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Oct 09, 2019

I started playing this game and I found it slow and myself out matched. I still played it on the side. Once I unlocked some very powerful units. I started to dominate the competition and found it very satisfying. I found that my units were to similar and I changed it up to win more. I hit level 30 and thought it took much to long to level up but I started to learn how to use to units I already had and master them. I kept playing and after few months the game began to feel simple and easy. As I was getting close to quitting I unlocked new units and began to learn to play with them. These new units were different than the rest. They were much more specialized than the others creating a massive advantage if used properly but a huge weak point of not. As I neared the max level I figured out that to many expensive units are to difficult to make and get overrun if not supported. So I turned back to some of the first units I got and it really made a difference. I am still changing how I play. The game is constantly getting new units to use each with their own abilities and weaknesses. The game is to good to just read about you have to get it and try it for yourself. Give it time it will feel simple started out and like every time you fight you either dominate or get dominated. This changes and the battles will feel like a struggle.

Dec 31, 2018

I have enjoyed playing this game and have yet to spend a penny. That is because the packages that they offer a ridiculously expensive for what you get. For the price of slightly upgraded the unit, you could buy a full-fledged command and conquer game for your PC. Five to $10 for only one or two levels and upgrade is ridiculous. On that note however, I gave the game four stars because I still find it very entertaining and in the spirit of command and conquer. I am a huge fan of command and conquer and fill this deserves a four star rating as I can still play the game and have fun without spending any money. I am of the mindset that I would like to help the developers in any way but not simply a donation. If there becomes a package or anything like that that is actually fair in cost I will get it. Overall, very well-developed game and find a play. The micro transactions being so expensive are the only negative that I can currently find. There have been a few times I have gone up against somebody several levels higher than me with their units and I have won, but other times I stood no chance cause they were way too high of a level. There is a lvl cap of units but at a point you don’t get to level them very fast.

Jan 06, 2019

Now I’m not saying I don’t love the game because I do I just spent my first 20 $ over the last week and am now lvl 10 and in both leagues silver and one gold and can barely compete basically 2 or 3 losses per win. Ima tell you straight out a few tips first play and enjoy the game cuz it’s mostly bots or guys who really don’t give a dam at first who you’ll be playing with this is the best times you’ll .... after you unlock nod at lvl join an alliance this is key and join a big one because you donate cards and they do to so this helps you get the cards without paying and this is when the game becomes major pay 2 play like how I’m having trouble now even 20$ yes you will pay because wen it’s 3,000 credits and 150 cards to level up a rifleman squad by god you will pay or play till next year for them lol now is it fun? Yes does it have robots and cool space vehicles? Yes do you build the base? Not really but yea I guess join an alliance be prepared to spend a little money like I said I spent 20$ and am having a little trouble still which is why I dropped my rating to three star...and pls add campaign like South Park phone destroyer to unlock cards! And increase currency and xp gain per win or just do somerhing where we can get stuff for free I don’t mind paying but 20$ in a still getting rolled on come on EA!thx for reading my long review just wanted it to be honest - Cadillak(in the game)

Oct 11, 2019

From a pure gaming perspective I would give this game 5 stars. Plenty of weapons, game is fairly intense, good graphics and definitely good strategy is required. However, this game is designed to take cash out of you wallet. You cannot progress or upgrade your weapons without spending a lot. Also, more advanced players get resources faster so they can build more weapons then you and at a faster rate making extremely difficult to win, unless you want to spend more money. And the final cheat. If you are Colonial Jackson or his opposite in Nod you can use there abilities to super speed up the harvesters and thus be able to produce premium weapons at a very rapid rate. This makes it impossible to lose unless you are a fool. The top end advance by challenging the lower end who they know they should defeat and they advance even further. More then once I had an opponent produce 5 super tanks. Based on the cheat I mention above you are going down to defeat. I just had an opponent attack me with 5 Titans when I barely had time to produce one with the same 2 harvesters. I am maxed out on level 60 but still getting beat by these cheaters supercharging their harvesters. The best part is the contests where they limit your level so you have a fairer chance against opponents that would normally be several levels above you. This should be the core of the regular game. Too Bad it is not.

Robert Seeber
Dec 18, 2018

The game is fun, but when I saw the ad, I was thinking of a large scale battlefield with mobile bases and a thousand ways to attack, and the ability to capitalizing on the stats of either the allies, Soviet Union, or the Imperial Empire like in Red Alert, but when I started playing the game, the feeling from the original games when away and left me with an “oh...” kinda feeling, the game itself isn’t that bad, but it barely relates to the original games, the screen is fixed in a certain area without and movement, the bases are fixed in place, the need to build endless fields power plants and other essentials and gone, and it’s purely a capture this point kinda game that personally gets boring really quickly, it’s not so bad that I can’t even look at it anymore and rave about it on Twitter, but it wasn’t nearly what I was expecting and gets boring easily, but at least it brings in new features like personal troop upgrades though, and it’s a red vs blue style game, but I hope that we get a game like that soon where we can rest on feelings nostalgia while besting the Soviet Union at every turn with our friends, or fail and get crushed by the hammer over and over again with said friends. Thank you for reading this review if you did, and I hope I’ve given you guys some new ideas for updates or new games

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There’s no victory like one against your rivals! Feel the rush of competition in Command & Conquer: Rivals, an action-packed RTS with strategic tactics capable of turning the tide of any battle. Take control of your customized army and conquer your opponent in The War for Tiberium. Team up with friends

to share resources in alliances. Create your combination of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more to outsmart your opponent’s strategy in fast, fun PvP matches.

In Command & Conquer: Rivals, the strategy behind your skills determines victory or defeat. Choose a Commander to lead your forces – each holds powerful abilities that can influence your approach. Customize your army with winning combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more. Then evolve it to align with your Commander’s unique abilities, before unleashing destructive weapons and vehicles in quick and exciting PvP battles!

Test your strategy against your opponent’s strategy in live PvP as you battle to outwit your rivals in real time! Choose to fight for the Global Defense Initiative or Brotherhood of Nod. Restock your supplies and boost your army with valuable supply convoys. Join an alliance to team up with friends, share resources, and climb the leaderboards. Complete daily challenges for massive rewards that improve your Commanders, weapons, and abilities. Grow your army with every victory in this adrenaline-fueled RTS!

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