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Emerald D.G
Dec 09, 2018

This game is amazing dont get me wrong, but Im starting to get bugs and glitches every now and then. Starting when i moved to the Robot board, when i landed on the tile to fight the robot, he had 780 health! He only had 280 when i first checked too! But when the time ran out to defeat him, he went back down to 280 health again. That annoyed me since it happened three times in a row, but then it didnt matter anymore because today i moved to a new board, the Sugar Rush board. I rolled a few times and landed on the tile that lets you bake with chocolate. Once again, the “health” or amount i needed to add was 280, but then when i put in the chocolate, it went up to 780 again! And i only can get 48 in per chance with 6x boost, so literally i can only get in 8 with a normal roll. Thats not enough to fill the bowl within 24 hours. I dont know if this is supposed to happen, but please change it back to normal. Besides that, the suggestions i may have is that you get to make your own board piece or skin. Like have you be able to take and mold shapes, color them, and make your own piece. That would be cool, other than that, the game is great and i hope you fix every problem you find, Thanks.

Mar 05, 2019

The last two updates have left my game broken. Though I've leveled up 4 times during that time, I have repeatedly been returned to a board 5 boards behind where I should be, effectively leaving me unable to move forward in the game. When I tried to contact customer service with this issue to alert them to the fact that the bug had not been fixed, I received a response full of attitude. The rep basically implied that I should have been happy with the 100 dice they gave out to everyone as an apology for the bug and that the issue had been fixed already. Clearly it has not been because my game is still not working and I have noticed many other players who have complained about the exact same issue within the last few hours. I have no reason to lie and I resent the implication that I would, especially since I initially refrained from leaving a poor review so as to allow them the fair opportunity to fix the problem. This is extremely rude and disappointing. While I'm here I will also point out that using slanted eyes to represent Asian bunnies is very offensive. It has been bothering me ever since the Chinese board was introduced but I have held my tongue because I previously respected the game developer and trusted that they did not intend offense. After the disrespectful exchange with their customer service, I have concluded that they simply do not care about their users' experience.

AVerySadPlayer 😔
Mar 26, 2019

The update seemed pretty cool at first because now I have 80 rolls instead of 50 each time I play and the regeneration speed is a little faster now. However, the game is still made almost impossible because I have to spend 7 million coins to update certain landmarks and buildings. Which honestly is ridiculous. I didn’t complain at first because originally I only had to update one board twice but so far I have updated my board 2 times already and it sent me back to the same board yet a third time. This is game is stating to longer be fun. When the update happened I thought it would be great at first but the update had no real difference if the roles go up and the prices skyrocket too you might as well have left it at 50 rolls with the same prices. It shouldn’t be easy but it also shouldn’t be impossible. The fact that there is no cap on how much money someone can steal from you also makes it extremely hard to update anything then you play the waiting game so you can get more rolls when you run out and try to save your coins but when you come back all of them are gone. Being about to steal 6 Million coins from someone is crazy to me...honestly. Idk when I get enough coins to upgrade to a new board then maybe I’ll update my response on how many times I need to upgrade one single board but so far, like I mentioned before, I am on my third upgrade for the board I am currently on.

Aug 02, 2019

This game is really fun and I’ve been playing it for probably over 2 years but I will be undownloading it because I’m tired of paying. I’m on level 170 and the newest board and I can say for certain that this game has gotten greedy. In order to advance in the events, you need to buy rolls if you ever hope to get the final event rewards in the time frame that the event runs. And they keep track of what you pay for the bundles because the cost will keep going up. I ran a little experiment because it started wanting me to pay $30-50 for a bundle that used to cost maybe $5-10. So I stopped paying for awhile. After about 6 months of not paying and not playing, bundles started costing close to $10-15. Ridiculous that this company plays people like that. Also, after spending god knows how much to finish that Christmas album, the developers send some of us something to “reward” our hard work. I got stickers. STICKERS! Seriously??? I pay hundreds of dollars to finish that album on time for the final reward and I get stickers?? Also, carrots for events are harder to get. I used to be able to get carrots at least 10 times across my board. There’s only 3 carrot tiles on my board right now. Absolutely ridiculous. Like I said, fun game and obviously addicting, but be prepared to pay if you want to advance.

Oct 17, 2019

This game was really fun initially but all of the ways you can advance or win extra rolls becomes a pay money situation. They have challenges that you collect bottles that you use for “spins” in a challenge. The spins are how many spaces the character will advance trying to get to treasure chests. It literally takes hundreds of bottles to get to just the first chest. They also have albums that you collect stickers for and when you complete chapters you get bonus rolls and gems and then if you complete the album it’s a big bonus. The issue with that is in a pack of 4-7 stickers you will end up with 4 of the same sticker in every pack. I got one pack that had 5 of the same sticker and one other. If you purchase their deals of extra rolls and gems you have a better chance of advancing. Also it is ridiculous that you have to upgrade buildings on each board twice to get to the next board and the amount of coins it costs to upgrade buildings becomes outrageous! If they gave more rolls per hour (your rolls will replenish only 6 at a time so it’s literally you can play twice a day because 6 rolls is NOTHING!) and more ways to get gems and the bottles for their challenges it would be a really fun game. After I leave this review I’m deleting the game because I can’t afford to pay $12 every week to advance.

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Developed by the Jelly Button Games LTD


Board Kings™ has 39 971 user reviews.

Board Kings™ has an average rating of 4.5.

The latest version of Board Kings™ (3.9.3) ​was ​released on Nov 05, 2019.

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Have a Hoppin’ Good Time in Board Kings!
Roll the dice in Board Kings and get ready for unique board games unlike any other!

In the Game of Life, You Gotta Roll the Dice!
Welcome to Board Kings, the social dice games where players build their very own BOARD CITY and compete with friends.
• Use coins

to build your own unique city.
• After dice rolls, players move around the board to collect GEMS, COINS, and FREE ROLLS.
• Pick a card, any card! Win free rolls and prizes when you draw cards from the mystery pile.
• Things get really interesting when friends show up and try to steal from your board.
• Don’t give up! You can travel to your friends’ boards, too, and wreak havoc! Steal their coins, damage their buildings, and occupy their tiles.
• It’s a free-for-all to become the Board King!

Experience the Best Board Games of ALL TIME!
What will you do with all those coins and riches? Build your own BOARD CITY, of course.
• Add buildings and SPECIAL LANDMARKS when you roll dice
• Your city will become the talk of the town with famous places like the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower.
• Famous landmarks provide SPECIAL PERKS to players when you land on the tile.
• Build a happy place for bouncy bunnies, the residents of your city.
• Uh-oh! Friends might come and damage your city!
• Better make repairs and keep those bunnies happy!

Personalize Your Board City with Your Own Unique Style
• Choose your own game piece idols, board themes, and dice styles
• Customize your own fun board with SPECIAL LANDMARKS
• Fill your board and level up to even bigger and better game boards
• Over 20 games boards, with new boards added on every update!

It’s Fun for Everyone When You Play Board Game with Friends!
• Multiplayer gameplay means you can invite your friends to join the board game party.
• All aboard! Land on certain tiles to travel to your friend’s board.
• Move around and collect coins (or steal coins from your friends).
• Anything goes in this social mobile board game!

What are you waiting for? Let the dice games begin and play Board Kings with friends!