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Nov 11, 2019

plz don’t me and my group of friends download this as a joke we all were laughing at the flash light then we realized this wasn’t fake my one friend got 1 day 54 seconds the rest of us laughed , a day went by my friend was still alive we were still all together that one friend was about to leave and we didn’t like the way her mom looked she looked like momo we didn’t want her to leave but her mom forced her .we had school the next day ,so we went to school together but that one friend .when we got there she didn’t show up so we all got worried but we didn’t think to much about it till are school got put in lock down and we heard over the announcement. saying “your friend is dead we are here to kill all you” me and my friends and i got really scared we were all texting are parents scared as hell ,we were just sitting in the corner and we looked at the window and it looked like momo and james charlie’s mix and are friends organs on them they screamed “we are coming to get u next “ they pointed at me i got really scared bc i looked at the app and it said i had 1 hour left my alive friends had about 3 hours ... next thing are parents looked at the news and it said that all of us were killed my james and momo .

Nov 08, 2019

so I was just really bored and decided to download this app. Me and my friend had hung out and she decided to download it to. My had said 1 year and 21 minutes. Me and my friend laughed and joked abt it. A couple of minutes later I got a notification on my phone saying “don’t delete it, accurate”. My heart started racing but I figured it was just part of the app to make it scary. Maybe another 10 minutes later I got the same notification and got a bit worried. My friend has showed me what hers said and it said 5 minutes. We went downstairs to get a snack and heard faint noises coming from my guest room. We thought maybe it was my parents or siblings. Me and my friend went back upstairs after a while and she forgot her phone. I asked her how much time she had left and she reminded me that she forgot her phone. Someone had raddled the door knob and I figured it was my mom or dad. It went silent. A couple hours later we decided to delete the app since it was scaring us and causing some problems. After a while, we got it again just for a while and thought “if it has the same time it’s real..” and guess what?! My friend has said 45 seconds. We panicked and deleted the apps and turned off our phones and decided to watch some TV. My friend went home the next day, and for a very like time she hadn’t been at school. Eventually on the news they announced she had been murdered. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP GUYS!!

Nov 02, 2019

i downloaded this app for fun and i told my friend to download it too. it said i had 1 year and a few days. it also said 45 minutes and 7 seconds. i told my friend that i was gonna delete it because my flash was going CRAZY! i got scared and my heart started beating!!! I deleted the app and remember how much time i had left. i got the app again at least 1 or 2 minutes later and it was still keeping track of how much time i have left. i told my friend before i downloaded it the second time that if it doesn’t show the same thing that it did as before i deleted it the first time then it is DEFINITELY fake! but it showed the same thing. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS! i’m scared to go to sleep next year in November or December because i might die in my sleep!!!!!😭😭😭 hopefully i don’t! RIP me......💔💗 i’ll be in 6th grade next year which is middle school. i don’t wanna die in middle school . i wanna go to a highschool and college!! and have a good life when i’m older and live to be at least 110 or 109 years old! but, WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!😭😭😭😭😭 bye (ps. this is NOT a joke)😭 bye

Oct 27, 2019

I’m just sitting around, and my dad and I ponder whether or not we should go to a movie. We see the countdown movie and think “Oh, does this app actually exist?” We’re all laughing as my dad pulls it up in the App Store, but my stepmom says not to download it. My dad agreed to, but later I got bored and decided to download it for myself. It said I had only 18 years left. Wanting to check the accuracy of the app because o was bored, I got in my time traveling couch and took a trip to 19 years in the future to see if I could find myself. Oddly enough, I found out from my future family that I had died in a sausage factory assembly line after turning into a dog and not being able to control myself because of the amazing smell. So, there is no doubt in my mind that this app is actually accurate. Don’t download it unless you’re willing to face the consequence of knowing when your final breath will be! Mine will be at the hands of machines... 😂 joking, joking. Hope I didn’t scare the paws off you! Mmm.. what a delicious smell. Breakfast is ready!

Oct 19, 2019

Me and my friends downloaded the app to laugh about it and see who had the least time my friend A.A had only 0years 0minutes 0days 0seconds the day went by she still wasn’t dead but she came over to my house after school we were sitting in the bed and the time and days and all that went crazy and kept changing and it was playing creepy music and then the E-Girl lights in my room started flickering like crazy all of a sudden the whole room went dark then they turned back on and my friend A.A was being strangled by Barbie with milk crate I took my size 13 Nike left shoe and hit Barbie across her plastic face and knocked her out me and A.A ran out my house leaving everything Barbie came out of no where and hit me in the tidds and took A.A when I woke up I was in a pink house. All pink. I looked around and saw my friend A.A she was taped to a chair and I was aswell doctor barbie came in and took A.A’s intestines and I gladly escaped and we had A.A’s funeral and guess who I saw. Barbie. now we don’t know where she’s at.

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Countdown App has 18 718 user reviews.

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Countdown App has an average rating of 3.3.

The latest version of Countdown App (1.5) ​was ​released on Oct 27, 2019.

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Your countdown is waiting. Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will

predict exactly how long is left.

Tag us in your countdowns using #CountdownApp and #CountdownMovie to be featured in the app.

The wait is over... Experience COUNTDOWN - Now Playing in Theaters.

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WARNING: This application may not be suitable for users with epilepsy.

This application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience.

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Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.