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Jul 05, 2019

Crowd city is really really fun😺I love playing this game.I was first introduced to this game by my mom since she had it on her phone 📱. Besides the fact that this game is super COOL 😎 I love how you earn skins( new characters) by attacking groups that have lest than you. This game can be hard but once you go collect the little white people to get enough of people to be in your group you can start attacking groups that has lest than you so if you tried attacking groups that have the same amount as you none of you would be able to attack and the groups that has more than you Will take away people from your tribe. I Really love this game I couldn’t stop playing it since I downloaded it on my phone. Ima be honest I’m a game type of person and outta most of the games I played this one would be my top 5 😸😸😺 I love writing reviews so people can see how much people love certain games that doesn’t really look fun👎🏻 but ending up being the FUNNEST GAME you Ever played👍🏼👍🏼. Thank you Guys soo much for reading my review bye

Bob Hob
Jun 28, 2019

So, off the bat - buying “remove ads” doesn’t actually remove the ads. You have to watch a 30 second ad to “start bigger,” which is the only way to win. You also have to watch a 30 second ad to double your winnings, which is the only way to advance quickly. You only don’t _have_ to watch a 5 to 30 second ad after every game, if you don’t want to. So the 2:00 game takes about 3:20 after ads. You play against (this goes without saying, but other reviews don’t seem to agree) an AI to grow your little crowd to the biggest mob by absorbing white neutral people and your AI enemies. The problem with the game, that costs it a star, is the AI doesn’t play to win, it plays to keep you from winning. It is very easy, you should win at least 8/10 games. But it is very very difficult to win by eliminating all the enemies. They do not go to the center or to each other, but run to the opposite corners and edges of the game board. They often just hover in the corners, not moving or growing, but making it impossible to catch them all. It is not possible to cover the whole board in two minutes, so you will often leave at least one, sometimes two or three enemies alive. Otherwise it is a satisfying, quick game. There’s just something about running your crowd through an enemies crowd, watch your people split and absorb the enemy people.

Aug 09, 2019

It could be fun but: TIME-only 2 minutes a match and the ai is set to run and cower in the corner making it impossible to actually win. like a drag race game move up from the back your neck and neck for the win then 20 feet from the finish line TIME EXPIRED.(it does score by largest group) You can’t quit a match either chase someone down to kill yourself or restart the app. BOTS- they take player names and use them for their ai. shady. before you press start just watch for a bit then instantly start the game I guess seven other people just spend all day waiting for me to press start. With internet on the game frequently runs at about 3 frames per minute(pure torture). Crashes frequently. SKINS- easy to get had all but after a couple hours. I don’t know what log in for 1 consecutive day means but after logging in every day for over a week still haven’t got the login for 1,3,or7 day skins. Shady. MAP- only one gets tired quick. ADS- complete a game and either watch an ad for double the reward or just leave ha ha they both have the same ad. Shady. If you pick double reward there’s a 3 in 10 chance of getting a X. I just close the app and restart much much quicker. They seem to be on to airplane mode so you have to do full shut down of cell& WiFi if you do u get the same exact game without ads or the massive lag. So cut your internet and play an okay game with an annoying time limit or turn it on and take a swim in the rancid septic tank that is greedy mobile gaming.

Dropkick Hero
May 16, 2019

Like other reviews, my experience started off easy where I was winning every game I played. Over time, it’s become clear to me that you’re playing against AI and not other users, as you can still play without cell signal or WiFi, and other players somehow wait for you to watch an ad before they move in what’s portrayed as “real time.” After a few days, I’m to the point where other crowds run from you and into the path of larger crowds. They are all placed near each other where they can quickly acquire each other and start off with an advantage over you, but you have to chase them for 15 seconds before you come in contact with any of them. Almost every crowd I chase to acquire suddenly decides to sacrifice themselves to another crowd so that I have a larger crowd to contend with. The only way to have a chance is to watch some 30 second ad to get 10 extra pieces, even after paying for no ads. This would be fun if you actually had multiplayer instead of passing off AI as multiplayer, and at least programming your AI to act more like other players instead of working together to make the game more difficult for actual users. Good concept, but very misleading.

Feb 17, 2019

I got the game and was having a ton of fun at first. Seemed like I caught on really easily or something but then I noticed things were too easy. I was winning 95% of games just off the bat, I’m good at games but not THAT good which made me suspicious. Started paying attention to names and noticed that I came across every single name at least twice over a long series of rounds, and none of them were the generic “player” name. You’d think that in a popular free mobile game like this you’d have a much larger player pool, and that there would be AT LEAST 1 person who didn’t bother to change their name and went as player, like me my first few rounds. Also in a few rounds I noticed that there was a bit of an enemy team visible on my start screen, but they were immobile until I pressed start, which for one point was about 45 seconds. Right when I pressed start they sprang to life tho. However I’ve never had to wait on an enemy team to join in over 100 games. This, coupled with my ridiculous win rate and the fact that the enemies play like AI (predictable movement, too focused on gathering over killing), I have to say that this game does not in fact deliver the pvp multiplayer experience it claims.

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