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Apr 21, 2018

I love the game! It’s truly amazing, I used to be an avid Brave Frontier fan but then they started to lose their way with adding way too much heroes to choose from. Unfortunately I do see that happening to this game, but at the current moment it’s only attempting to grow as a game therefore I don’t see any faults in its unit amount. The fighting is fun, as the arts (skills) are really well designed and the fighting is fun to watch. I also enjoy how it’s not all auto fighting and sometimes we have to pitch into the fight too. I would admit that the bosses that have come up lately seem to be extremely hard like almost too hard but I will beat them someday. Anyways, the game is absolutely amazing, very well done. The only true issue I have is that for the exploration dungeons that use keys, like the enhancement units and the gold units that we grind for, I wish we could have some kind of auto run so that I wouldn’t have to just be sitting there pressing the redeploy button for ages and ages. Unfortunately I have other stuff to do and I like to multitask so if I was able to let the game auto run the dungeon so I could farm more efficiently while I’m off doing something else I really would appreciate that as it would save so much time for really not being on my phone. That’s my only complaint but other than that great game!

Jul 06, 2019

Hey dudes the gameplay and story where 10/10 I love it a lot and I want to do that kill a kill collaboration event but the game like starts then crashes and I’ve updated my phone and everything but if I can’t keep playing it after you guys update it I can give this game a proper score cause I can’t even play the collaboration event and so can you guys if you see this review fix it pls. But anyway after that rant and reading a lot of other reviews those people are just whining about it being a rip off when it’s not It’s a fantastic game the story a gameplay is Immersive and I enjoyed seeing it unfold it’s genuinely one of 2 games ever on the phone that it’s story was intriguing and enjoyable and I very much love how they took time to develop the characters and how it’s side blinds you in areas or at least it got me anyway but enough said there it’s great the summoning system could definitely use some work cause I pulled the Phoenix unit like 20 times already and I’ve only done 4 big summons you can do the math there and not to mention that RNG on any of the summons for that matter I feel the weapon draw has better RNG then the standard summon don’t get me wrong I like that but whatever your doing there pls do that with the other summons or just maybe more units? All in all if there was a new game plus button would definitely do

Feb 26, 2019

The game is pretty fun, unit pull rates are mostly bad for free players because only the first pull is guaranteed a 5 star, paid pulls always have a guaranteed 5 star. Equipment 10x pulls always have a guaranteed 5 star, and for 20 crystals less than unit pulls. They have a lot of collaboration events, so far there has been Kill la Kill, One Punch Man, and That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime. Each collab comes with units and equipment from the series, and a special pull system with a currency you get from selling unwanted units called Alchemy pulls. They often have giveaways with valuable in game items and crystals, and they had a really good anniversary event that gave away a free unit of your choice from a limited but good pool, along with a choice of 1 5 star and 1 4 star equip items. The developers have had AMAs on Reddit twice so far, it’s a nice bit of communication since most devs are often silent outside of a few community manager posts or posting to their own forums. Overall I’d say it’s worth playing, but don’t go too hard spending for pulls because the guaranteed 5 star unit can often be a worthless 5 star that isn’t featured on the banner. The gameplay is good, grinding for materials/exp fodder/gold is easy and painless. Unit art is good, it’s an appealing style. I really love the sprites, there are a lot of great ones.

Mar 03, 2019

Ok so I believe in overpowering characters so here the new set of abilities the new arts also call sacred arts twice as powerful as a true art this is unlocked at lvl100 then depending on the characters you either unlock a heavenly art or a demon art at lvl 120 which is 3 times stronger than a sacred art i also believe every lvl 100 should automatically get 5 art regen so it can be possible to get your arts finally passive arts which are arts the will activate automatically after so much time these arts are as powerful as normal arts however these arts activate automatically every 30 secs and require no gauge basically spamming free arts every 30 seconds. Next dual characters, so these characters should have 2x hp, atk , and def of course two separate skill double tapping activates both skills always has a double art and a double true art can have same types or two different ones, max 10 stars awoken lvl 120 can have several crest and can be limit broken indefinitely. Lvl 120 characters ofc there is gonna have to be so impossible battles so how about 7 rounds of bosses 20 star awoken double boss and even tripping bosses in a single round of course 10 star awoken equipment should be added aswell “heavenly equipment” i call it

The Shadow Realm
Jul 02, 2019

I have played this game for about almost 3 months now. The games battle mechanics isn’t bad, it’s pretty fun. The biggest issue this game faces is the summoning rates. The first time you do a 11 pull for 50 crystal on new banners will 100% have a 5 star unit in there which is nice, standard. But then after you used that up, then the next 11 pulls you do using “free crystals” the one you actually play the game and get no longer provides the 100% 5 star. But the “Paid crystals” will get the 5 star. After spending over 350 free crystals I spent last couple months building up, all on the banner for box, none of it came as a unit that can be 5 stars besides the first pull on the banner. A way to get the units on banner is to build up 10,000 alchemy crystals and pray to RnG you get it. Lastly a different method of obtaining the units is to basically do the 11 pulls 30 times, and claim the unit for free after that. But 50 crystals 30 times, that’s 1500 crystals. You’re not getting that unless you paid for it. Basically to sum what I am saying up, the summoning rate for this game is TERRIBLE for this genre of game. It’s very heavily pay to win, pay a lot of money to get the units you like, honestly not worth it at all. The reason I even gave it two stars is because I did enjoy the battle mechanic. But with the summoning rate as is, you won’t progress really without emptying your wallets. Uninstalling the game and be done with it.

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Grand Summoners the stunning pixel RPG with hyper-intuitive battling you’ve been waiting to play!
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- Story -
Humankind’s centuries of peace are ripped from the seams as banished Demons return to ravage the realm of Raktehelm! The time has come, once again, for legendary heroes to stand against the nefarious threat and restore justice.

- Characters Bring the Story to Life -
Summon ancient heroes for an epic adventure!
Forge the ultimate team to save the realm from demonic destruction!
Team up with anime icons in colossal collaborations!

- Battles Beyond Belief -
Action-packed combat awaits with a hyper-intuitive battle system!

- Multiplayer with Up to 4 Players -
Team up with friends for unforgettable fights and bombastic boss battles!

- Graphics of the Gods -
Enjoy unreal artistry across character, boss, and background designs!
Play the pixel graphic perfection!