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Jan 03, 2018

Since we got our phones it has been nothing but trouble. I live in Seattle and rarely have service. When I have gone to the Sprint store in Ballard they have been rude and unhelpful. I was told to purchase a signal booster. That will not help me when I am out and about. The verbiage used when we began our plan never indicated that our phones were being leased. That was quite the surprise when we were finally at the point when we could leave Sprint and get a better carrier. The manager of the Ballard store told me that it was not Sprint. The problem was my phone. My music not streaming and my inability to post photos, use Uber, etc was a problem with the apps not the service. I felt like he was more I interested in selling me product boosters than admitting that Sprint still has only 3g service. I can’t even report when there is a service issue because I rarely have service without being on WiFi. I cannot wait to be done with Sprint and as soon and our LEASED phones are paid off we will leave immediately. The phone service and customer service has been terrible and I gladly tell everyone I can how horrible Sprint is.

Nov 19, 2018

I had a issue with call merging and I was unable to do it especially when the second call was incoming. My friend who is also on Sprint was able to do that. I texted the customer support since it was way past business hours. I explained the entire situation to them and they looked for answers in their articles and came up with nothing. Finally he assured me that I would receive a call from the technical support next Day morning 7 am. I never received the call. Finally, I called them and was kept on hold for 10 minutes, explained the situation to her, she then kept me on hold for another 10 minutes while looking through the articles, then finally found nothing and forwarded my call to a technician. I then explained it to him and he again kept me on hold for another 15 minutes, told me the same thing which the previous person had said. I questioned them how it worked for my friend if that facility was not available on Sprint. His only response was that friend might be trying out a third party app (which he wasn’t). I said fine then let me know which app is able to do so and his response to that was he didn’t know! He again put me on hold and transferred my call to a Manager, which again went through the same line of conversation. So after 50 minutes of call, I get to know Sprint doesn’t support an incoming merge call facility! I feel like living in 20th century!

Jun 02, 2018

I am a Sprint customer for the last 6 months ago. I transferred my services with my former service provider (att phone co.) was clearly unfair through the entire contract. I am now at a very reasonable rate. At the end of November & the best part of December I was hospitalized with a unfortunate illness. Admitted through the emergency room and by ambulance to arrive there. I had just switched over to Sprint service prior to this. In & out of consciousness my phone was stolen or lost... My ambulance attendants said ITV.& my charger was placed in my shirt pocket by them. A x-Ray techn. said that it was removed from my pocket for them to work & that was the last sighting of my old phone. Yes, I have been responsible for paying the bill and changing my plan to one more suitable me. I have paid the portion of my replacement phone and moving forward to being readjusted from my nightmare! I have made a claim with the Patient am Advocacy's Office for my loss by no means of myself.. Yes, thank you for your help in getting back to control of my communication issues

Oct 20, 2018

I switched to Sprint in 2016 from Metro PCS for hopes of getting better quality phones and phone service and possibly better customer service. And I am still kicking myself every day for doing so. Sprint did not honor the buy one get one free iphone offer that I switched for. They sent me two little cheap lg phones and made me pay FOR BOTH before I could add an iphone on my daughters line that I also paid for at the apple store. About six months after i switched from the lg and sent it back AFTER I PAID FOR IT, I noticed Sprint was charging me a monthly lease fee for my apple phone. NOTHING has been corrected I have the worst experiences trying to communicate with Sprint as they are based out of the middle east. I am also a single mother that works very hard for her money, AND I am battling cancer on top of this cellular nightmare. Sprint has been ripping me off for almost 3 years and no one wants to take responsibility or take action to correct their mistake. I am still being drug through the ringers and regret ever making the switch. I wish I could go back and rethink the decision but the damage is done. And as soon as I am able to look around for a different carrier I am canceling Sprint and never looking back!! Save yourself a bundle and a whole lot of precious time and dont get caught up in the Sprint web of greedy money hungry lies!

Crazy Owl 47
Sep 20, 2018

10 year loyal customer just switched to Verizon. Called Sprint numerous times due to degrading data access to the point where I had to walk around my house and garage to get a data signal. Nothing but lip service from Sprint except that ‘our equipment shows the 3G is working fine’ and get this - blamed the poor data signal in a tree lol! It got to the point that I was going into extended coverage and roaming at my house. They filed a technical issue report but no action - when I called back they told me my issue wasn’t a high enough priority to investigate yet. No solutions offered until I threatened to switch carriers then all of the sudden I could get a ‘Magic Box’ signal booster that wouldn’t be available in the warehouse for 6-8 weeks, and they offered me an insulting $10 per month reduced bill. Why would I continue to pay anything for services they promise but don’t deliver? Switched to Verizon and instantly I can have multiple apps open concurrently while uploading pictures, no more buffering on Pandora and videos, can actually use my data during a phone conversation. I will never do business with Sprint again and will tell anyone that asks to go someplace other than Sprint because you’ll be throwing away your money.

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