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Jun 21, 2019

I’ve been using Earnin for a couple months now and I have to say at first I was skeptical, I mean an app that’s supposed to link to your account?? I was really strapped for cash and my credit limit was maxed out when my car broke down, thankfully I was able to stumble across this app. It took 10-24 hours for them to verify and link the app to my bank account but as soon as I did I was able to cash out $100 within minutes it went straight to my account. If you are on the fence of opening another credit card try this app first. As of now there is no MANDATORY fee but optional tips that keep the app afloat and as with credit the better you tip and pay back your cash outs the better your cash outs can be. This pay period I got a boost to be able to front $200 from my next paycheck as opposed to the initial $100. One problem I’m seeing a lot of people have with this app is that it is like a credit card account in the fact that your payment takes up to two days to process so if you don’t have the money in the account it can definitely leave you overdrawn because it comes out of your account the day of or the day after your paycheck automatically. I have and will continue to recommend this app so long as privacy and fee policies don’t change too drastically in the future. Thanks Earnin for helping take the edge off life’s ever sharp blade! ✊🏼👍🏼💸💰

Jun 12, 2019

Okay. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to the app developers, the ones who run Earnin and everyone involved in this process!! When I first downloaded Earnin, I was VERY skeptical to put in my banking information. I went on and took a chance when I got into a bind and I am so thankful I did! The app works by seeing your location and how many hours you are at your work address. I thought well, I can’t do that, I work in a different location EVERY day. It does connect to Tsheets and Brink, both of which my company does not use. They provide the option to upload timesheets! Once I screenshot my timesheet and upload it, my earnings are updated within 10 minutes! (I really appreciate YOU, the person who verifies these too!) I only use this in an emergency situation and it keeps people out of debt with check cashing companies which can really financially hurt anyone with the never ending cycle they get you into. Speaking of finance charges, YOU get to choose how much you want to ‘tip’. I ALWAYS tip, even if I’m running low. This service is ALWAYS here when I need it, they need to be paid for the time, efforts, and just for the simple fact they provided me with a service. Sometimes I do tip more because I know there are the people who take advantage of it and don’t tip anything. PLEASE TIP!! Keep this service going and at a low cost for EVERYONE!!! Thanks for an awesome job Earnin and helping us when needed!! ❤️

Apr 06, 2019

I stumbled upon this app while watching a movie on Pluto TV. I thought it sounded too good to be true. Since it was free to download, I did. I was a little nervous about putting all the sensitive information required to use the app. It was very easy to set up. It just took about a day to get all my information confirmed. I was a little nervous the first time I cashed out, but I have the lightning speed feature and the money was in my account in seconds. I had an unexpected hospital stay and many unexpected tests and procedures after I downloaded the app. I was able to cash out right away and that helped pay the unexpected co-pays. Everything has worked smoothly so far. Customer Service was great. I had no wait time on the chat and my questions were answered. I would recommend this app to family and friends that would benefit from something like this. Just one overdraft can start a domino effect that is hard to get out of. I don’t mind tipping because I would rather support this community rather than cushion a big bank CEO’s pocket. If you are on the fence about this, I would go ahead and download the app. It might not be for everyone. I work in an office all day every day of the work week. It is easy for the app to know that I am at work. The app keeps track of my reoccurring expenses. That’s a bonus. So far, the app has done everything it claims. Very satisfied so far.

Aug 26, 2018

I have been trying to no avail to set up this app. For nearly 3 weeks they claimed they were unable to verify my bank account. Everything else had been able to verify. Then suddenly things changed and while my bank was verified, they were unable to verify my payday? What changed in that timeframe? They ask me to send screenshots and then claim that the account info doesn’t match what they have on their records...the same info that I typed in 3 weeks ago, for a bank account I’ve had for nearly 5 years. I then send more screenshots with carefully worded responses because there is clearly not a blanket solution to my issue. I the receive form responses or no response at all. I’ve worked in customer service and currently work in sales, if handled my accounts with such a laissez-faire attitude I wouldn’t have a job. Would love to use the app but it’s been nothing but an enormous headache thus far. UPDATE: about a week after my initial review, my problems were resolved. I have been using the app problem free for a couple months now and can say it is truly as good as it sounds. They give you the money, and it gets deducted when you get paid. I have a partial commission payscale, so being able to pad a light paycheck with money from my large check is godsend when the weeks don’t line up well for things like rent and student loans. I’m updating this to a 5 Star review.

❤Janice ❤
Oct 05, 2017

Let me start off by saying just like majority of the people that download the app and give it a try I was VERY skeptical as I am with most things online these days. It honestly just sounds to good to be true. But this is not a fake review so let me be the first to tell you this app is 100% legit. Now as far as the trouble people is having you have to expect it especially when your dealing with a government banks but after the approval from your bank and employer you are pretty much good to go. I personally had times where I just needed some extra cash just to hold me to hold me over till my next payday and was force with the only option was to get a rip-off payday loan. Sometimes u may be in need of a simple credit card payment due or a bill or even gas to commute to work for the rest of the week and don’t need a loan for hundreds of dollars this app helps with that on another it’s crazy because something like this is for the average 9-5 worker who often overlooked. This app is a game changer and I def think of you are skeptical give it a try and see how it works! Do not listen to negative reviews everyone don’t have common sense use your own.. On another note I’m surprised this is even legal lol most of the good thing that are created to help society terrible people put a stop to it. I hope this app blows up and change lives and outlooks as it did mines!

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“[Earnin] lets you draw small amounts of your earned wages before payday” - Nerdwallet

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