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Roy the Ship
Oct 04, 2019

This game is a blast. I love the mechanic of getting bigger every time you kill someone, it’s a real rush. There are areas where the game could improve, though. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of matchmaking though. My level is at 4000, and I can get into matches with players below 100. I enjoy the random chaos and all, but I’d also enjoy a challenge. The game can also become very laggy and glitchy, which is just frustrating. The fact that I can’t pay for an ad free version is a little strange. The ads in this game can usually be skipped after a few seconds, but that doesn’t make them any less intrusive. Usually when something has annoying ads, the goal is to provide a premium version without them. You know what makes this game even better and negates most of its issues though? Turn off your WiFi and data. The matches are filled with bots regardless of whether or not you’re connected to the internet, so why not save your phone a boatload of power and yourself a boatload of time but watching ads

Jul 24, 2019

😀😄😁😊🙃🙂😃☺️😀😃🙂🙃😊 I love this game it’s like a free spin off of Gang Beasts, which was what my sister was looking for. She was kind of bad at the game so she asked me to help, when I tried it out, I LOVED IT!!!! ITS SUPER FUN AND EASY!!!! Buuuuuut, here’s why I gave it four stars: When I played in my sisters device it was great, but I have a phone, and well, IT WAS THE GLITCHIEST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED. EVER. So I was pretty freaking upset about that, but, I’m just saying, you producer people should really update your app because it’s the best spin off ever, and I love the fact that it’s in app purchase free and that’s what this world needs, so I want you to keep it exactly like it is it’s perfect. (Pls don’t turn into another Dancing Line in app purchases and ads everywhere) This app just needs to fit all devices completely, that’s literally it. But other than that, this deserves:👍👏🎖💯♥️ and smiles all around.

SquiddyTick YT
Jan 31, 2019

The controls are super weird, and there isn’t a way to stop moving. I always end up going in a random direction or something for some reason. It’s also bull crap how in most maps, it glitches and launches you into an endless abyss where you lose for no reason whatsoever. Also, the ads. Too many. There’s an ad after every game I win. When I win, I expect something happy or something like some confetti or something cause thats what GOOD games do, but instead I get an ad, which is unskippable? Why should I watch an ad all the way through when I’m just trying to play your game? All the ads completely ruin the game. Your just forcing people to give you ad revenue by making us watch ads all the way through, and THEN play the demo game AFTER the ad for another 30 seconds. It’s 45 seconds to a minute whenever I have to watch an ad. Consider an x in the top corner or something, cause the only thing you get out of ads are money, and all the game is is just ads, so you only made the game for the money, and don’t care about the quality of the game. That’s what I have to say. Also, these ratings have to be botted or something cause there is NO WAY this game got 4.6/5 stars.

Feb 13, 2019

Ok what!? You put ads in *another one of these cheap free games, and you can’t STOP them? What if the ad is about... 5 mins long? Your just sitting there, until you rage quit and close out the whole app. AND you have to play the demo?! I might as well stand still while I’m 2nd place, because otherwise I get a FREAKING AD! EVERY .IO GAME HAS AD SKIPS OTHER THAN THIS? The only reason I put 2 stars is because I know that work went into this game. Otherwise, I would’ve made it one star. Not too much work tho... I mean SERIOUSLY! This game is only a microbe better than the Atari ET game. I said that the players are more forgiving because I was playing it and I went AFK and nobody killed me. Maybe they were just busy killing other people (hope they enjoy NOT having ads since I won that game) but I wasn’t killed. Second thing... WHY IS IT SO LAGGYYYYYYYYY!! I’ve seen Minecraft NUKE lag, but JEBUS! This is SECOND LEVEL! I had a friend who I was watching play, AND HE COULDNT MOVE! Next thing we knew, he was dead. Thank you for reading this...

Aug 10, 2019

This game is addicting and tons of fun, but is not really all that challenging after a few matches. All the other players who look like they are other users are actually just computers that max out their “skill level” extremely low. The only difference between playing this game on airplane mode without network connectivity and playing it on WiFi is the lack of ads. I’m a level 2800 and have never seen anyone over level 600 in the game. There is no longer any challenge to it. I haven’t lost a match since I was like a level 100 and I am really usually terrible at these games. The idea that you are playing with people from around the world is just a façade. It’s all super easy ai players that will be too easy within 1 hour of playing and learning the “trick” of throwing the player as soon as you grab them which NO AI HAS EVER DONE in this game. Will come back to this review when there is more of a challenge!

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Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle

royale game. Pick up other players and throw them off the area. Try to survive and be the last one standing. Join this addictive entertainment right now.

* Free to play.
* Play it anytime anywhere.
* Super realistic physics.
* Easy controls.
* Hanging to the walls to survive added.
* Breaking free when grabbed added.
* Fast, addictive and fun gameplay.