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Mar 28, 2019

Last year, I really enjoyed this game. I was able to get to a 99 overall without spending any money on the game. But now, it’s gone way downhill. The defending is horrible. When going for a rebound, I press rebound and my player doesn’t even jump, and I get points off my grade for allowing an offensive rebound, and then letting my man score. Another annoying thing is when the ball goes out of bounds. When getting ready for the ball to get passed in from out of bounds, the ref just stands there for about 30 seconds, not doing anything. Finally after rapidly pressing buttons, they finally hand the ball to the player to pass in. There is also animations after getting knocked over/getting the ball blocked on the opponents side. While it’s realistic and all, my player is swinging his arms around complaining to the refs and throwing his hands up, while the game is going on at the other end. This is very annoying, considering it is taking points off my grade for “Leaving Assignment”, and he is stuck in the animation and I can’t do anything about it. I even tried spending some money to get my guy up to an 88 overall on TWO different builds; shot creator and a slasher. They play as if they’re a 60 overall and have never dribbled or even touched a basketball in their life. I know this sounds pretty harsh, but I’d be really happy if these things were fixed.

Feb 24, 2019

This game is pretty good considering the hardware of mobile devices, BUT there are many things that could be added that would make this game far better. First, the best game mode in this game is by far association, which is basically my league from the actual console games. In this game mode you can control an nba franchise in many different ways like scouting and drafting players, as well as simulating and playing in games. BUT, you cannot control coaches to hire or fire and you cannot download realistic draft classes like in the 2ks on other consoles. Another issue is the fact that some teams do not start out with the monthly 3 free scouting reports which are used to look at the grades of players in the draft. Also another issue is that when you simulate enough years, chemistry and injuries do not get loaded or occur anymore. The graphics are solid for a mobile game but considering nba 2k mobile has better graphics makes it seem as if the paid version is not worth it because it could have better graphics. Another flaw is the fact that the game doesn’t have a 3point contest or dunk contest which would definitely add to the enjoyment of the game. The primary issue from what I’ve written in my opinion is the draft classes of the game and graphics, the game could be played for such a long time if they could have realistic draft classes and better graphics.

Aug 19, 2019

nba 2K19 is a great game it has all the players u want to play with and on my career story mode it’s like the console version but I love it I wish we could get drafted in on here like they did form nba 2k12 to nba 2K17 like I wish y’all brought it back but y’all just let us chose our team I mean it’s good u chose your team but I wish we can get drafted and chose your nickname and stuff like for Nba2k20 please let us have nba 2k mobile graphics plz I beg u 2k and let us have new shoes and new accessories for the game and let us choose our nickname again like they did in 2k16 and a good storyline and good controls that are easy for people and when we shoot the hall and when it’s green they should always go in and don’t miss cause on the console version we don’t miss Green shots and on nba 2k20 let us play my player on online blacktop and have more courts on blacktop like on nba 2K19 on mobile I’m a 83 point guard slasher and I want to be 99 at least and have ever badge in the game not just not on the type of player u have and on nba 2k20 when u have a gold killer crossover the guy that guard u should always fall down not just when u just move the sick crazy to make your guy fall down so please 2k u should read this even Ronnie2k should read this to so he could now and and it should be low price it should be like 599 or 699 just saying just do a good job for the next 2k game🙏🙏🙏

May 28, 2019

There are so many things wrong with this game! The amount of time it takes to save data is unnecessary. The game is so the opposite of “realistic”. No CPUs in the game goes for a three, not even Stephen curry when he’s open! I’m willing to buy the next 2K mobile game, but if it’s bad as 2K19, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy any other future products! Every button is delayed, I press rebound, doesn’t even rebound nor block nor steal. The ratings are very inaccurate. This game just proves the fact that the company themselves don’t care about their community. All these other company’s coming to mobile (Owners of Fortnite, PUBG, Ark, etc) have very good graphics. When I compare the graphics of 2K to all the other mobile games, I just feel embarrassed. They all have the same faces. In my opinion, the way the company moves and works, ya should just stay on other devices. It’s obvious, the company can’t improve gameplay for the mobile community. BTW, why does the soundtrack sound so bad, the more I play this terrible game. The more I laugh, soon it’ll get to the point where it’s just sad. And why does the free version look better then this ripoff? By the looks of it, ya should be paying us 8 dollars instead.

Dec 20, 2018

I was playing the game & if you don’t play the playoffs you get swept I skipped the first 4 games of the 1st round & If I don’t play I lose same thing for the second round. Then we lost & I waited for the next season for some reason the game everything then it takes away my starting position & my team chemistry it bumps me down to 10 minutes of playing time for game. There goes those 20 hours of school grinding. Then when you play against a team like the raptors your team can’t make a single shot that in this game you have to score every point then it makes inaccurate passes & you can’t pass to the right person & when I was going for a dunk & I was holding down the shoot button it didn’t do anything beside keep driving then when you pass to a teammate when they are open they won’t shoot it. When I shoot a 3 & it is green with A+ it should always go in nope when get a green A+ it misses you literally have a 50% chance that it will go in which can me frustrating when you spend so much time working on your release timing & if you make this shot you win the game you get a green A+ then you miss it & lose the. 2k20 better be fix next year or I am going to be mad

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NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement

and culture. NBA 2K19 for mobile is packed with new features including STORY mode and online match play, available for the first time!

• All new STORY mode – Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA franchises and players.
• MyCAREER mode with all new story and refined team interaction.
• Head to Head – Play Quick Game or Blacktop versus other users connected via LAN or Gamecenter.
• 2K Beats – A brand new soundtrack accompanies you in your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Travis Scott and more!
• Simplified controls for more immersive and responsive gameplay!