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Jul 25, 2019

Giving this game a 4 out of 5 star. PROS: I love the graphics especially on movie graphic mode; every little art and detail that was put in the game is fantastic. If you were in redwood during dawn or sun rise it’s beautiful how the sunlight goes through the trees, for that it made the game to have that realistic feeling. Which I loved. PROS: I love that there’s multiple server line to avoid server traffic, so it helps provide smoother game play no matter where you’re from! PROS: character actions, gameplay and outfits are cute just hoped they were a bit more affordable >.< CONS: one HUGE CON that cost them -1 star is to my opinion the game encourage throwing bottles in the water at Santopany. I feel that it’s unnecessary and gives an impression to kids who play’s that it’s ok to litter(toss bottle in the water). Sorry I just care a lot for nature even if it’s just a game haha. Over all I enjoy the game a lot, reached manor lv10 within 2months of playing, my camp: AllST✮R that I built with some good friends I met has reached electric period in short period of time! (Also join us camp:AllST✮R) I’m mayor: Orangë say hi to me hahahahahaha.

Mar 04, 2019

This game is decent and I thought there would be a story mode while free roam was available but the story mode ends pretty much in the beginning after you go to the city and build your shelter. Most areas you unlock there’s like small side quests you can do like kill people in pvp. But even the pvp is stupid. When your in peace mode people can still attack you randomly. And when you attack them back and they fall on the ground other people can still revive them. And when you swim in the water to chase them you can’t knife them anymore. You either have to use the land with a gun to shoot them or wait till they leave the water to chase them. Most people who play the game don’t even speak English either so it’s impossible to talk to most of the people who play. Also you don’t get a big selection of weapons to craft so you get killed by the zombies a lot not having much to defend yourselfs against. Plus some of the special crates you find take master keys and I don’t even know what’s inside them. But the normal crates don’t even hold guns. They hold random stuff from trees and rocks. Lame. Hopefully the game gets better in the future. I would also like to be able to find more supply crates in the game. Also I killed computer soldiers and you can’t even search and loot them for their guns and also the weapon store doesn’t even sell weapons.

Mar 04, 2019

This game is amazing, it runs smoothly, the graphics are great and the progression and interaction with in game characters is phenomenal. However, I do have a few suggestions; when you first start the game, I feel like the tutorial (although fun) doesn’t give players the best idea of how the game will play normally, I think to fix this players need to collect and build more in the tutorial. The second thing is the zombies need a little work. When they run at players, sometimes they will run in a counterintuitive way which doesn’t really make sense. For instance when I shoot a zombie while I’m on a hill, instead of running directly at me it will run a bit up the hill, make a 90 degree turn and then run at me. This doesn’t take away from the game, but if this was fixed it would easy put this game up on levels with others like PUBG and fortnite. The last thing is the soundtrack, while it’s raining the soundtrack is kind of sleepy sounding and not very exciting. As this is an exciting game by nature, the soundtrack should reflect that to. Apart from that awesome work on this game and keep improving it! This game has amazing potential and is almost there! 🤘

Jun 06, 2019

The game is great! Good graphics that is customizable for the way that your phone works and how you like to play! Easy controls that are quite simple to change in settings. There is fair gameplay and the game is well managed and has quite a large amount of people in the community. Overall the game is amazing and I find it to be a game that always draws my attention. The only problem with the game is that you aren’t able to transfer your game data to another device if it is not the same phone system. Netease games, please fix this issue, I really love the game and I would love to play the game on my new Samsung Galaxy S10 plus! I played this game on my iPhone 6s and I have been wanting to get rid of this phone, but when I found out that I couldn’t transfer the game data onto my Samsung, I have been stuck with this phone and had to keep it. This phone is quite old and I would love to play it on my Samsung with better quality, please fix this Netease games so that players are able to transfer data to both systems!

K4rm4 Ki115
Mar 05, 2019

If you like RPG Games I say go for it, this game has that going for them. But if a friend told you about this game and you wanted to play with them thinking it was a full on survival game just like I did, you will not be impressed. I spent the first two hours of the game in a mandatory baby sitting campaign. The game shows how everything is done, it takes you through everything so far in the beginning, it handles your problems for you, makes the decisions for you, forces you to build how they want by telling you where exactly to place items when setting up your base, and doesn’t even have access to real survival. You can’t survive if you are stuck being baby sat all the time. Now if I was expecting an rpg game that was not purely set out on zombie survival, I would of given 5 stars. If you are looking for a open world mmo survival game, or want to play with your friend as soon as you download the game, this is not for you. If you don’t care to play with your friend early on or don’t care to play with anybody, along with wanting to play an rpg that takes you through the steps of the game as you go, this would be a great game to have. The game it’s self is not bad, this is just my opinion and I was disappointed. Feel free to try the game for yourself.

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A blizzard of devastating virus beleaguered the world, bringing about the catastrophic disintegration of orders and covenants.
When the night falls, the world turned into a living hell, swarming with Infecteds. When you finally caught a break, and discovered a place to rest your sore feet, you found yourself exhausted, famished,

low on ammo and plagued by the coldness of night. You can hear the growling of Infecteds, approaching, and you know it's going to be another night of angst and horror. How much longer can YOU survive?
LifeAfter, a mobile game depicting the survival of humanity in a post virus apocalyptic world, is officially launched.
Live on, together.
-Keep your will to survive and hopes alive.
The world you once knew so well is now a foreign place in the wave of a virus epidemic. The life of survivors is constantly being threatened by diseases, famine, cold, Infecteds and organizations with hidden agendas. You'll have to stay calm amid all these dangers and believe there is a way out.

-Live on with anything available.
Explore every inch of the post-apocalyptic world - be it in the city full of Infecteds, or an abandoned mine, or a broken-down college, or a freezing cold forest up in the highlands - to scavenge essential materials in order to survive. You'll need to know how to hunt and gather for food, how to tend to your wounds and make arms to protect yourself.

-Encounter other survivors.
You might encounter other survivors on your scavenging runs. You'll have to be extra careful, for they might attack you for loot. If they are amiable, you can choose to share with them your food, ammo and adventure stories.

-Build the final sanctuary for humanity.
With the trusted friends you made along the way, you can find a place to camp and build, one brick at a time, until you have the final sanctuary for humanity. Together, around the campfire, humans may once again fend off the long, cold night with hugs.

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