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Aug 10, 2019

I loved the game since I first got it, and gems are really easy to get, but I also think if you want to get more gems you should put an option to get more gems without spending money. Also I think there might be a bug in the game because I’ll do something and then later on the characters will ask me why I didn’t do that certain thing when I already did. Also I’m not sure if this is the way the game is made but I had a lot of special moments with Bobby but I don’t know if he remembers it because the first day I came back from Casa Amor I came and I decided to stay with Lucas.(even though I wanted to be with Bobby but THAT I actually know goes with the game) then when Bobby asked to talk with me I payed 10 gems and I told him I wanted to couple up. Then because of the way the game goes we couldn’t but then I was talking to the girls and they asked me who I wanted to be coupled up with and I say Bobby and then somehow Bobby knew about and asked to talk to me I say yes and he say something like “I do really fancy you, you know that but let’s take it slow” and I was happy but also we had already had like 3 special moments so I don’t know if that’s the way you made the game to work or if that’s a glitch within the game and bobby just forgot. Because that has happened before. Anyway I know it seems like I just hated on the game but I really do love it and I’m waiting on the next days to be released!!!

Jul 24, 2019

I really love this game! You don’t even know it’s super addicting and unlike other game like episode etc. it’s really easy to get gems which is great! My only two problem Bobby, Marisol, and I were peace making they were complimenting me how I did a good job then out of no where they just starting saying that I didn’t help and it really negatively effected our relationships. Also don’t make us pay gems to negatively effect someone’s relationship. When Priya comes in she has to choose a new partner and she choose mine. So I paid 5 gems to confront her. I thought it would positively affect me and my partners relationship but it just negatively affected mine with Priya. And when I was paying those gems those were all the ones I had. But overall those are my two problems it’s truly an amazing game and I highly recommend. And it’s easy to get tickets too! You have to wait 1hour for 2 tickets and usually less because the time goes while your reading the story! So if you looking for a game to pass up your time this is the one! But only season two! Don’t do season one! Because when you don’t have gems it negatively effects your relationship UNLIKE season two. And pretty much everyone hates you. It’s not very fun! But since I really like season two I’m rating five stars! I ♥️ this game From *******

Jul 11, 2019

I love games like this, story telling games where you can choose what to say and stuff like that (episode, choices, etc.) so this game is really fun for me to play! But it has a lot of glitches and things that can be improved. First of all, I was on season two, episode 11 part three and things were going great. I was partnered up with Ibraham and he wanted to talk. So I went out with him and he asked me where my head was at. I told him I wanted to stay together and he kissed me and said “that’s what I wanted to hear” but then all of the sudden he told me that we should break up, which makes no sense since we were perfectly fine before. Secondly, I really liked Lucas, but he was voted off earlier, which is fine all is fine so far. So come back to present day, I want to re start to the episode to before Lucas was voted off so I can see if I can couple up with him. So I press restart to the episode and the game just kinda freezes on that spot. So I exit out and get back in and it took my passes! So I try again and it does the same exact thing. So now I’m sitting here, with no passes and still on episode 12 and I can’t to anything. I love your game and I’m glad you guys put so much effort into making it better but I think it could use some work. I’m in no way trying to come across as rude and I love the story so far! Keep up the good work! Just my experience with the game! Sincerely -Riley

Jul 08, 2019

I love this game and it’s hard to stop playing. The refill time on tickets is relatively fast compared to other games like this. The characters all have their own personalities and it really shows through their actions and the way they talk. The give you 20 gems to start and you can get either 1 or 2 gems (If you click to watch an ad), so storing gems is easy. I adore the season 2 update because it really feels like I have a choice in who I will end up with compared to season 1 when I felt that I was being herded to choose of if 3 options and I couldn’t end up with the guy I wanted to. I also love the fact that season 2 has 30 days vs season 1 which has 13. The reason I haven’t given 5 stars however, is because despite the recent updates, I’m still encountering bugs (specially on season 2 day 4 episode 2). Which is a shame because I’ve been really enjoying this so far. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that hasn’t worked. I’ve also tried restarting the day, and the 1st episode of day 4 worked, but still not the second. I can play thorough season 1 without a problem but I canning get past that episode even though the game is fully updated. I’d like to see the developers fix this, or even try and incorporate some kind of “skip episode” button. I hate to miss out on the other 26 days because of one episode not working.

Aug 07, 2018

I didn’t think much of this game, but decided to get it when one of my favorite Youtubers was playing it. I like games like these, even though I don’t play Episode and Choices much. They’re so fun to make fun of, and they get strangely addicting. Love Island is no different! You play as one of the five girls on a game show where you continually couple up with the boys on the show. Your choices affect who you end up with, just like any other storyline game. What I really like about this game is the cheap diamond options. Usually in games like Episode, it costs 30 diamonds just to get a dress, and you usually only start out with 20 diamonds. In Love Island, you start out with 30 diamonds, and most of the outfit choices on 10 diamonds. While I try not to waste my diamonds on outfits, the conversations options (like if you want to spend more time with a certain boy) cost 5 diamonds!! That’s super cheap, and it’s really great since I don’t have to spend any money on this game to play it how I want. The only thing that really bothered me if all the English phrases, which makes sense because this is a British game. I just don’t understand some of the phrases, but it’s no a huge dealbreaker. Overall, Love Island is a fun, addictive game. After playing the first day, I’ve found myself obsessed and very invested. My one bad choice led to me ending up with Jasper since Allegra stole my man Mason, but I’ll win him back.

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Welcome to Love Island The Game, the story that puts YOU in the heart of the hit reality TV show ‘Love Island’, as seen on ITV and CBS.

You’ll play as one of the girls in a fictional season of Love Island and your choices will determine the way your summer

love story unfolds. Will YOU find love? Will you be voted the strongest couple and win? Will you take the prize for yourself or will you choose to share it with your new partner?

How will you let your personality shine through?

Create your own character and customise with a selection of beautiful looks. Dress to impress and choose from a dazzling selection of on-trend outfits in our brand-new wardrobe feature. Get ready to make your mark in the famous Love Island villa!

Choose how your story unfolds!

Crack on with whoever catches your fancy and choose the boy/girl you want to couple up with and date. How will you get his/her attention? Have you got the banter, or are you a hopeless romantic? Play it flirty, mischievous, sweet or sassy – you decide.

Make strategic choices to shape relationships with your fellow Islanders. Are you here to make friends or will you do everything it takes to find love - even if it means creating drama along the way?

You will compete in cheeky challenges, go on steamy hot dates, and choose who stays, and who gets dumped from the villa.

Live the story you love!

Don’t just watch the romance, have your very own romance in paradise. Be part of the drama and spice in the official Love Island mobile game. It’s going to be the hottest summer of your life.

New features

- Play over 150 episodes spread across two entirely unique seasons!
- Crack on with a wide selection of boys and girls
- Build a collection of hot outfits with our new wardrobe feature
- Finished the story? Not a problem, go back and re-live the story to make different choices.

Try new relationships, start drama, make new friends... the choice is yours!