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Nov 03, 2019

I see many reviews about this app claiming that the user is very excited to save up for the cheapest deal, the $250 cash deal. It sounds great... you earn in app cash and you get real money for it... only, that’s not how it works. The only way to earn the $250 cash deal is by being the most popular person in the world. In other words, you not only have to know 250 people... but you have to get every single one of them to download this app under your name... good luck with that. I had to beg just to get 4 out of the 50 people that I asked to actually sign up for this app. It sounds like a great idea... if the app worked the way you think it should... “you save up in app cash to earn real cash whenever you wanted it”, but that’s not how it works, and with the customer service the way it is, I don’t see this feedback being the cause of any changes anytime soon. Every one of their “responses” I’ve seen to comments like mine have been copy-pasted, no matter what needed change or compliant the review writer mentioned.

Oct 07, 2019

This app has such great potential. It has such a good concept that people want to sign up. Until they get to the screen that shows you have to make a purchase with one the retailers the app ‘suggests’ to use the money you earn. I am already over $25 within the 4 or 5 days I used it. I would love to be able to cash that money out. When you require someone to spend their own money and hope to be reimbursed, it just seems shady and scam like. The users are not earning anything at all and this app is just harvesting all kinds of information. I also did not like that the app required people to scan their IDs. What do you need that for? Nothing. I have signed up for other driving apps that never once requested that information. As for the customer service, it pretty much nonexistent. I emailed with an issue and got a reply that had nothing to do with what I emailed. I emailed again and was told the app updated so I needed to update. Which I did and my issue was not fixed so I emailed yet again. To get the same exact copy and paste reply of the last email. The issue I had - the app not registering my referrals! I had 2 people sign up and because the app was buggy, they had to close out and go back in, which did not link to me. I am not going to refer people to apps and then not receive the rewards I’m told I will receive because the APP is buggy. I’m over it and about to delete this app. And tell my friends to do the same.

Oct 11, 2019

I downloaded this app and like every other person here was misled into thinking you could cash out to your account or pay pal etc. The majority of the people who downloaded this I’m sure only did so because like everyone in this economy we are hurting for money. who would want to earn a little bit of cash back for driving safe? The incentive for this app is good, to encourage people not to text and drive but is the only thing you reward them with is percentages off certain advertised things. It’s not worth it, you can find any of these deals on coupon sites and the marathon deals are only by referrals and as you get higher referrals, certain mileage and purchases. I also don’t understand why you need to scan your license, if you need a DOB and address you could have just put it where you register for a new account. I’ve forgotten about this app the last couple since I’ve realized that you get nothing from it other than the possibility of money only if you get 250+ referrals. May be deleting soon and definitely not recommending this to anyone unless you can make it so your able to cash out the money you earned even if it’s only at a certain amount or even if you charge a percentage to cash it out (like 8% to a dollar). If this was an option this app would definitely have more users and referrals

Oct 18, 2019

**Update** Another disappointment!! The deals will not activate!! I can tell they are trying to make improvements but come on!! Says, to earn towards deal, click “get deal” to activate and every time something pops ups saying Im not qualified!! Andddd, you put in a request through their site to customer support and you get the same generic email back every single time. So annoying!! The advertising is definitely misleading. Like every other person has commented , you do NOT get cash back for not texting while driving. I love that someone wants to give out incentives to help encourage people to stop texting and driving. I can get behind that idea! It has absolutely helped me to be more mindful of not touching my phone while driving so kudos for that! BUT the actual incentives are bogus and crap. To put it nicely. The offers are absurd and unreachable and the deals are basically percentages off, which you can pretty much find a coupon for anywheres. If it was more like Ibotta or DOSH apps (people download those apps) they actually pay out CASH, this app would be AMAZING! It’s just not. So, if you’re looking for cash back, keep moving. This app is not for you. But, if you’re looking for accountability while driving, to become less distracted, this app is okay. I’m going to continue to use it in hopes that they change things and start to offer REAL incentives like gift cards or cash back!!

Oct 28, 2019

They mislead you into believing that you will get the cash you earn, they even have you add your PayPal or Venmo whichever you choose to the app for “payouts” but it’s made clear based off of comments and responses and personal experience from this app that is completely untrue. I’m completely displeased to say the LEAST. I’m a single mom and struggle to make ends meet so when I heard about this app I was very excited to know that I could earn cash to drive safely and maybe have a couple extra bucks to buy things my kids or myself might need. Well after believing these lies for almost 2 weeks I looked into it, there’s videos plastered everywhere stating that they only cash out every two weeks so I waited, and waited some more and here I am 3 weeks in still waiting and pretty irritated to find out that they falsely advertised their app to make more people use it, only what they don’t realize is people aren’t going to use it for much longer once they find out that it’s all a SCAM. I want the almost $80 I earned! Is this even LEGAL?! waste of time I say. I would have cashed out for a gas card or a Walmart card but you never can because their always “sold out” which is complete Bull****. Whoever made this app had good ideas but horrible intentions. Don’t start an app and claim you’re gonna pay people when that is NOT what you plan to do. Trash.

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OnMyWay is the free and easy way to get paid to drive without texting or using your phone. The app automatically activates when you start

driving and all you have to do is keep your phone locked while driving to earn rewards. Most importantly, help in the mission to stop texting and driving!

• OnMyWay automatically activates when you are driving over 10 MPH.
• Simply keep your phone locked while driving to earn!
• Passengers get rewarded too…

• Save your OnMyWay Cash for our Marathon Deals that pay you out in Cash and Gift Cards.
• Enjoy FREE Offers and Hugely Discounted Offers Everyday… Just for being a part of OnMyWay and Driving Safely.
• Get Paid Directly through Paypal or Venmo.

• Earn OnMyWay Cash for every referral that signs up through your custom link.
• You can refer an unlimited number of your friends and family
• Earn rewards for EVERY mile they Drive Safely

• Priceless!