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marko te
Apr 14, 2019

The game is super easy to advance upwards in you can start by unlocking a shop or company sell some stuff by tapping and later you will quickly be able to use the auto tap option which will make you money really fast you can watch video ads to get double cash for 4 hours which is nice most games like this give less for each video you're also able to get a daily sign in to get some special rewards that dont seem you can get on the normal play time you can play this game offline you can get double cash if you keep the businesses running and come back after a little bit by watching an ad there seems to be some missions that you can work towards you can do challenges to get stuff and you can buy more upgrades aside from the normal upgrades by going into the menu and looking into upgrades it has a nice starting screen that contains cartoon characters like the family guy not sure if thats the one as i dont watch the show but its nice and honestly good starting screens gives apps an extra thing to like because personally when i start certain apps and they look comfy i just adjust to its look and feel nice about it its not a real life money making simulation but its a little time wasting that you can enjoy when you feel like it

Apr 25, 2019

dle capitalist is such an addicting game. It is one of those games you play and see how much money you can make. I personally love these games and have played many different versions. I always introduce my husband to the new games i play, and nine times out of ten he always enjoys them too. He loved this one always makes it a competition and has to get more money then i did. I have been playing this game for a few days and i play it every day. Never paid into it its all free unless you want to pay. I like to watch videos to get extra perks. Theres not a limit if videos either they just keep coming so that helps when you spend all the money upgrading all your stuff to help leveling up. Leveling up happens very quick so thats always fun. I always refer my friends to play. I made lots of money very quickly wasn’t a slow paced game and i liked that alot. Even after spurts of spending all money i do make the money back pretty quickly. Definitely gonna keep playing this game to see how far i can get. I Give idle capitalist a five star review for sure. Currently playing this game cause i am bored and its late waiting for my kids to passout. Fun game for someone who just wants to distractthem selves and even think. Definitely sinks you in and keeps your focus. Great game

Ster naz
Oct 09, 2019

I don’t often review games but when i do i usually take my time and see if the game is really all that great so I’ve been playing the game for over a month in a half now and it is just a great game it’s fun and addicting and it’s kill some time so basically the game is set up with you buying businesses and making trillions of dollars and to become the richest person in the world really the games world. What i also love about this game is that they don’t force ads on you and there are ads in the game but the ads reward you with useful items and that makes that game a lot easier to get things done and this games is some what difficult to get going in the beginning but the more business you buy the more money you’ll make and this game will be easy basically in a way you got to spend money to make money but what also makes this game great is how smooth it plays now this dose depends on the phone you have so your experience may differ from mine and this game also keeps you wanting to come back and play more with competitions, events etc so basically if want to play a game because your bored this is the game this game is worth playing and wasting some time on.

Jun 10, 2019

This was the best in all apple apps, so far! I mean, you get to play the boss and run all tight ships in one run. I remember wanting to be that big guy and in a suit and having them grovel at my feel. It went in berserk mode from hawking lemonades to hawking jewelry. I would suggest this to all of my buddies who dare to dream of overworking an enterprising, multitasking company. It’s as simple as tying a shoelace, people! You can’t hate on an apps that does wonders for your people skills—or lack thereof. And you don’t have to actually work at a company to be in charge of something. This is the one, guys! The one! Why bother with social justice in the gaming world? Why talk to people as a means of gaming? You can be just one guy and rule them all! I mean, you could even do this in your underwear and not care! You could even scratch yourself while doing it and not care. I hate my own boss in real life, guys! Unlimited lunch breaks, unlimited stogie breaks, unlimited whatever else I want. It’s all within my reach, and no headaches or stomachaches. I, on all counts, recommend this all of my buddies.

Feb 13, 2019

The game greated me like some of my favorite cartoon it has a learning start up that teaches you the ropes on how you can manage your businesses. Just like the title of the game you are an upcoming businessman that wants to earn alot of money and owning a business is the way to do it it has a CATCHY tune to it that makes you dance while playing which is a plus considering some apps make you STRESS OUT but idle capitalist is a different game which makes you DESTRESS while playing, and the game continues to play or your avatar keeps on RACKING UP THE CASH even you back out of the app it’s a simple CLICKER GAME that offers you to be THE BOSS in your own company 😁 once you upgraded the businesses ypu have one by one you will earn faster as the game progresses but you can’t always be on hands with the businesses that’s just working hard better is to hire a MANAGER making your life easier and racking up more cash and expanding your empire. I haven’t experienced any bugs yet and crashes the GAME is VERY ADDICTING AND FLUID to the touch IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO PAST THE TIME WITHOUT NUMBING YOUR THUMB BETTER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!! 5STARS

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Welcome to Idle Capitalist!

The first step is still very simple. Click to earn your first

bucket of gold “$1” by squeezing lemon juice. After accumulating enough start-up capital, you can start to raise chickens and sell eggs . And there are more interesting businesses waiting for you to unlock.

It’s challengeable to manage and develop your business well. In order to maximize the benefits, you need to hire the right manager for your industry and expand industry at the appropriate time.

Growing business to attract more angel investors will also make your capital increase faster.

And we will offer more funny FREE events for you soon!

It’s your chance to pay less and win the world!