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rainbowfan ponies
Apr 16, 2019

I for one love this game. It’s really fun. But I’ve read a ton of reviews about this game and they all say too many ads!! And I agree. There are a lot of ads in it. And you have to pay to get rid of them! But I somewhat found a way that will work 99% of the time. You can find a little thing under CONTINUE that says no thanks after 9 seconds. Or you can wait it for a couple of seconds. Anyways, The game is super fun and challenging. But can someone pls fix the ads. Thanks. Hi!!🙂 so after I made my first review I played this game some more for a couple of days. And today I finally realized that there are some of the same levels. Like how in the beginning you play different levels but as you get farther in you will start to realize that you are playing the same levels. I have read other reviews about this. I literally just played the same level that I played with the other day. Pls if you could add some bonus levels or even just a different level that would be nice. - Queen Pickle Hola, so I have been playing this game and I Am on a really high level. And now it glitches and I keep dying . So now I am wondering if this is just something with my phone or if it’s the game. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you whoever is reading this. If his happens to other people I would like this fixed. This has been happening for a few days now and I am kinda mad. So thanks for reading pls right a review if this is happening to you.😐👋🏻

Jul 26, 2019

So. I got this game and played it for about 3 days and had already gotten to stage 100. It was very addictive and I found myself looking forward to my first floor texture purchase. When I got it, I realized that it was a total disappointment. I knew that it would be just a new look but it didn’t even show that big of a difference. If you could make the designs more well defined, that would be great. This leads me to the second problem, there is only the poorly designed floors as a reward. You spend hours working to get to as many bonus stages as possible and get that crap. Add some other ideas, such as ball trails, ball designs, and backgrounds. The final thing is the one a lot of people notice around stage 100, the repeats in stages. Come on. What a lazy move. Plenty of games create THOUSANDS of levels that are harder to create than your little balls and blocks. This game has the potential to be a great app, but in the end, it has the quality of a beta stage game. I hope the developers realize that their add infested “free” game is so low quality that a 10 year old could make it on Khan Academy. Hope you all have a nice day. Update: I have now realized that they are adding new levels every few months. I can’t tell, however, if they are “adding new levels” and just saying that you can now get to stage 1500(?) and they just use the same stages.

some dude who hates things
Jan 06, 2019

The game is fun in a trivial way. There’s almost no levels that are hard and the ones that are hard are only like that due to bad design, stuff like colored blocks being placed too close together and the physics of certain shapes being a bit odd for the situation. Let me give an example. There’s a few stages where there will be a wall of colored blocks, and a big shape right in front of it. My example is this exact situation, except the giant object is a short cylinder, like a wheel of cheese, and the colored objects are a bunch of little triangles in a wall about four or five layers thick. The goal is to destroy the wall with the cylinder, but it was an oversight that the triangles can tip backwards and make a ramp for the cylinder, so it just launches into the air, and you’re left with a two or three layer thick wall. Those levels are few and far between, and I’ve only encountered about three of them in my 140 level experience. One more gripe. After level 100 you will get a message that you’ve completed the game, and that it will get harder from that point on... it does not. It stays the exact same in every single way imaginable, and doesn’t get challenging for even a second. Fun game, too easy.

Jun 29, 2019

I really like the game, and I’ve only had it for two days but I’ve already noticed some things that are annoying and bother me. The first one is the adds. No I know there was going to be adds, but not every few seconds! Sometimes when I die it gives me the chance to continue and watch a add or just restart and try again. Even when I don’t want to continue I still have to watch add. What really bothers me is when I just stay that level with my ball already moving and then boom, a add pops up. So if you hate adds or are impatient then I don’t recommend it. Another thing is that the levels are too easy. Like I fly through 5 of them in minutes. But then there are those few levels out of no where are impossible. It takes me forever to get through it. I feel like for me the best thing about this game is that it’s satisfying to watch and play so it relaxes me a little bit. So if your a person thinking about getting this, I hope you can handle a ton of adds and easy levels.

Jun 16, 2019

This is an amazing game. I absolutely love playing it. One problem though: it stops getting harder. At a certain point very early on in the game, the levels just stop getting more difficult. I should know, too, I’m on level 1097 and the game has not gotten ANY harder. I’m blasting through every level on the first try and I’ve started to get tired of it. Now, in NO way am I saying that you are bad at this game if you have a hard time getting past a level, but for those who do, there should be some more difficult levels. Other than this, I have no problems with the game. There are a lot of ads but you can either fix this by buying the NO ADS option or by putting your phone into airplane mode. Edit: I just saw that there has been a new feature added to buy a new theme or something like that? I’m not entirely sure what that is yet, but it’s definitely a step forward that they are adding new features and something to work towards so you don’t get bored. I’m excited to see what happens with this. 👍

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