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jungkook & nayeon
Jun 30, 2019

I really like the game because there are a lot of stuff to do and there’s videos too. I really had a good start, my first draw of my card is five star so it is a really good card. Everything goes smooth until I got stuck in level 10. I don’t know how what to do because the in the agency task, BTS are really tired and I don’t know how to improve their health in the game. I don’t know how to get more stuff they need. So I ignore it and focus in finishing the task for each individual group. At first I focus in only Jeongguk or Jungkook but definitely I think it’s Jungkook, I focus on his life then I got stuck when I don’t have enough points to pass the task. I tried doing the others it went well until I eventually got stuck at some point. I spend my diamonds if I’m right, I also spend my BTS money to draw cards. Until I reach 3,500 BTS money, I can’t draw more cards. I also don’t have the enough diamond to draw more cards so I end up getting stuck at this level. If there’s anyone who can advice me something, please let me know because I want to keep playing this game or I might end up redoing everything. Though, I say, I spent my BTS money and diamonds till I can’t no more. So I know this should be a rating but I am also asking for help. Anyway, if are thrifty, this won’t happen to you. After all, I really like the game.

Aug 29, 2019

First off I’m not a young fan. Just love BTS and their music and dancing and the hard work they put in. I actually don’t like much Kpip. Regarding other comments about inappropriate or “creepy?” Content. I’m pretty sure BTS members would never have allowed use of content or storylines they didn’t approve of. I think if you’re getting flirtatious or creepy feedback maybe you’re not answering the questions in a mature fashion. I don’t know because I only answer as an older female. Perhaps my own demographics didn’t trigger younger questions. It’s a hard game. It’s good to multitask, have a good memory and bring your calculator or be able to add well. I find the pace for restoring wings too slow. I get annoyed with the time to exchange the level one cards. There are tricks you have to figure out. Sorry not giving any spoilers. But you have to remember it’s a game and not take it too seriously. That said I do really enjoy playing it for over an hour everyday. I wouldn’t recommend it for under 16 but I know BTS has a huge young female following. They do deal with controversial issues but BTS has never skirted around those facts. That’s life. I would hope fans have healthy lives and don’t develop eating disorders or self harm problems. With the sheer numbers of people they influence. That’s not possible as long as BTS is BTS.

loving ana~💜
Jun 27, 2019

Many of the people that are playing this game say that they are disappointed in how they portray our loving band members but this the real world and everyone has a problem. I know sometimes people don’t want to share their feelings but with this game we are able to understand what they have gone through. I also understand all the stereotypes they put in the game but trust me when I say I thought the same thing when I first entered the ARMY fandom. And yes, I absolutely adore this game and how much time and effort they put into but please hear me out, as much as it disappoint you people seeing and hear all the personal things from the of each and every member, look at them now. These boys are living their best life, following their dreams, encouraging people to stand up and love themselves. And a little side note, detail is a very important in everything but with out it, their story, their legend, their legacy wouldn’t be here, we the ARMY wouldn’t be here either. Now, many of you may think I’m rambling and that my opinion doesn’t matter but again please hear me out, this game is supposed to demonstrate all the hardships and all the memories that the members have gone through to lead them to where they are now. They are paving the way for every music genre, not just K-Pop. I hope you understand what I am trying to say and I thank you for reading this. I purple you ARMY and BTS, keep fighting!!!!💜💜💜

Jun 27, 2019

I really enjoy this game. The amount of work BTS put into this game is something that needs to be recognized and appreciated. In my opinion it’s very entertaining and can cure boredom. I like the the fact that you get to experience the life of the manager of BTS, even if it isn’t very accurate. On the other hand there are people that have some problems with game, which I totally understand. There were problems such as misgendering, the whole Jimin and his eating disorder situation, Yoongi “invading the managers privacy” , and flirting with Jungkook despite the fact that he’s very young. I honestly blame the misgendering on the translators. I guess that they should’ve been more thoughtful knowing that BTS have male fans. Jimins eating disorder was most likely approved to be in the game. I see why people have a problem with it because of not putting a warning for people that get hurt by this. Yoongi invading the “managers” privacy could also be the translators problem, but it also could’ve been misunderstood. Flirting with Jungkook although he is young could have also been misunderstood. Although these problems have brought attention, I personally think that these things shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

Jun 30, 2019

So I’ve been an ARMY for almost 4 years now and I’m in my mid-twenties. The game is a cute interactive fanfic. I love the cards, videos, music, and creativity all the departments create for this app. My heart swells when I think about all the hard work so many people have put into this!! I love all the little facts and details placed throughout the game and stories that can make any ARMY’s heart flutter. The “Another Story” section is very creative! My only real complain is that the story can be a bit cringey and unrealistic at times. The main character seems a little too young and ends up making silly mistakes and overly flirty comments due to their ARMY history. In the other stories, she’s a bit too desperate and obsessive towards the boys, taking whatever measures to get closer to them (Kind of makes me think of saesangs). Speaking of BTS characters, some of them have a personality that, in my opinion, wouldn’t seem entirely accurate if they were really 6 years younger and just starting out, i.e. being overly confident, rude, outspoken, etc. (however I could also be wrong on that fact). Although I get that many fans might feel these reactions, either from the main or BTS characters, can be considered authentic, I feel a little silly/confused while playing this role. However, for my love of these cards and my eagerness to come to the endings of these stories, I’ll play every day! 😄

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It's 2012 - and you work at Big Hit. As BTS's manager, their debut is up to you!

Is this the beginning of your success story?
Will you be able to go back to your own world?
It’s time to live your wildest dreams - jump right in!

[Game Characteristics]
▶ 'Help BTS Debut! Dramatic, cinematic 〈BTS STORY〉
- Embark on a journey where you and BTS grow

- Bring the members together and help them develop into great artists!

▶ What if they never joined BTS? 7 members, 7 different stories 〈ANOTHER STORY〉
- "I'll be your strength!" Befriend the different members and help them solve their problems to fulfill their dreams!
- Enjoy various genres of storytelling, from Mystery to Comedy to Sports and more!
- Detective Kim Namjun/Handsome Hotelier Kim Seok Jin/Min Yunki and the Music Academy/White-coated Angel Jeong Hoseok/
Park Jimin’s Rice Cakes, Dancing, Tears/Lv. 1 Farmer Kim Taehyung/Jeon Jeongguk and the Taekwondo Club

▶ "Who keeps pressing 'Like' on every new photo?" 〈1 on 1 conversations with the members of BTS〉
- Texts! Social Feed! Voice Calls! Video Calls!
Your battery can’t keep up with all these conversations!
- Increase Affinity with the members! Who knows, maybe you'll even learn their innermost thoughts!

▶ Available exclusively in BTS WORLD: 〈BTS Member Cards〉
- “I bet you’ve never seen a moving photo card before - right?"
Collect moving photo cards of BTS and let the members speak to you!
- Collecting and upgrading your different BTS Member Cards
will reveal even more exclusive stories and interactions with the members!

*For the best possible gameplay, make sure you have enough storage space.
*Additional fees may apply for in-app purchases.

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VIP Membership: 4.99 USD / Monthly (or local equivalent)
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[Minimum Specs]
iPhone 5S or higher, iOS 9 or higher

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▶ Necessary Permissions
- Device Storage access is required to store and install data and to access the CS Center.

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- Camera access is needed to access Mobile content and to access the CS Center.
*The service can be used even if permissions are not granted.

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