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Jan 01, 2020

Picked up this game a little while back on a whim just looking for something new to play. The concept sounded interesting and the gameplay itself was right up my alley. Immediately the game felt familiar and I was moving right along. As you progress you find out there more to do than just crafting, there’s hero’s and workers, raids, enchanting, storylines for each character, frequent events, guilds, and with the most recent update, even more things to do. What was supposed to be a new, fun little time waster has quickly turned into a supremely addictive game. I play this daily and can’t seem to get enough. Hoping for more story content for the characters soon, as I believe I have almost all of them unlocked. Thank you to the creators and developers of this game. This is fantastic. Edit: To the developers, my feedback on the items available for purchase with real money is that the cost is far too high. You have two workers that have a 50 dollar value for the two, and all of your special deals such as the latest clash pack at nearly twenty is just not worth it. I get the need to make a profit but those margins are just not acceptable whatsoever. Expecting players to pay prices nearing that of a triple A title for add one in a mobile game is laughable. If you were to cut the prices significantly, at least in half, I would be more enticed to purchase things, as I’m sure many others would be. Food for thought, lower your prices.

Jan 10, 2020

This game is wonderful! I would pay so much money to be able to speak with the developer or psychology consult regarding the game’s feedback loop. I am so FASCINATED at how perfect they nailed it. There is always something you could be doing. Waiting for items to craft? Time to sell and get some experience. Out of items? Buy some for cost or lower on the marketplace and sell those for profit! To enjoy the game fully I recommend looking at in game chat or their community Discord/Reddit and joining an active guild - they’re quite hard to find using the guild matching system. Yes, there are some steep packages you can buy for real money. My game spending limit is always based on $1/hour of gameplay (way cheaper than a movie) and I have yet to go over that. I told myself in October that if I was still playing in January I would buy the more expensive of the two merchants. I played the game just fine without her but her perks ARE pretty nice. I have never played a mobile game for this long, this consistently in my life. Thank you for continuing to deliver updates to the game and for listening to community feedback. I hope you all know how much you rock :)

Jul 08, 2019

This game is seriously awesome, I’ve never been more into a phone game...but they charge for a LOT of things, some I don’t mind, but others rub me the wrong way. There’s the usual freemium currency, fine, cool you can find it or buy it...there’s a premium membership at $9.99 a month that adds extra loot and better ability to repair gear...also fine...there’s packages that help you unlock new champions faster, but you can get them all eventually without them, cool cool...but where it starts to get under my skin is that there’s now 3 or 4 item trees that are locked behind paywalls, costs $30 to get guns and crossbows, and another $20 to get wands and basic enchanting components (you can still FIND the enchanting components, but can’t make them. Hence 3 or 4) Don’t get me wrong, I’m still playing, and I’d be tempted by the pay content...if it removed all the waiting for gear and/or quests. If I’m paying console/pc money for a game, I want to be able to play it like a console/pc game. I don’t want to drop $60 for a game I can only play for 5-10 minutes every half hour to an hour, I want to be able to pick it up for as long as I want and not feel like I need to fill the time while I wait for the game to give me permission to keep playing. Solid 4 out of 5, but if you’re a strong opponent of micro transactions, this game will make you rage out of your skin.

Jun 27, 2019

I love this game, I can go back to it every once in a while. There are a few problems. One problem is that when a customer asks for an item, I have the item but it’s a different quality (like epic quality) and the customer won’t buy it I have to suggest the customer and waste energy, to get the same item but a different quality. I absolutely hate this because I think I ran out of the item but all reality I do have the item just not the right quality. It should be that the customer will take the item no matter the quality. There’s also a problem with inventory. I have so much problems trying to figure out what I have in each thing but it’s so difficult. A sort button for constructing things would be nice instead of whatever was recently made. Towns/Guilds are often rude too. I know it can’t be fixed but I joined a guild and then not even a day later I was kicked out for no reason. It’s hard to find guilds who are active or English guilds. I’m currently in a guild and I didn’t know the primary language was German. I’m glad some of the guild speaks English but it would of been nice to know that the guild was German speaking only. A lot of things are time consuming or get boring so I leave the game. Even upgrading does so much. It costs so much to upgrade or make it further and it’s annoying. All and all it’s a good game that has potential, things can slowly be updated or changed. Things need to be cheaper.

