a little short on enrgon or alloy to upgrade something. Go raid... lol... yes grinding can be monotonous, so pace yourself and remember the real world responsibilities, as it's easy, very easy, to get sucked in on a team event where players are trying to outscore each other or hit a minimum ASAP. The events and the wars and now RAIDS offer much need resources. Choose wisely, play patiently, and remember it is only a game. And a quite cool one in fact. The effects and details are phenominal. And if you are looking for an autobot team, find STOMP. Let them know you saw this review and N3 sent you. That's me.

Sep 25, 2018

This games drop rate is absolutely horrible. It does not matter if you spend money either, you can quite literally spend $200 on this game, and still not get a combiner. It takes weeks and weeks if not months to save up enough crystal shards to try to get a three or four star bot. And the likelihood it will be a duplicate is ridiculously high. That’s not even touching on the five star bots, which you cannot buy, and are impossible to get. I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years, and I am about a fourth of the way to attaining 15 star auto bot. In addition, they only want your money and do not reward you for loyalty at all. My phone crashed in the midst of planning and trying to upgrade one of my auto bots abilities. When I went back into the game, it had spent my coins on the upgrade and stead of my gold. It takes about six months to a year to get 150 to 200 coins. It takes about one battle, or five minutes to get enough gold for me to do the upgrade. It would make absolutely no sense to spend coins on something I could upgrade in five minutes. But even after talking via email with them, they refused to reverse the mistake. Just want you to buy more coins. The gameplay is fun, the nostalgia is great. The drop rate and money grabbing is pathetic.

Aug 24, 2018

I read several reviews and a lot are way off ! They complain about not getting the exact bot they want when they want it, guess what it’s a game this is what’s wrong with the world now days people throw a fit when they don’t get exactly what they want! It’s a game and it’s fun to play u can play without buying stuff or you can buy stuff and progress quicker but it’s a free game that is fun what more you want ! If you got every bot you wanted it would get boring fast part of the fun is trying real hard at the challenges you think will help you get what you want! Get a good alliance that has people that play and will help u a lot more in getting the bots you desire ! They do a great job on this game and the detail and difference in each bot makes it fun and challenging, learning to pair bots to make u stronger is awesome ! It’s like chess ,knowing which bot pairs with another can make u so much stronger ! I have spent a little money on it, ( which something I don’t do often ). It is completely playable without spending money despite what some of these reviews say but if u spend a little can make u stronger quicker. Anyway I had to say something because some of these reviews sounds like a little kid in a store when mom won’t get them a candy bar! It is very fun game !

Aug 03, 2018

I bought a Maximus bundle to attempt to get an Optimus Prime and closer to a Combiner(still no 3* Optimus Prime despite dozens of 3* earned crystals opened about 3/4 were duplicates despite having less than half of the 3* bots. 4*s are worse, maybe a 10% new bot rate? I have maybe a dozen now and have opened 4 or 5 times that many 4* crystals.). All I received from the bundle were 2* bots, and you can’t have a combiner out of anything less than 3*s(False advertising to call it a Maximus bundle!!) first time spending any money on this game, despite playing for over a year, and it was DEFINITELY not worth the $10(outrageous!) the bundle cost. Infact, ALL their bundles are $10, minimum. Way overpriced, especially with the miserable and misleading drop rates. They need to add GARUNTEED crystal shards for all duplicates. Even if it takes 4Xs as long to get a 3* or 4* crystal and normal, you will at least feel you are working towards something valuable, not just circling the drain. I have reached Level 16 HQ, and literally all that is left is bots and cores for me in this game. At least make that part more rewarding for us, as I don’t even have a combiner either. I hope Space Ape will seriously consider the guaranteed crystal shards idea for those of us who have been playing for a long time. $10 is WAY more than I’ve ever paid for any app in the App Store! And it’s definitely not to the quality of gameplay or graphics of a $10 game...

Apr 23, 2019

I had played this game about when it came out then picked it up again some weeks ago. Much has changed yet there has also been very little improvement. Support is a joke, game is not time efficient, drop rates are atrocious, and now the development team is fixing to get ready to prohibit its use on older model devices like mine. I’d go out a buy a new device if I could, but it certainly wouldn’t be to keep playing this dreadful game. Space Apes, Hasbro, Activision (when they wrecked their War for Cybertron team), and a number of others (*cough*Micheal Bay*cough*) have ruined what was once an exciting and very engaging series. It was already bad enough trying to find a solid game that could be played online with others, but now I might as well just quit hoping the day will come when one is created. This game isn’t for those who don’t have the time to spend grinding a lot for resources alone and definitely not for those who don’t wish to wait weeks, months, or even years to get a combiner. Your best bet for a nice and steady strategy themed game is to play a game like Lords Mobile. At least that game’s developer takes steps to ensure everyone can play and that it remains somewhat balanced with fairly easy mechanics to learn with a much better unit/hero collection and upgrade system. Think smart before you try this game cause the developers obviously didn’t..

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***TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE!*** Join the battle of good vs evil, and face off as an Autobot or as a Decepticon in this strategy game of war. Choose a side, and assemble the ultimate team of Transformers the galaxy has ever seen. Join forces with Transformers characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, or side with Megatron and

Starscream. Use the Space Bridge to summon over 100 bots from Cybertron. Create an impenetrable defense in this building game and prepare for the final fight in Transformers: Earth Wars.

***Transformers: Earth Wars is the final fight of Good vs Evil. Which side will you choose?***

Protect your base by building an impenetrable fortress with technology from Cybertron! Collect and store Energon and Alloy to strengthen your Auto Cannons or increase your Energon Storage. Do not let the enemy destroy your headquarters!

***Unleash Your Abilities***
Each Transformers character comes equipped with abilities. Change form to deploy stronger attacks and turn the tide of battle! Unleash Starscream’s Airstrike, break through defenses with Optimus Prime, utilize Autobot Ratchet’s healing ability and repair your team.

Form alliances with fellow Autobots and defend against Decepticon attacks in global competitions and weekly events! Plan strategies with other Decepticons and bring devastation to the Autobot bases! The global chat and alliance features make even the multiplayer experience worth fighting for!

Transformers: Earth Wars offers beautiful 3D graphics and animations that make for great game play. Go to the showroom and check out some of your favorite Transformers characters!

Whether you’re an Autobot or Decepticon, just remember that ***Transformers characters are more than meets the eye!***


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