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Jun 28, 2019

So this game is amazing to me! So addicted to it! But it get me annoyed when I'm looking through my animals and almost all of them are gold but just that JACK RABBIT AND CAT from the beginning of outlaw world is barely to fully gold while I'm all the way at 2000 or more!!! It's just hard to get them!!! And you really, really, REALLY need to add more steeds because I have 16/16 steeds and when I get tokens I basically have nothing to want with them. Maybe you could add like a Giant Dog or a polar bear with sparkle effects. And also you could add trails that you can get with tokens and other accessories for your steeds that you can mix and match with different animals and make outfits(like outfits meaning the different things put together for one thing) and it would be really cool!!! If that could happen I would recommend the game to all of my friends!!! Thanks, Teresa

Jun 18, 2019

I have already caught all of the animals in both current worlds. It became very easy at the second world, because your money transfers over, so I was getting a billion per minute offline, and the prices all started over in the second world. I collected all animals in outlaw world in one day. I could buy all the way to the abyss. Also the game used to show you progress on each animal, but now when you click it, it does nothing. The first few times I threw my lasso I had to dodge animals on the throw, in order to extend my rope all the way to drag back animals. Without update it just changed to going all the way to the end of your rope without getting caught on animals; which makes the game MUCH easier. I’m excited for new worlds and animals, as I’ve already beaten the game (I’ve had for a week) so there isn’t much point in playing anymore. Also, often times the “double” or “triple” buttons do not find adds to load, along with the free token for watching an ad. I did purchase no ads, as the ads were overwhelming and annoying, but I ended up just watching adds to double my coins. New puzzles, worlds, and challenges would help this game last longer; as it is very easy to beat. But was an entertaining game while it lasted! Lastly fixing the bugs and glitching would be so beneficial. I enjoyed the game as is! I recommend it 100% if you are willing to pay to opt out of ads, or don’t mind watching a 10-30 second ad every throw.

dragon gir
Jun 10, 2019

I am so obsessed with this I've had it for two hours and I have collected like 35 different types of animals 🐵🐔🐶🐷. I am kind annoyed that double it or triple it before you can Except your money which I kinda annoying? And it gets so pricey for half and hour I have been trying to get 10,927,736 Wich I only have 4,758,846 so I have a long time to go....... I was once about to get a new animal once I got it with the last it totally glitched and now I don't have the giraffe! Also it's very baggy once it comes to money you accidently tap something that you can't afford and all of them sudden you are at the store looking at the deals. Once you get really far and you want to get a certain animal and there at the back all of a sudden your dodging all the animals to get to this one kind (︶^︶) I just got this game but I hear the before version was much better so I am kind un happy (ಥ_ಥ) I also hear that there are to many adds and I agree so much and it's like voodoo games there are totally to Many I never compare adds to voodoo but now I am!. I still love this game though I think it's annoying because you watch videos and get to keep saying but cause it just give you the same thing over and over again it's pretty annoying and I think that adds are a problem and I do that want to pay anything and also people are complaining about updates so I would really like one it gets pretty boring after a while but it's still fun.!!!!!!

Taylor2756 E
Jul 06, 2019

I love this game!! It is soo addicting!! But there is one thing. So the thing is that with the up grades at the bottom of the page I think that every time you up grade your rope or your offline earnings it raises the price to much. So maybe you could do this! So lets say your the price to upgrade your rope length is 4,000 coins and I wanted to upgrade my length of my rope twice but I only have 12,000 coins and I really needed to upgrade my rope twice so I probably would not be able to upgrade my rope so this is how I would change the upgrade system if the upgrade price was 4,000 and I upgraded it twice it would be a lot more money he second time I upgrade because y’all raise the price to much but if you raise the price every other upgrade I think that would be nice! But I really like the new upgrade with the gold chest those are really good they really help you if your money is low. Everything else in the game is perfect it is just the upgrade thing! Ps Sorry I did not get to the point with the up grade thing.😂

May 30, 2019

This game is great, BUT I downloaded the game and my lasso is very slow.... it makes me maneuver through all the animals to get to my lasso’s full length. This would not be such a problem if the following did not happen..... whenever I hit an animal on the way to my destination the game makes the lasso retracted and I have to start again, and the gameplay takes twice as long. It becomes very frustrating. Then I saw that the game had an update and I got back on the game. The problem was NOT fixed. So I took the chance to delete the game and redownload. My problem was still NOT fixed, and I lost all my progress. I have completely stopped playing the game over frustration.... and I gave this game 2 stars so maybe the creators will read my review. I really do love the game but I can’t enjoy it completely due to my problem. I will be more than happy to write another review with five stars when my problem is fixed. Although, this is just my problem. No one else I know is experiencing this. So if you are a customer reading thinking about getting the game PLEASE believe me.... it’s worth that game one click! Thank you for reading!😁

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Well grab your boots and saddle up, Pardner, because you are in for the ride of your life.

COWBOY! lets you live your best lasso life without the annoying dusty chaps. The latest release from Lion Studios puts YOU in the saddle as the ropin’est hand this side of Tombstone.

With your trusty lariat and a myriad of

steeds (Ever wanted to ride a panda? A gorilla? A pink and black unicorn??), your one job is to collect as many animals as you can in the Wild West.

Simple, right? WRONG.

What takes seconds to learn will take forever to master. The more animals you bring in, the more upgrades are available to you: rope more creatures each throw, earn more coins, and, most importantly, extend your lasso’s length. You will need every foot you can get as you chase down increasingly more exotic, and sometimes even fictional, animals for your collection. Start by rustling cattle and goats, horses and alpacas. But wait, what’s that down the path? Zebras, kangaroos, squirrels; you’ll need a precise and quick finger to catch those rascally…. dinosaurs???

Game Features:

1. Tons of Secret Beasts

Gotta lasso them all! There are so many animals in the game for you to catch and collect. Don't miss out on opportunities to catch these ultra-rare beasts.

2. Show off with your Trophy Room

Display your trophies like a true cowboy legend and track your accomplishments. Can you catch enough rare animals to fill a zoo? Only !

3. Level up your lasso

The more you catch, the more money you make. The more you earn, the better your equipment becomes. And thanks to the addition of idle earnings, you can have a ton of cash waiting for you when you return to the game!

4. Free to play with no WIFI needed!

Play endlessly, anytime and anywhere, for free! No internet connection is required!

5. New skins, animals, and worlds to unlock!

Traverse dozens of levels in our constantly expanding world that is much wilder than the West ever was! Stop living like a city slicker and get up on that high horse (or unicorn) you always dreamed of riding.

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level, or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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