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Aug 06, 2019

Citi makes many updates, so always keep enough data space left on your hard disk. App is far away from being perfect, but for almost everyday banking things it's acceptable. If you pay your own credit card invoice and just transfer between your own Citi accounts, it NEVER shows the amount! The screen shows 0.00 only, that could be a surprise (happened on e to me) and it transfers the full open balance which of course was way different to the invoice amount, why pay too early! (pay in full EVERY month!) Infos pretty up to date otherwise, account easy displayed, FICO score shown for free and Thankyou Balance all available once you log in to your account within the App. BUT as said, if you know how a EU (or even better, a German) Bank works, this is going back to stone age with Citi! (Maybe that's why Citibank pulled out of Germany, years ago? Couldn't keep up!) From the safety features, 1 step log in and transactions is NOT safe, i think, but again, it's a US Bank . . . Safety means not much in the banking sector, so is this App, but it's the same with BoA and Chase too. 👎🏻 Just so you be warned! It's your money, never trust anybody with it, not even your Bank or there App's 😉 Always double check each transaction.

Aug 06, 2019

I’ve had the app for a long time. I’ve had a credit card linked to Citibank for over a decade. But today, when I tried to set up my app with the thumb print, it not only didn’t work...but it locked me out. THEN...when I tried to reset password, which is all it lets me do to get back in, it asked for my credit card number for verification. I entered all the correct info...and it tells me the card isn’t linked to my account. Uh, yes it is. But it says I can link it I play along and do that, it says I linked it successfully, which is just swell considering it’s already been linked for many years, but whatever makes you happy. So I go back to signing in, it says I’m still locked out and to reset my password. So here I am in this loop again, but least I know for sure my card is linked. So I go through that, put in the number and info...and AGAIN, it tells me the card isn’t linked. I actually tried the whole loop another time!! And it doesn’t work! Citibank, please! Pay attention, your app has bugs, bad ones, and gets stuck in a loop without any way out. You have no idea how annoying this is! So after 10 hours, I’m STILL locked out with no way of getting in. You have a lot of fixing to do Citibank. Please...make this fool proof. You probably don’t realize what goofs this has going for it. I do not recommend this app. I used to, but not after today, this is too big a boo-boo.

Jul 14, 2019

We have two accounts and have been with CITI for over 12 years. Every month, we go online and pay both accounts through our separate payment account. Then tried to use this app. Could not link, so we called technical support. Finally got one account activated before leaving on trip. The following day, before departure, we tried to pay both accounts. By setting up the mobile app, both accounts became unlinked, as well as the payment information. After well over an hour online with a rep that could only read from a script (she did not listen to our problem), she said that the account was pending and to try back in 24-48 hrs and enter in the information again. How is that pending as we are redoing the process? So we leave and the day after we get home, we go through the process again. After even more hours on the phone with tech support, then customer service (I was steamed), only to be switched back the tech support (who tried to help but was unsuccessful), we were told that a ticket would be written and we could expect an email to resolve the issue. Every time we were talking with tech support, they could only walk us through the same steps. As a work around, we have had to establish two separate accounts AND now have them sending us two separate paper statements so that they could get paid. Waiting to see the email to see if this is resolved, otherwise, we are canceling our accounts.

Jun 11, 2019

These ratings are going to go down after that last App Update that makes the app more confusing with less features. I am a US citizen living abroad. When I transfer money from my Savings to my Checking, I have to wait for the “real time” here to catch up with the “real time” there. I’ve called and complained but the new update did nothing. I should NOT have to wait for my money to move between my own accounts. And imagine trying to explain that when I call in and am talking to someone from the Philippines—they just don’t understand the different time zone concept. They keep saying that I need to select “now” which isn’t even an option. “Now” here is 16 hours later than “now” I’m the US. The only reason I have to keep all my money in my Savings is because someone frauded our account and kept calling in and saying he was my husband and Citibank would not tell us how much of our personal information the guy had. When I finally spoke to someone high up in the fraud department, he told me “well I’ve been working fraud for many years and social security numbers are public information.” Seriously! I think he was saying that so that Citibank did not look so bad bc of the breach. Or he did not want us to sue Citibank?? AND NOW, the new app no longer allows for global transfers! I have to login for that! Why even use the App if it keeps digressing!

Jun 10, 2019

It seems like every other time I try to login I get the red bar at top saying they are having technical issues. I can’t even get the snapshot you are supposed to get without logging in. This happens ALL the time. The times I don’t get the red bar it says my account is locked because of password problems. This is before I even try to login. So I go through the process of “unlocking” it by putting my whole card number in, putting the last for of my SS, only to use the exact same password. Then I find out even though it says it is locked, if you just wait a little bit (sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 24 hours) you can put your password in again without having to “unlock” it. It seems as though they don’t want you to be able to login very often. They are probably hoping you forget and then get charged the interest because I always pay it off the second there is a charge on there. There should be a way to pay off the balance every time there is one. I’m not talking about autopay once a month, I want as soon as a charge shows up, the next business days it is paid off. This way i don’t have to do a large lump sum at the end of each month. At minimum I want to be able to login when I want to, not when they want me to. If this card wasn’t attached to Costco I would have canceled it awhile ago.

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All Mobile Account*: Open a checking or savings account right from the app without setting foot in a bank branch
Card Replacement: Request a new card if your original is lost, stolen or damaged
Citi Mobile® Snapshot: Quickly review key account info

– without having to sign in every time
Zelle®: A fast, fee-free way within the Citi Mobile App to pay and easily split payments with people you trust.**
Mobile Check Deposit: Quickly and easily deposit checks from anywhere
ATM Finder: Easily locate one of more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs in the U.S.
Account Information: View your statements, check balances and recent activity
Make same-day or scheduled payments easily
Aggregation*: Link virtually all your bank accounts, credit cards and investment accounts for a more holistic financial view to managing your finances
Spending insights*: Track your spending habits and trends across your accounts
Bill management*: View and manage your bills and recurring payments in one place
FICO® Score : Citi credit card customers can view their FICO® Score for free
Make payments, including automatic payments, and transfers.
Dispute credit card transactions if ever needed and track the status
Stay informed with Account Alerts: Choose the alerts you want and even when you want them
Change your credit card due date: Choose the beginning, middle, or end of a month
Citi® Quick Lock: Lock or unlock your lost or misplaced card
PIN Reset: Reset your debit card PIN from your mobile device
Enable Touch ID® or Face ID® for a fast and safe way to access your account
* Features are available today on a limited basis.
**Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.