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Soccer Mom 19
Oct 01, 2019

I would have given you 4 stars if it wasn’t for the ads...and 5 if this issue hadn’t arisen and you had more options to save yourself or could purchase a special power with gems. (Also, why speed up the time AND make it more difficult with longer attached blocks? You get used to the amount of time you have, don’t decrease it). Another thought...make it the players option to start time over rather than it automatically doing it when there are no more moves. Sometimes it’s nice to have the extra time to take a breath... I did a screen shot of my game that is frozen. I’ve left and come back in to attempt to restart (and of course had to watch another ad) and it is still frozen. I see animation at the top, but the timer has run out and blocks are in mid-air from my last movement. Very frustrating as this was turning out to be my best game ever, by far. Also, Too many ads...and some of them are WAY too long...30seconds. Come on guys. I understand you have to make money, I have even clicked on some of the ads, but don’t make it so frustrating with so many ads. (Especially for things I’ve already clicked on/downloaded). I’ve actually quit some of my favorite games because I got tired of watching the ads. There’s always another good game to move on to, but I would like to stay with this one for a while longer.

Oct 03, 2019

I wish there was a game play version without the timer speeding up. I want to know how far I could really get without it. I don’t mind the white connectors increasing the challenge but the timer is annoying. There should be different game modes (easy/med/hard) something else so we don’t get bored. Also, I’m sure it’s your intention to irritate people so badly with the ads that they purchase ‘no ads’ but yours were absurd. I have never spent money on a game before but you get into the swing and adrenaline of a good game and the ads seriously kill the vibe and they’re way too long. I would often just quit after the third or fourth one in the same game. So I bought it. YOU GOT ME. Congrats. I’m gonna keep playing to justify my purchase to myself but I’m not happy about spending $4 on a phone game. It’s not very dynamic at all and often makes me feel like I’m wasting my time bc just when you get up there in the high teens, things bc impossible... Hope future updates bring more to the table! Like rewards after a big merge, let players stock up an inventory of tools or use gems to purchase them when you ‘die’ . For instance maybe a hammer to break a connector or an ice cube to freeze the time clock, or a bomb to clear an entire row/column something!!! It’s got major potential.

Aug 23, 2019

This game is fun and I enjoy playing it, although, I have found that there is something that bothers me a bit. When this game gives you an ad break ( which there are way too many of, PLEASE tone it down ), the game keeps on going, meaning that your numbers keep climbing to the top. I have had many encounters where I was making good progress in the game, but an ad made it so that when I resumed to the game, the game had already ended and the numbers had reached the top. This definitely bothers me because normally when watching an ad you don’t have to worry about the game ending while you are watching said ad. Another complaint is that the ads normally come after you reach your first 15 or first 20. This also bothers me and links in with the other complaint. I feel like I’m watching ads more than I am actually playing the game. So please fix this. I can’t stand the amount of ads I have to sit through just to play a game on my phone. And it feels almost like it’s getting worse every time I play. Anyways, that’s my complaint

Jun 30, 2019

This is one of my favorite games on my phone and i play it pretty much every day. I love how it saves your progress if you exit the app so you don’t have to start over every time. There are just a few things that I think would make the game much more enjoyable and more people would play it. 1. If the highest number you could go to was higher. I like games where I can always be trying to reach a new goal, and the high score isn’t really much of a difference to me. It gets boring just playing the game and only being able to go to 20 each time. 2. Less ads please! There are “ad breaks” in the middle of my game like every 1 1/2 minutes. 3. Sometimes I’ll be casually playing, not struggling at all, and I will just randomly die and an ad will pop up. When this happens, the timer is never at 0 so Im not sure why this happens but it’s very inconvenient. Other than those things I love this game and look forward to updates in the future that hopefully answers my (and i’m sure many others) requests!

Peach Smoothie
Jun 02, 2019

I sometimes get 2 ads per game, one before and one after, it’s very terrible because if I wanted to watch a video to revive twice, that’s 4 ads a game (minimum). Plus with only 2 lives, gems are practically useless. You can also glitch blocks that are connected through spaces that they can’t fit through. Also, why does the app pop up requesting the app to have my location. This type of game isn’t even multiplayer why do you need my location. And with that pop up or if you leave the app, you have to watch ANOTHER ad. And certain blocks will make you watch ANOTHER ad. And if you have no moves left and the new blocks have no possible combinations the timer just waits there. And if you have blocks but you can’t match them because of certain connections you also just have to wait there. Overall with the time wasted with ads and the timer this app needs to be touched up, it’s still pretty fun, but all the ads ruin it, and fix the inter mechanism. And try to add some new features for gems because they’re otherwise useless with only using them 2 times per game (if you choose to).

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Drag n Merge is

a brand new puzzle game!
Just drag the block onto another one with the same number!
Merge them into a bigger number!

Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game!