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I Am A Good Writer 🍪
Oct 27, 2019

ROBLOX has minor issues. It is about how much lag there is. If you have a problem with your WiFi, then you won’t be able to play the game properly. And if you don’t play the game properly, you won’t see how great and popular ROBLOX is. Next is about monitoring. We all know that ROBLOX’s monitoring system doesn’t work. If you report someone, then they won’t get banned. There are scammers and bad people on this game. There are many games inside ROBLOX and most of them are family friendly. There are people who curse in ROBLOX. But a solution to that is that ROBLOX put hashtags to stop the cursing. People are smart and find a way to not get hashtagged. I don’t know why numbers are hashtagged but that is a problem that needs to be fixed. The good things is that you get to meet new people while leveling up ( or something like that ) while you play. It helps you be a better person and learn new things. I am a expert, trust me. ( I have been playing this for most of my life ( I know I am a introvert. )) It also helps you be a faster player and have quick hands and movements. ROBLOX is a game that people love. So that is why it needs to be fixed. If you look underneath all of those bad comments. You will soon enough figure out that ROBLOX is a delightful game. Many people play it and it is one of the most popular games. You just need to fix the errors and play. That’s all. Thank you for reading this! ( I never knew people read these -_- )

Oct 14, 2019

Well in general, it’s a 5 star game. But I have some complaints such as - - In games such as role play games, in general ‘Warrior: The Lake project’,One, there are People who CHOOSE not to read the rules and just think the rules are meant to be broken, well sorry to break it to you, but they are there for a reason. I think that the creator of the game should most likely put on a filter, such as only letting there be 6 rogues and 6 kitty pets. This is a problem, the many rogues in a single server causes lags for the first rogues. This is unfair. I think the creator should set a up a program to take away ‘The Barn’ from the places you can go, when 6 rogues have joined the server. I also have a complaint about how random cats waltz in and pretend they are leader of a clan. This is a big issue. And some will refuse to step down as leader. They are annoying and I think there should be a section when you can go in and check who leader, deputy, and medicine cat is in each clan. This would keep people from looking like idiots and annoying everyone in the clan. I also think that when you report someone, ROBLOX should stop LYING. ROBLOX says they’re gonna do something about it. Haven’t seen that happen. I also think it’s stupid how the prices are overrated. Not to mention, ROBLOX you probably don’t even read the ratings, all you care about is the NUMBER of players. How about you start caring about the ACTUAL PLAYERS, and their decisions.

cookie head 987
Nov 03, 2019

I think roblox is a good game it’s so nice you have over a million games to choose from! It’s like having a milling board games except online! I think roblox is the BEST and when I say BEST I mean the BEST! Only 2 issues though. 1.When you report someone the creators or whoever is supposed to look at them,they don’t look at the reports. 2.When you are on a role play game people REFUSE to read the rules they think that the world revolves around them and they can do whatever they want! I really think that you should have a thing in roleplays that if someone breaks a rule the game kicks them out. It’s not fair for other people that they have to follow the rules but some people don’t. I’m not saying roblox is a bad game by saying this i just think about that it should be upgraded! It’s a really good game after all! I really like how you can search a game and if you accidentally spell it wrong it searches for somthing close to it and pops it up and tells you what it searched up! I also like the fact that you can see the ratings on the games,it makes it cooler so if the ratings are bad then you shouldn’t play them but if they are good you should play them! I just think roblox is a good game! I didn’t know people read this so I never really wrote a comment before but whenever I saw some of the ratings people wrote a lot so I had to try it out! I hope y’all enjoyed reading my rating! Bye! 👋🏻

LIZY 200
Nov 07, 2019

Overall I do think this game is pretty good, just a couple things could be better. One thing that I’ve been having trouble with, is that on certain games while playing on mobile, it doesn’t let you join. It just kicks you out of the game. I wish that didn’t really happen because there are a lot of people that only have access to a mobile device to play this game, so I feel that should be fixed so people have a bigger variety of games. Another thing is, GLITCHING. It happens so much on games!! I know it’s hard to fix but just on any device there are certain glitches on games that can make people cheat and like some people call it “break the game.” The lagging is another thing I think the game creators should decrease the amount of players that are allowed in the game. In my case, that is what is causing most of the lag. The final thing I would like to change is the way you get robux. A lot of people can’t afford to buy it or are not allowed to. You can do so many different things with robux and people without it are feeling left out or jealous of other people. I think you should be able to earn robux by doing certain thing or completing a task in a game for free. I think it’s just more fair that way. But if you want to buy extra robux or something THAT could cost money, but overall it should be free. I do really like this game and it is so entertaining and fun. I love the fact that you can play with your friends and make new ones!! 😃😃 Thanks! 🙂✌🏻

Oct 29, 2019

Something that bothers me on ROBLOX is that some of the game kick me out if they are really good games, but that is probably because I’m on iPhone 5 and it’s an old phone but if there is any way to fix it that would be great I also think we need to have a better report system because there are a lot of rule breakers and meanies that we don’t want to deal with but we can never get rid of them also one last thing is if we could maybe... maybe have a little more free cloths and other things because people who don’t have Robux and have the free stuff on... sometimes those people get bullied and they don’t get to express there personalities in there characters because they barely have any items and the Robux items really would do that. That’s why I like meep city or games where you can customize your characters but because of my phone problem and not being able to play these games it’s kind of hard to enjoy roblox anymore and I just find myself bored but I have enjoyed this game quite a bit and it’s a great game to get for free thank you ROBLOX for giving us a great and creative gaming experience I know your working hard and some of these problems probably can’t be fix and if not that’s ok I just want to have a great gaming experience where I can dress up my avatar as Link from Zelda and go IM LINK IM LINK! Thank you if you read this - the dream chaser Shad

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