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Feb 10, 2019

Galaga Revenge is not too bad in terms of gameplay; a good old school shoot em up with some modern twists. Its more of a bullet hell type than arcade shoot em up. My main and only issue: the “modern standard” of spattering all the tutorials and mandatory upgrades after the first mission often flat out barrages players with no way to step back and soak up a handful of info left out. After that, players plough by levels for not even a minute or two thanks to the premature upgrades. Instead of pushing every feature out without giving enough time to breathe it in, I would suggest spreading each step of the tutorial through several missions as a much more preferable learning pace, then players will have enough gameplay and upgrade experience by the time they reach the harder levels.

Feb 02, 2019

Been playing this for about two days and honestly, there is so much thrown at you in terms of rewards, shards, crystals, pilot levels, and so much more junk, that there is almost no time for gameplay. If you are a fan of finding an old school Galaga arcade game, popping in a quarter and blasting away at hordes of enemies, stay away from this reboot. The production is there, but it’s misplaced. Levels are insanely short. I have yet to spend longer than a single minute in any level. Combat feels lackluster and completely meaningless here, as your ship becomes so powerful and has so many attacks right off the bat you can hardly tell what you are shooting at before it blows up. This is a case where the idea of less is more should really have been considered. The reason that the OG Galaga is still played to this very day is because of its simplicity, because it forced you to use a single line of fire to wipe out dozens and dozens of enemies. I like bulletstorms as much as the next guy, but here it just feels meaningless, because even when you come up to a boss, there is no challenge. You just shoot for a few seconds and it’s exploded. People who think that this is a Galaga game, stop. Go buy another shooter, because this one will just disappoint you to no end.

Aug 10, 2019

Section 3.1.1, point 7 of Apple’s App Store TOS clearly states “Apps offering ‘loot boxes’ or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.” Althought in-game random purchases are called “gachas” in this game, for all legal definitions, the gachas are loot boxes as defined by Apples TOS. This game either needs to post all odds for the items acquirable by gacha purchases, or if they have posted these numbers they need to make them more easily known. I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find anything either in the app or found a convenient web link from with the app. And to be clear, giving a full list of what each gacha might contain is not enough—Bandai Namco must express percentages or 1-in-xxx ratios for these goods. Normally I would reach out to the developer on this but I’m suprised that a company the size of Bandai Namco overlooked this huge mistake. These are essentially gambling games and many consider this practice unethical (and even borderline fraudlent) to sell someone a chance at something, but not express their odds. Fix this MAJOR issue and my review will change.

Jan 30, 2019

Went through the painfully slow training for the carrier and all I wanted to do was log in to get my dailies. Went to collect my exploration rewards and something popped up and I didn’t even intend to tap the screen, but it reset the exploration instead of collecting them!!!!and the reset cost a ridiculous 500 gems. That has taken a few weeks to grind and that is with the lower levels so now anything going forward will be exponentially harder to obtain. U guys got now I’m not spending another penny on this game. Thanks devs....probably should more thank the publisher....that is usually the case when shenanigans like that happen.....😡🤬

Feb 08, 2019

I was greatly disappointed with how much extra garbage was tacked onto this. I was simply hoping for a graphically updated Galaga. Maybe with some new weapons and a few new ships. Possibly a level up system. Seeing the characters also made me hopeful for a story mode. But upon starting it up I was instantly bombarded with a ton of pointless features and little to no gameplay. So no, I do not want to spend an hour on hectic tutorials. No, I’m not a big fan of 75% of the game being menu navigation. And no, I’m not looking forward to levels that can barely last more than a minute. In short, it feels rushed. Like they didn’t really know what to do with it. Or for that matter, what people like so much about the original. This is a poor tribute as a 35 anniversary game. I can’t believe I’m saying this. But if you’re a fan of classic Galaga like me. This isn’t worth your time. Honestly Galaga Wars did a better job.

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2280CE: United Galaxy Space Force (UGSF) established the elite forces, Magnificent to protect its territories against the alien UIMS. These elite pilots are also known as the Void Squad. The Void Squad has

the latest technology of mankind and they swear to protect the UGSF. However, due to the disparity between the two sides, Void Squad continues to recruit more enthusiastic drivers to join this war of survival...

Classic arcade 35th-anniversary evolution, the hellish barrage that you can never imagine. Ultimate fleet V.S Mutant Bosses! Come and challenge your finger limit!

【Game Features】

▲Developed and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Taiwan.
New gameplay for the orthodox top-down shooter!
Classic arcade barrage, whole new plot, whole new threat!
Design your very own fleet and save the galaxy while you can!

▲Warning! Feel the blood rush when you are dodging the overwhelming artillery barrage!
Enjoy the breathtaking actions of soaring through the barrage of bullets and defeating the boss!

▲Merge! Unique ballistic! Satisfy your shooting spirit!
Various combination of ships and escorts. Various type of bullets barrage combination.
Enjoy the power of the Merge!

▲Galaga! The battle between artificial intelligence and human. Who will be the prey of the battle?
Invasive attack from the bosses activates your evasive system!

The 35th anniversary of the classics! Give you the pleasure of the perfect Shoot'em up!
The gaming moment that you have never forgotten. The evolution of Galaga, soaring through time and space.