Jun 21, 2019

Graphically it’s pretty good looking. Gameplay is ok. There’s plenty to do unless you’re an out of resources and even then it doesn’t take long for it to refill. There are a few problems however. Whenever somebody leaves a town any investments they’ve made in that town go with them. That needs to go away. That’s death to any town that’s just for fun. By just for fun I mean the non-super ridiculously competitive towns. I’ve logged out and had buildings at level four and five and six and log back in only to have them back at two or 3. The market needs work. Keyword searches are far more affective than that thing that you’re doing. We can sell multiple things the same time in the market and yet we cannot buy multiple things at the same time in the market. Constantly getting disconnected. I know what you’re going to say it’s your Internet. It’s not my Internet. It’s you. You. It really has the potential to be a five star game but due to these issues it’s not. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Figured out what I was forgetting. There needs to be a way to cancel whatever you’re producing. There are several times now when I have just been trying to scroll through my items and I’ve accidentally started to make something that I didn’t want to. I am more than willing to change my rating if you fix these problems.

About Shop Titans: Craft & Build

Developed by the Kabam Games, Inc.


Shop Titans: Craft & Build has 17 117 user reviews.

Shop Titans: Craft & Build has an average rating of 4.7.

The latest version of Shop Titans: Craft & Build (3.2.1) ​was ​released on Jan 11, 2020.

You can download Shop Titans: Craft & Build ​here: 1361253233 .

Shop Titans: Craft & Build Description
3880 chars

YOU are the new craftsman in town. Help the heroes in epic battles against fearsome monsters that lurk in the dungeons. Personalize and design your store, build epic armor, swords and gear for the heroes to defend your village. Team up with blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters and herbalists to make your business prosper. Trade, sell or auction your products to the highest bidders from other shops. Sell your goods to warriors and even add a surcharge!

Show off your medieval style by customizing your avatar. Choose from different types of clothing, hairstyles, eye color and

more to make your avatar unique. Once you’re ready, the adventure begins! Follow the Elder, Owen, in the tutorial of this RPG simulation game, and learn how to build and manage your store to become the kingdom’s greatest tycoon!

Now it’s time to build up your very own store.

First, you’ll dust off the accounting table. How are you going to become a successful business mogul if you can’t keep your accounts? This is the most important part of every store. You must be ready to take orders from the champions and heroes!
Next, you’ll learn how to craft epic gear to outfit the heroes and champions to get them ready for battle. You’ll design the layout of your store for optimal shopping, customizing it to attract as many customers as possible. Ensure that you manage your store well to become the top shopkeeper in this fantasy kingdom and build your fortune! Make offers, discount, and trade for new gear to equip heroes for battle. Become a medieval kingdom Tycoon and embark on adventure to hidden lands!

In this fantasy adventure you can:
• BECOME a master shopkeeper!
• CREATE and CUSTOMIZE your own fantasy shop ... in 3D!
• TEAM UP with your friends and build a prosperous town!
• RECRUIT and customize your own heroes, each with their own skills and equipment!
• TRADE with players from all over the world!
• BATTLE bosses and CONQUER mysterious dungeons to acquire rare loot!

Shop Titans is a simulation RPG game that consists of building your own shop within a fantasy kingdom. In it, you can craft and sell armor, swords, potions and all kinds of gear and equipment to heroes to help them in their adventures. With the money from the sales you can expand and customize your shop to become a business mogul in the village. Heroes of all kinds can enter your store: warriors, wizards, dwarves... even ninjas! Help your heroes and champions in legendary battles against the most powerful bosses!
The quest mode of Shop Titans is similar to other famous RPG and simulation style games. You will recruit a team of heroes who will battle against ogres, orcs and other creatures in epic combat. Use sword or magic to defeat them and receive gold coins to spend in your store. In addition, these quest rewards will give you materials to help create new weapons and gear, enabling you to access increasingly difficult duels.

Build up your store as fast as possible to support the heroes who will protect and defend your village. Get rich by selling items you craft in your store, building a crafting empire! For each epic war a hero fights successfully, you will receive rewards for equipping them with weapons and armor. Open a chest to discover what new items you have available to build new swords, shields, armor and more!

Install Shop Titans for free NOW to design, craft, build and quest your way to the top as an epic mogul in this fantasy simulation RPG game!

Note: Shop Titans is a free game which allows purchases with real money within the app.

Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before using our services as they govern the relationship between you and Kabam.

Shop Titans: Craft & Build was released in the App Store. It is developed by Kabam Games, Inc., who have also released the following apps - {page_data.app_titles| join(", ")}}.

Shop Titans: Craft & Build has 17 117 user reviews.​

Shop Titans: Craft & Build has an average rating of 4.7. ​The latest version of Shop Titans: Craft & Build 3.2.1​ ​​was ​released on Jan 11, 2020​.

You can download Shop Titans: Craft & Build ​here

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