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The supertanker
Mar 14, 2018

I love this game I've been playing it since it was released. Up until the Alabasta island the game is extremely enjoyable and the simple controls help this but I have one question to ask. Why the hell does all the enemies gain health pools and damage rival to the end level island boss and they all gain a special that depending on how your team is set up will destroy your health or make it to where you can't even attack for several turns letting your team to get demolished by low level tier enemies. With which you can only continue using a rainbow gem which you only get 5 when completing a island and a additional 3 throughout the course of the island too bad unless your a nigh master strategist you'll run out of these extremely fast. Now I realize money is king in corporations and businesses but you really need to stop making levels impossible to the point where you try to strong arm the payers into buying gems. So please make the game playable again and update the the game website more frequently so we at least have some idea on what we're about to head into.

Oct 10, 2017

I have been playing this game for almost 3 years and I love it. But the low rating comes in due the fact that this game’s version, a.k.a. Global version, has been treated with less transparency then its Japanese counterpart. This lack of transparency is in much part due to the lack of laws in the US and other counties where global version is played. Namely, that the randomness of the characters acquired trough pulls with Gems that are obtained trough playing and by buying them is much less than the randomness used in the global version. It is important to know that in the Japanese version that rates for the probabilities of obtaining a character is clearly displayed in the Japanese version, but this is not the case for the global version. This, and the large data collected recently supporting the belief that the rates are tampered with has made thousand of players like me raise our voices in protest for the way Bandai/Namco os handling it’s business. I am a F2P customer, and I would never, I repeat, never spend a penny on this game. But there are other players that spend thousands of dollars, and they are being taken advantage of! Once this company comes clean and transparent about the rates, I would be more then happy to rate the game 5 starts because it truly is a beautiful game to play more so if you are a fan of One Piece like me.

Jan 13, 2020

I’ve been playing this game for going on 3 years and while I love One Piece and the game overall there are some things that need some massive improvements. The 1st being pull rates. The pull rates for the newest Sugo characters are trash. Rate boosted should actually mean something. We shouldn’t have a higher chance to pull an old, no longer useful, non-featured or rate boosted unit then one that is featured/rate-boosted. It really disincentives users from pulling. The 2nd thing that needs improvement are the gem costs. There is no reason that it should cost so much for so little return. Add that to the fact that “gem sales” aren’t actual sales (no price reduction) makes it unappealing to actually spend money on the game. Finally, the way they have handled a recent glitch within the game shows that they don’t actually care about the players because they are too worried about taking care about their bottom line. Take a not from Cygames which after player displeasure with certain actions taken have become widely accepted by many as a great developer which cares about its user base. In summary, fix the rates of pulling characters that are featured/rate-boosted, lower the price of gems/actually provide price cut gem sales, and actually prove that you care about your users otherwise this review is staying at 1 star.

Nov 12, 2018

I want to rate this higher but I can’t based on performance alone. The constant downloading, even though I have chosen the mass:bulk download option, is annoying but I can deal with it. The being cheated out of characters when performing a pull after finally earning rainbow gems through gameplay is insulting. A few times I have contemplated spending money on this game because I LOVE One Piece, but after each pull I retract that thought. I know if I were to spend money I would only be disappointed & feel like i’ve been ripped off. In addition to that, progress in the game can go incredibly slow based on the steep difficulty curve. Now it may just be me, but with upgrading my characters as much as I can in every way possible, the story seems to really slow down in pace do to overpowered opponents & slow battle pace. I originally played this game around the time it came up but when I upgraded my mobile device & tried to log back into my account but everything was gone. I gladly started over because of my love for it but now some of these issues make it frustrating going forward.

Hunter Traverse
Jan 18, 2018

As previous reviewers have stated, a large issue with the global version is the idea of rare recruits. I have done many multi-pulls only to receive nothing for it. In the Japanese version of the game, you are basically guaranteed a six star in every pull, and they even send you a free six star in the mail, along with the evolver set. In the global version the only “guaranteed” way to get a six star is to buy the gem bundle. Another issue I’ve seen, with my friends and I, is the download bonus. The best place to start is how slow it is. In the past the download bonus took no time at all, but now it takes so long, even when I’m on wi-fi. Not to mention, most of the times we don’t get, or even see a chest for the gem. I personally believe that we could do with out the download bonus, or at least it could be fixed in some way. The only other issue I have with the download bonus is that it happens to me twice a day. If we got equal treatment as the Japanese version, and the download bonus was better, then maybe I would give the game a higher rating, but until then I can only give the game two stars.


Developed by the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE has 41 531 user reviews.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE has an average rating of 4.7.

The latest version of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE (9.3.2) ​was ​released on Jan 17, 2020.

You can download ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE ​here: 943690848 .

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With over 100 Million+ downloads to date, One Piece Treasure Cruise is an epic pirate anime RPG game based off the popular One Piece world! Featuring classic turn-based RPG battle mechanics mixed with an intuitive tap battle system, the pirate action never stops in

this anime adventure game! Relive your favorite moments from the original One Piece storyline as you take Luffy and his crew of Strawhat Pirates on an RPG adventure to find the One Piece treasure!

• Explore the epic original anime story from the beginning
• Join Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates on an RPG adventure to find the One Piece treasure!
• The unpredictable and diverse World of One Piece is now yours to explore!

• Select from over 2,000 of your favorite One Piece anime characters
• Level up by evolving and limit breaking your characters!
• Assemble the most powerful pirate crew!

• Experience the intuitive RPG battle tap timing system
• Time your attacks with your crew to unleash powerful battle chain attacks!
• Use special Tandem attacks with certain characters for even more damage!

Are you ready to set sail on an adventure into the anime world of One Piece? Join Luffy and his misfit pirate crew and experience the One Piece Treasure Cruise anime RPG game today!

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